Santa Claus politics: Is our economic model sustainable? (Video)


The BN has just announced a raft of handouts designed to go one-up on the Pakatan pledges. Are we in danger of having two political coalitions trying to outdo each other with handouts? BFM interviews Klang MP Charles Santiago.

I think we need a new development model that really puts people first. A paradigm shift is necessary: projects should be for genuine benefit of the people (especially the low-income group) rather than for the bottom-line of large corporations.

Instead of handouts (which only have a fleeting feel-good effect), we need real long-term improvements in public health care, public education, public transport (rather than cheaper cars), the availability of low-income housing, abundant supply of affordable groceries, and open green spaces for public recreation.

Investment should be directed into these areas.

The present model is only widening the gap between the rich and the increasingly heavily indebted poor while the handouts are like bandaid, which do not get to the root of the problem.

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Gerakan K (Team)

Han TK: “On avearage, every rakyat is saddled with RM17,000 debt!” Don’t know how you wanna spin about the number. But every makcik, pakcik, uncle, aunty, little boys or girls know that you don’t have to pay for that so-called RM17 000 debt through your own pocket. If you got that BR1M RM 500, BN gomen never deduct that money to off set the so called RM17 000. Get it ??? Who you are going to fool ??? Please stop spreading the fear propaganda. I don’t know about you. But to me, it is more scary to ask me to… Read more »


What Charles Santiago describe about election is EXACTLY what Abdul Kadir is talking about Its amazing that he is from DAP and really has not put across the real model of what PR is trying to do.. Anwar, Tony Pua and Rafizi puts it best – why contracts all go to Syed Mokthar and Mahathir’s children? The idea is to distribute out the opportunities broader, meritocratically for affordability, to make it more dynamic. Rather than one big billionaire, its better to have a dozen hundred millionire. Rather than a dozen hundred-millionaire, its better to have thousands of tens-millionaires.. You… Read more »

Gerakan K (Team)

BN and PR = 2 x 5.

Both are same in some aspects (eg santa claus policies) but with added ‘features’ just like some computer vendors.

Vote BN if you want yearly BR1M (RM1200/RM600), no Pas hudud, pro-business policies.

Vote BN if you appreciate peace and stability. That is proven for decades. Everyone can cari makan in Malaysia provided he/she is willing to work and not lazy.

Andrew I

BN, PR, Tesco, Giant, Petronas, Shell. We couldn’t care less about the brand.

What we do know is that with political competition, we get to be kingmakers. Since 2008, we can see how much things can improve. So you see Gherks, having PR around is like having insurance and since they’ve never formed the federal government, we’d like to give them a try, if that’s alright with you…and your team.

Han TK

Our nation’s debt under BN is now RM502 billion!
On avearage, every rakyat is saddled with RM17,000 debt!

You are stupid to be happy that naj1b promised you more BR1Ms.
BN has to continue to borrow to pay, then they have to print more money, and Ringgit could be devalued further!