So this is Mahathir… according to Tawfik


Remember how Mahathir often liked to say that the major decisions of his administration were often made after consulting his Cabinet ministers and obtaining their consensus?

Mohamed Tawfik, the son of the late deputy prime minister Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, has a different take on this.

Tawfik was dropped as an Umno MP in 1990. When asked how that happened, he explains in the cover story of The Edge, Options pullout (for the week of 26 January 2009):

Mahathir called me into his office before the election. I was with my journalist friends when he called, so they started joking that I was going to be made a deputy minister.

Sorry to disappoint them… I went to see Mahathir and the first thing he said was, ‘You know, not every son can be like the father.’…

I thought to myself, bloody insult!

Then he continued, ‘All of my backbenchers have to be people who stand up when I walk in, thump the tables and say, long live Mahathir. And my ministers are not supposed to think for themselves. I think, and they do what I want them to do.’

I’m thinking that this man does not seem to have a very high opinion of his ministers. He actually says, ‘I don’t want intelligent, honest, hardworking people in politics. People like you should be in business.’ Well, that was a backhanded compliment. He told me to come and see him after the election to see what they could do together.

I said, ‘Datuk Seri, in all honesty, I don’t have any capital to start any business and I’m not tuned in to making money.’

He said, ‘After elections, you come and talk.’

I felt he didn’t give me enough time to mull it over. I thought to myself, what could I say to him that would buy me some time and collect my thoughts? So I said, ‘What about Datuk Shahrir (Abdul Samad, now minister of domestic affairs)?’

And he went on for 40 minutes. He didn’t like Shahrir.

So, while he was talking, I made notes.

After he stopped talking, he asked if there was anything else.

I said, ‘Datuk Seri, the best years of my life in politics were when I was fighting you.’ And then, I walked out. It gave me a big smile to walk out, and I felt good doing it.

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I’m no fan of MM (In fact I feel very cheated by him), but I get an impression that Tawfik is (at least) exaggerating MM’s words.


I knew Tawfik personally, he’s a “cakap besar” punya orang.

Read what he says carefully and I hope you’ll notices the (alleged) lies.
Why did he not tell about TDM dislikes towards Shahrir Samad? I mean, he was writing for 40 minutes, is there nothing?

Tawfik is only trying to sell his book.

Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

Dear Anil Everyone knows Mahathir; …. Look what happened to Tun Salleh and other Judges. He told the Tribunal nothing but lies according to the writer in “MAY DAY FOR JUSTICE’ AND questionable conduct by K.DAS Not only that, all along from 1982 to 2003 until he retired (did he retire) he is still very active stirring up a lot of trouble everywhere and particularly in UMNO. Look at the Financial Scandals – one after the other. Actually an enquiry Commission should be appointed to investigate Mahathir and his activities during his Administration. A lot of truth will come out.… Read more »


I think Mahatir understand his ministers better. They are not capable of any serious thinking. But at least no one can deny that Mahatir is a good thinker. What he need were people to work? And that is what he did. I quote ” ….And my ministers are not supposed to think for themselves. I think, and they do what I want them to do.” In a period of 10-15 years, look at Malaysia. Compare to the present situation. The Ministers still cannot think and they cannot do. Even worse Pak Lah cannot think and cannot lead. So Malaysia ended… Read more »


From the horses’ mouth, so what do you think of his botak son????


True enough… not every son is like his father nor any daughter is like her mother or vice versa.

Some people like to walk with their father’s or mother’s name as halo on top of their head. Lazy.

Everybody should strive to be on his/her own; get his/her own achievement and recognition.

-2 sen is not enough these days-


To najib manakau, NEP was meant to assist all the poor Malaysian regardless of race, not solely for the Malays. To think the plan is to help solely Malays, what about the poor of other races?

Batu Batu Politik

Tawfik, Inilah keadaan sebenar yang Tun lakukan demi nak melepaskan calon dia dan anak dia yang tidak begitu cerdik. Konspirasi SPRM dan Lembaga Disiplin? ~ Penangkapan dan soal siasat ke atas Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Datuk Norza Zakaria oleh Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah (SPRM) ternyata mengejutkan semua dalam sebuah parti yang sedang giat bersiap sedia untuk musim pemilihan yang paling mustahak dalam tempoh berdekad. Norza dan lebih sepuluh perwakilan (termasuk seorang Pengarah Jasa negeri) dari negeri Pahang telah disoal oleh pegawai SPRM – (didakwa) ada yang ditelanjangkan dan dipukul sewenang-wenangnya. SPRM dikatakan telah datang lengkap dengan pita rakaman perbincangan antara Norza… Read more »

najib manaukau

The real Malays are still poor by the millions !

(Mahathir), his children plus the many within UMNO are very well off

…and a handful are even filthy rich now because of NEP !

That was not what NEP is intended for, it is meant to assist all the poor Malays not for them!

It is time the Malays get rid of these (people) and get the benefits (meant) for the Malays !


this M has killed my beautifull malaysia.the land of the heaven thru his mugabe` rule.

dr mahathir do me a favour. please get loss and i don`t want to see your face.

the worst pm of the country

Phua Kai Lit

Hi Anil and Progressive Friends

Can I bring your attention to this article about Mugabe
in Malaysia, Singapore etc?


Tawfik who? we know about Tun Dr Ismail. He was a great man. The same man that propose ISA, which is the single most important legislation in this multi racial country. The Tun also was the acting PM, and liked to golf with LKY a lot. Handicap 15, shame he was not serious in the sport. Not so fond of Mahathir though, he preferred Musa Hitam. Fortunately he was wrong. Wife Neno and few children, named Tawfik, Zubaidah… wait! Tawfik!?!?? yeah, now i remember. he is the Tun’s first son! yeah. okay. so now i know. Tawfik the son. but… Read more »


Right, Tun Dr Ismail was never a liar…

Your book is not selling well? Good strategy…




Will the behavior of Mugube ring a bell? This man thing he is the creator of UMNO(baru) and above everything! Glad that Tawfik got his
satisfaction by having a swipe at him. M’s ego is too big for his head!


Typical for a third world tinpot dictator. He is responsible for holding back Malaysia through his divisive rule (during which corruption flourished). Bottom line is we have fallen behind countries like Korea and Taiwan who used to be our competition or our peers. Now they are WAY ahead, as his ensemble of ministers who inherited his administration continue in their typically self-serving ways. How ironic that we now find Mahathir chastising them for the very crimes he committed during his administration. As the Malays would say, macam bagus! Under such a villain, there would necessarily be a culling of talent… Read more »


haha! I like the last part. We shall do it to him!

Andrew I

Not every son can be like the father. Is he speaking from experience? Not every son, or daughter, wants to be like the father. Now who could we possibly ask, I wonder. In fact, some wish that they didn’t have to carry the family surname. As for the rest of the revelation, it’s old news, since His Grace has already disowned them very publicly, though I can’t recall his exact description of them. Anyone? Shahrir seems to be quite a sensible person. We won’t forget the sticks he jarred into the spokes of the wheels of a fascist regime back… Read more »