Spontaneous outpouring of emotion at Karpal Singh’s farewell


Here, this video of Karpal Singh’s funeral will give you a better idea of the crowd and the mood on the streets. And it will show that certain people in the mainstream media have great difficulty estimating the size of the turnout.

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Yang, get it clear, this is Anil’s blog, who are you to tell Anil to stop posting on Karpal Singh.

You are stale !!!

Read back your own comments and get yourself sort out before it is too late.

No one force you to come here, you can go elsewhere. Tq!

Don Anamalai

Yang could possibly has joined the Blue Wave Army?


Anil :
A great man is always willing to be little.
He need no such publicity for attention lest you make him small again.

Too much of the same thing for the past few days. Its getting stale. Move on


Seem like an early campaign for MCA for the coming by election at Bkt Gelugor by Yang. Chew Mei Fun would be proud of Yang.

najib manaukau

The one thing it did show was even without the band from the Malay Regiment plus all those ordered to attend was the resentment of the Malaysian to the present administrators in Putrajaya and especially to the egregious Mahathir. He is can visualize what kind of attendance he would get when at his funeral and even worse if he leaves this world later as more of the (wrongdoings) he committed during his 22 years as PM. are being revealed daily…. What a way to be remembered and to leave this world even with all the wealth he and his family… Read more »


Great…without ending!

Andrew I

Teacher Gopal’s lesson in adjectives.

1. Large.
2. Enormous.
3. Gigantic.
4. Ginormous.
5. Big.

No need for numbers.


Besar tak cukup bagus
Mesti mahu Quality


Say who? The collossal BN or MIC