Scuffle breaks out at Komtar


A scuffle broke out between a group of people believed to be linked to MIC Youth and one of Penang Deputy Chief Minister P Ramasamy’s assistants at around 6.00pm today at Komtar, according to an eye-witness.

The MIC youth reps were there to hand over a memorandum to the state government offering to buy back the Kampung Buah Pala land for RM3.2 million.

After the handing over, which took place cordially, the MIC crowd were still gathered at the ground floor when the assistant allegedly shouted at them from the first floor.

This infuriated the MIC group, words were exchanged, and a few of them then raced towards the assistant. The assistant received a few punches, said the eye-witness, who was not sure if the assistant retaliated before fleeing with other aides to the government offices.

Earlier, Kampong Buah Pala villagers lost in the Penang High Court in their bid to stay the Federal Court decision against them. Their attempt was rejected with costs awarded against them.

A second writ to argue that the villagers do have locus standi is expected to be heard soon.

Over in Kampong Buah Pala, one eye-witness said he saw high-tech CCTV cameras with satellite dishes being put up.

Time is running out for the villagers as the 2 August deadline to vacate the premises draws closer even as they continue discussions with the state government. Discussions resume tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) is calling upon the state government to give priority to the investigation on land fraud and mismanagement of Kampung Buah Pala. Its secretary-general, S Arutchelvan, is asking the government to take an injunction to stop any forced eviction until the completion of this investigation.

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Jittendran & Rajan are Samy Vellu’s … carriers!

It was Gerakan who caused the problem.

MIC is trying to gain cheap publicity.

The Malaysian people will KICK them out soon in the next G.E.


sell K Toyol house and buy back Kg Buah Pala..problem solved…


That “semi value” … and his bunch of “zombies” are real clowns and downright stupid. They behave and act as if they are saviours and heroes of the Indian community after 52+ years!!!!. Buying the land for $3.2M?? They are not only out of their minds …
Hey, you bunch of clowns, please “dudok diam diam…” as usual all these years. Dont make the issue more worst.
Enough is enough.
Just do the rakyat a big big favor and … off back to your cosy armchairs in MIC.

anna brella

Have those infantiles who appear to have no self-control over their bodily parts, and who appear also not to understand civility in mature adult communications, freedom of speech in a democracy or even the rule of law, been arrested by the police for criminal assault and battery yet? To the MIC juvenile person/people who attacked that DCM’s assistant, and irrespective of what he said: I hope you are suitably ashamed of yourself/selves for your bad and childish behaviour in our public view. Suggest respectfully that you grow up. In the meanwhile, if you can’t stand the heat, suggest you get… Read more »

Don't trust MIC

This stunt by MIC was really low… Legally it is not possible to buy back their land. Why don’t MIC (blame) both KTK and Umno Penang who worked hand in hand in in this scandal in the first place?


Ask MIC big boss to make a better offer to the owner.
Please don’t insult those UMNO people with 3.2 million and please don’t make the offer to the state government.
It’s no use, they don’t own the land anymore.

Uncle Sam can dish out RM50 million or more for that piece of land to help the villagers.
No one in Malaysia doubts his ability in coming out with that kind of money.


No news about Kampung Buah Pala’s folks finally accepting the terms negotiated by Penang State Government without burning a big hole in Penang state wallet


the mic is begging in the broad daylight under the umnoputras and the so called samy ollu, on the very onset what were they doing when the land kg buah pala came up for sale during mr suppiah’s time mic branch leader? why didnt they prevent from all this, why didnt this matter was brought in the cabinet , parliament metting? why only now? i think everybody knows the answer today. so now in my opinion the only way to solve these issue is give the villages an alternative land as what it is now TO earn their living peacefully,… Read more »


MIC want to be a hero??? Sooooo simple!!!! Just pay RM150M and the land is yours.


MIC Indians have one in common. They talk big a lot. They brag a lot. They claim credit for things others did. I say call their bluff. Ask them to show the money.

Megat Jittendra & S. Rajan have no clue what they are talking about. They are just like their MASTER Samy Vellu who keeps bleating that the Indians are coming back, the Indians are cvoming back… to BN. I don’t know if it’s a joke or it’s psy-war or these people are truly delusional. The truth is the Indians have never been further from supporting BN. Recent by-elections have proven it. Understand this, guardians of MIC, the people of Penang ~ Malays, Chinese & Indians are strongly behind the Pakatan govt. We’re not so small-minded to be hoodwinked by your numerous… Read more »


S Rajan and veryupset…

Useless creature and by the way i know you two are not from Penang, so shut up!


