Rumoured PKR MP’s defection is “nonsense”


Prominent PKR elected reps in Penang have refuted a media report speculating that an MP from their party ranks in the state could be defecting.

“There is no truth to it,” said Penang state exco member Abdul Malik, of the report that a Penang PKR MP could soon become a ‘BN-friendly’ independent. “It’s just speculation.”

“Nonsense,” said Batu Uban state assembly member Sim Tze Tzin (PKR) in a text message from overseas. “Concerted attack to make PKR look bad before Anwar’s trial.”

The party has four MPs in Penang: Anwar, Zahrain, Yusmadi and Tee Beng.

One journalist said Zahrain has also denied the speculation.

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k c low

All these rumours about defecting are the work of our MSM. Imagine the Star giving a full picture front page of the guy who resigned from PKR. I decided to buy this edition to use the front page to wipe the (dirt) from the front of my house. It cleans beutifully.


K, you hit the nail on the head with your statement “or in terms of business opportunities”. Ah, now we see the source of the problem. So if DAP gives PKR more business opportunities to make a … load of cash, then they will be contented? PKR is a mini-UMNO and as such it can be concluded that PKR is also made up of mini-contractors. Guess DAP should be (allegedly) dealing the gravy train to PKR now right? If not Lim Guan Eng is an (alleged) “communist” as charged. What I hate most more than arrogance or abuse of power… Read more »


Pakatan leadership been made to look like fools they are with this episode. They kept denying there is no defection and yet Zahrain dropped the bomb the next day.

Looks like Pakatan is self destructing in Penang too.

Jason Loh

PKR ADUNS caught in scandals does not mean that PR is imploding. Both the logic and facts do not bear this out. And Najib/Umno is plotting all the time to undermine the PR state governments.


Oh …

Like DAP aduns are not caught in any scandal !

Wow !


But many PKR are caught in the scandal by MCCA and you must be the PKR cybertroop


Whatever it is IRON, DAP cannot be counted as arrogant if you really compare to UMNO. Now UMNO play acting listening to our views and grievances because there are now options for the people to vote in PR as the next Federal Govt. Corruption/huge wastage of public funds/mismanagement of public funds is the biggest issue we the general public want to see real actions being taken….not just talk and slogans. This really cause the people to suffer….like having to pay extras for goods and services due to subsidies reduction and foreign investment pulling out from our country in droves. DAP… Read more »


The latest strawman from the DAP apologist :

UMNO is arrogant, which means, DAP can be excused for its own brand of arrogance !

Two wrongs becoming a right??

Arrogance is not UMNO’s only trait. It is racist, corrupted, and evil hearted.

So who should be excused for being racist?


Who should be excused for being corrupted?


How about evil hearted?

Is that how the game being played in this case?


When it is reported that PKR and DAP are at loggerheads, then it must be BN’s work. When PKR in Selangor are imploding then it must be Khir Toyo and his UMNO folks must be the plotters. When the (alleged) corruption of Nik Aziz are exposed, then it must be Kelantan UMNO must be sabotaging the Old Taliban. Pakatan cheerleaders, wake up from your delusion. PKR has been self destructing from Day 1 since 0308. Can you recall how many MPs/ADUNs were caught in scandals or forced to resign because of various ethical/criminal issues ? Look at DAP. The abuse… Read more »

Jason Loh

Yes, and the PKR EXCOs and ADUNS will that we are TOGETHER with DAP. We are Pakatan Rakyat. We are the State Government of Penang with YAB Lim Guan Eng as CM.


I still think DAP is the boss in Penang State Administration. In Malaysia Governance, UMNO is the boss. The minorities supposed to be the faithful followers. The children obey the parents. That should be the “right order”.

PKR is the boss in Opposition front in Parliament. PKR is the boss in Selangor State Administration.If the minority want to stage rebels, you expect the boss to bow down?

The topic of this article is “Rumoured PKR MP’s defection is “nonsense””. This statement is correct or incorrect? It depends on the grievance PKR MPs whether they realise the “right order”?


I have indirectly from many DAP members and they do feel many from PRK are “frogs” and lallang swaying to the winds. Worst, they are very quiet when comes to issue of this Kulim MP especially those non-bumi MPs and ADUNs. Maybe non-bumi MPs and ADUNs are not arrogrant but others are. Also a writer here accepted the views from Kulim MP and to him, he is not arrogrant. Really what is the ideology of PKR.


Oh… Which writer accepted the view from that Zul guy?


No man is an island… ! If they want to go, go, the (the struggle) continues till a stage whereby they will respect the people, only then “ketuanan rakyat” is real.


Agree. There is a lot of plan , working in concert with the police , MACC and news papers. Not everyone is well informed to make the right diagnosis but that is the nature of a globalized world.


