Sabah state elections, 1985: Sore, devious losers


What happens when unscrupulous politicians are unable to accept the people’s verdict in an election?

This revealing video documentary by Nadira Ilana illustrates how dirty tactics were used in the aftermath of the 1985 state election in Sabah to destabilise the fledgling PBS state government.

Who exactly were those “rioters”?

Who were the hidden hands in Sabah – and KL?

The film also touches on the roots of the influx of immigrants into Sabah – which is now such a contentious issue.

Another example of top-class investigative journalism, this documentary was one of the three award winners at the 2012 Freedom Film Festival organised by Komas. Nadira is a writer-filmmaker from Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia.

Thanks to blog reader Justin Hee for the link.

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Jason Toh

Time for people of Sabah to regain their respect and standing by rejecting BN in PRU13.

Good job Nadira Ilana!!!


I have always said Sabah political leaders are just as much responsible for their state of affairs as they keep blaming Peninsula. 1985 was NOT the first time Filipino Muslim was used by Tun Mustapha Harun. Tun Mustapha Harun was ALREADY importing Filipino and other Muslim into Sabah when he was chief minister even in the 1960s. Haris Salleh also did it in the 1970s and 80s..What did THEY DO WHEN THEY beat them? Did they gather evidence and put in place safeguards against the violation of the Malaysia Agreement? How is it the whole Project IC which was in… Read more »


While it a very good clip, I found it difficult to read the subtitles as they were moving too fast, besides the fonts and lettering were not clear enough for quick reading


Not a concern to me as I got the message clearly from the sypnosis provided by Youtube. The director Nadira Ilana is a talented young Sabah native lady. It is good to see that young Sabah natives are beginning to assert their rights after years of bully from BN.