Govt is already midst of solving the problem…MIC knew it will all be solved, thus showing out its BIG. They know the land can never be bought & the sum will not be just Rm3.5 Mil as offered.

So now time is right for them to SHOW OFF that the care. Say lah offer RM35K ..probably they will be able to buy over.

Well MIC is full of… so is BN components. I’m suspecting is the MIC that initiate this crisis…so when they realised CM about solve it..they play truant.

Isnt that obvious..



Let it be known that the delivery of the memorandum was done in a cordial way- all were treated with respect. Hence, what transpired at 6pm was AFTER THE HANDING OVER OF THE MEMORANDUM when the MIC was leaving through the level 1. I was not there so I can’t comment too much about it.


This is just an MIC orchestrated publicity stunt.

Pity they didn’t put on such a show when Koh Tsu Koon sold off the state land for RM3.2m in 2005.

Go, get KTK to cough up the RM150m that the new owners are now demanding.

I am not holding my breath though !!!


Suddenly I recall the Golden old days when my grandma always watch the Tamil movies every late afternoon over RTM, hero is trying to save the situation. Kah kah kah,

Come on MIC, don’t try to be a hero like the one in the movies. Be realistic.


Megat Jittendran
July 24th, 2009 at 3.50am

I am surprised that we still have this kind of creature on this earth….


It takes 2 hands to clap…!!!! Firstly the MIC boys should know that their “offering” is to be paid to the developer. Not Penang CM office….! All these while the MIC Youth did nothing. Now got money…!!! “Where & How did the money came about…?????????” “Who” authorize the payment….??????” Was it the money that was very recently given for a certain “purpose”…??????????????? Why use “MIC Youth”…???? Since this is a “BIG” issue…. the MIC “Head” should be the one to “voice”..!!!!!!! To get back some “brownie points”……….. Mmmmm……! Smells like … And that Ramasamy’s aide….. Another “idiot”…!!! Why provoke…?????????????? Knowing… Read more »


At least tis MIC guys hve got d guts & r here 2 apply pressure on d powerless CM Lim Guan Eng. It is easy 2 tease or curse MIC 4 all d past reasons. V shud not look Buah Pala issue at racial poInt of view. V must unite & fight any form of oppresion no matter regardless of race & relgion. Where is MCA, Gerakan,PPP & all d other partys who will normally b very active during elections? Yes all of us includin d DAP stooges knew long time ago tat d BN govt r d one who… Read more »


Megat Jittendran, You claim ‘at least MIC is offering to buy back the land from the cooperative’. I cant help but to laugh at your ignorance – firstly why the need to buy back if MIC along with its political master UMNO didnt betray and backstab the people there by selling the land to an UMNO-linked Nusmetro. Secondly, if you want to buy back the land from the cooperative, then salah tempat la kawan, cooperative and Nusmetro’s office is not in Komtar, probably they are based in UMNO’s HQ since we know how close Nusmetro and… are to one another.… Read more »

Megat Jittendran

Whether MIC is genuine or not, it’s immaterial here. At least they are offering the money to buy back the land from the cooperative – Koperasi Pegawai Kanan Kerajaan Pulau Pinang – via the cunning, artificial and twist-turn (CAT) government under the … Lim Guan Eng. It was sold for RM3.21 million… to the cooperative in March last year. Why not acquire the land back with a stroke of the pen for the same amount when a party is willing to fund the purchase? After all didn’t Lim preach us that his administration was a people’s government? Didn’t Lim said… Read more »


Suddenly, oh so suddenly, MIC Youth is getting involved as a hero to save the day for the folks of Kg Buah Pala. Where were they all this while?


Don’t make me laugh! Those MIC… were sent there for a reason, to create trouble and headaches for the PR State Government, that’s all.

Koh Tsu Koon, former BN Chief Minister didn’t want to have anything to do with them so what makes them think Lim Guan Eng, PR Chief Minister will entertain their entics?


why suddenly this M.I.C goons became heros for the indians , what happenned last 5o donkeys years , where have they been … come on please buzz off , we dont need you guys anymore…


Samy and MIC,

when are you people going to return the land (earmarked for a school originally) to the people of Bandar Utama. By the way, the school is meant for Indians. How ironic, isnt it?