S’wak White Paper on ‘naughty people’


The Sarawak State Assembly has tabled and passed a White Paper to ‘prevent the escalation of dangerous politics employed by outsiders, especially politicians’.

The state’s Cabinet will decide at its meeting next Thursday whether to come up with legislation based on the White Paper.

The Taib Mahmud administration appears to be feeling the heat after all the damaging allegations of corrupt practices, shady deals and cases of obvious conflict of interest.

Web portal Free Malaysia Today has published a stinging rebuke of Taib and his White Paper here. It is worth a read.

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The ” NA or No Action” on Taib Mahmud by MACC or the AG and the implementation of the White Paper by Sarawak government will likely see the collapse of UMNO controlled BN in the next state election. Urban voters will be very angry and feeling more frustrated with the system and institution. Dayaks are no longer BN’s commodities in exchange for systematic developments. After 47 years, Dayaks have not been able to uplift their economic position and BN government has also schemed to deny them land ownership and held them in ramson. For being “loyal” supporters of BN, they… Read more »

K Movement

Hmmm, how come in blog posting where there is outright blatant abuse from the ruling govt do we not see any comments from our dear beloved troll, “Gerakan K”?
Only serves to prove his troll tag further…


Continue voting BN UMNO at next GE and you will suffer even more. Thats when the GST will be introduced and dont blame anybody but yourself.


good point. actually in Malaysia the non-malays are the (ones struggling for a better) malaysia. it is the chinese , indians, sikhs, babas and east malaysians ….

we must fight this nightmare that has engulfed all of us malaysians called umno and perkasa.


Now everybody start waking up. First the UMNO BN … hijacked democracy with the enticement of 3 corruptibles Aduns. Now the Perak state assemby has hijack democracy and your rights by amending the Constitution without a 2/3 majority. Anil, what do you say about this. Are you going to keep quiet on this matter. If it is then you have better tear off your logo as so call ( chinese call hau siau ) justice would have flow into the arms of the corruptible and deceit . Everybody, the BN UMNO and their coalition have gone too far. Please wake… Read more »


As with everything that concern the present government of Najib UMNO and their weaklings from MCA, Gerakan, MIC and PPP ect it is incompetency, croynism and corruptibility. In less than a year the the UMNO BN usurped government is near insolvency with 66 millions missing from the coffer. Now we have Zambry from UMNO who has given a piece of land to his very own mother. They are willing to waste one hundred millions on the 100 storey tower and instead of helping the poor they are increasing their suffering by increasing the price of essential goods. Can you trust… Read more »


Finally Najib has admitted JUDGEMENT DAY is near. Yes judgement for 52 years of corruptibility and hijacking of the people`s democratic right. And they will be judged and demolished once and for all from the political scene.


Fire, Brimstone, Chains and ISA for these rent-seekers, leeches…

Plus recovery of stolen national coffers from … bank accounts and deposits, private financial havens, overseas assets, hidden gold in remote islands. There shall be no hidden, stashed away stolen assets anywhere on earth.

And their deeds shall be make known in all media, local and overseas.
Altantuya, Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock and the wronged souls shall by then rest in eternal peace. Or given a chance to torment …


Latest News:Penang to give civil servants RM800

LGE, how about us Penangites with school going children?
We have been supporting and behaving well to DAP, to the extent of being branded ‘Machais’ unlike the mm fellas and opposition causing disruptions. We are not naughty fellas.


White Hair, White Wash, White Out!
Ye Naughty Fellas Better Watch Out!!!…


The White Paper is not to ‘prevent the escalation of dangerous politics but to control democracy and hijacking the people resources for their own benefits by the white hair and his cronies The white hair administration are already feeling the heat after all the damaging allegations of corrupt practices, shady deals and cases of obvious conflict of interest and this white paper would serve ensure that they will continue to stay in power at the expense of democracy. Looking at Perak, we would have known how corrupt UMNO and their cronies are. In the past 1 year they have lost… Read more »

sam sung

Dangerous to White Hair lah!



It just amazing how anachronistically parasitic these autocrats are like. Why we have so many of them around in 21st century is really beyond me. To compare them to leeches is an understatement. Its more like the black widow, you mate with them and and they sting you till you die.


Lucky Anil did not come up with White paper in his website on naughty people like kingkong, Gerakan K, K, Ah Soon and Dap=Umno (former Ah Pearl).

Good on Anil to allow us to express (but hitting below the belt is too much and deviates from the subject matter)


I think they need the help of perkasa and umno. We malays have a saying that kalau jadi banyak kaya or ade banyak kuasa pun susah. now taib takut orang akan gasak apa dia dah gasak dari rakyat….

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

What dangerous politics are they talking about?

Posing a danger to more and more disclosures of everything that is corrupt on past, present and future shady deals, which only benefit the white hair’s family and BN cronies!