Spiked: Malaysian political Oscars


This piece by Huzir Sulaiman was apparently spiked by a mainstream newspaper. It’s a good laugh. Obviously some people don’t think it’s funny!

The Malaysian Political Oscars!
Our political situation is like something out of a movie – so here are the awards. The envelope, please…

The Wide Angle Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, headquartered for no particular reason in Skudai, presents this year’s Malaysian Political Oscars.

The most widely watched television event in Malaysia, the Political Oscar telecast reaches over 1 billion viewers, some of whom are dead, some of whom are 130 years old, and most of whom are registered at the same address.

How does it work? Members of the academy (all Malaysian taxi drivers who despite being allegedly the worst in the world at driving taxis are remarkably good at political analysis) vote on these awards, and the results are tabulated by the auditors of some large accounting firm who would rather do this sort of thing than real accounting work, which might explain the state of the economy.

Here are the nominees and winners. Full article here.

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Bravo! Encore! Up there with the best of Hollywood!

Phua Kai Lit

Very funny. And bloody good English.


so funny. i searched huzir’s blog and link it in mine too. love his work since atomic jaya.

telur dua

Hilarious, but the Gomen got no sense of humour.