Here is the list of the who’s who of Penang PKR and their email addresses. Go ask them how they feel about DAP yourself. Balik Pulau – Abdul Halim Hussain – [email protected] Batu Maung – Abdul Malik Kassim – [email protected] Batu Uban – Raveentharan a/l Subramaniam – [email protected] Bt Tambun – Law Choo Kiang – [email protected] Bt Tengah – Ong Chin Wen – [email protected] Kebun Bunga – Jason Ong Khan Lee – [email protected] Machang Bubuk – Tan Hock Leong – [email protected] Pantai Jerejak – Sim Tze Tzin – [email protected] Penanti – Dr Mansor Othman – [email protected] Sungai Bakap – Makhtar… Read more »


When accusations (wild or otherwise) are hurled, why is it not right/ok for DAP or PKR or PAS MP/ADUNs to respond accordingly? This shows political maturity in accepting different opinions by party members. However, there is a limit to how far they can go. Most importantly it should not be hitting “below the belt”. That is the problem with BN/UMNO. As UMNO rightfully stands for “U Must Not Oppose”. In the inital stages MPs/ADUNs will struggle with this new found freedom, but that’s when maturity has to grow and follow the process of constructive criticism. In the case of PKR… Read more »


Watch Out Peace Loving Malaysians, BN (UMNO) is doing all it can to hand / clinch on to POWER. They are desperate now…

May the force with all the Peace Loving Malaysians.

Jason Loh

Iron, no one in the DAP is creating hatred with PKR.


PKR MP going to frog In Penang it is the talk Of collective defection The turncoats in PKR It is better they go The former Umno members Let them go to the sinking ship Let them be the “Titanic” In history of footnotes Of frogs and money trail By next GE they will be gone Into the sunset they will stay PKR if it is true Let them go without tears They may help to get back 2/3 majority For Bee Anne to please in passing any law or amendments Let the people know Come the next GE We will… Read more »


You may not agreed with the party direction , you may cross but never pretend to be independant with the ulterior motive of joining the corrupted party for material gain .

Especiallty for those who had hard hit the corrupted party before and knowing the corrupted party is still the same old junk till todate.

Brotherhood of Cari Makan limited..


much like the hecklers in Hyde Park are allowed to remain and give the speakers a hard time(!)

Hehehe….I know what you mean. I have spent some wonderful times in Hyde Park. The hecklers were quite entertaining. Whenever some meaningful things were said, even the hecklers kept silent. Methinks, most Malaysians are getting more matured each passing days to know the difference.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil

I strongly suspect some of the people making comments in your blog are also BN cybertroopers and or BN hardcore supporters who plant messages in order to stir up tension between PKR and DAP.

Consider their persistent efforts to be a compliment to you i.e. if your blog is not influential, these types (including “Gerakan K” who continually blesses us with his/her comments) would not bother to visit it and post their comments.

As for the Main Stream Media, Malaysia is becoming more and more like the former East European police states by the day, isn’t it?


Discussions and expressions are healthy. That is why dual party systems are so important. All they actions are accountable. Any negligence and high-minded handling of state or country administrations will see them being vote out or being jailed under new administration. I am happy this website being used as a platform for healthy discussion and view expressions to show freedom of speech!


There is no need for “cyber troopers” to make DAP and PKR hating each others.

DAP has been doing that themselves.

You go ask people from Penang PKR on how they feel about DAP and you know what is going on.


There are possibilities of hatred, jealousy and selfishness amongst the parties. Human beings and including me, I am also having such weaknesses. Even Ronnie Liu admitted that he also facing enemies from within. I have seen elder brother hated younger brother. Father not in talking term with son / daughter.

So, let them hate each other simply because they have their rights.


Phuah Your post is rather hilarious. Even if these people are indeed BN Cybertroopers, there is nothing wrong in them posting their views just like the Pakatan cybertroopers who had been doing on a bigger scale. I hardly need to point who are the uber Pakatan/DAP cybertroopers who reside in this blog. Some of them could even be DAP leaders themselves even, judging from the comments. Even you for example, had been tireless in promoting and defending the policies PR and running down the BN’s. I think you stop being the proverbial pot and let people have their say, irrespective… Read more »

Jason Loh

Iron, NO one is attacking you. Get a life.


Even if a squirrel…. PR will say its BN’s fault. Come on, stop all this blaming. BN is laughing its head off now with Zul Nordin’d issue. BN was in so much crap with the jet engines, Allah protests, attacks on churches etc. Now, PKR handed things to BN on a silver platter. BN does not do anything to create issues prior to DSAI’s trial. If … DSAI will be found guilty and then appeal after appeal. If he is found innocent then spread rumours for what? Latest from Zaid: Does BN need to try anything to discredit DSAI?… Read more »


I am not too sure. Rumours are true until proven otherwise, especially in malaysia.


Agreed with you. Malaysians should grow up!!


Poor leadership in PKR is certainly rearing its ugly head! The tendency to absorb unwanted ex UMNO members into its fold is proving to be their waterloo!


Politics.. politics… the dynamic of the no permenent enemy nor permenent allies… The bottom lines should be what is in it for the people…So far the only creditable politician in Malaysia is Dr. Tan Chee Khoon.. The current day politicians especially those emerged afterthe 308 political tsunami are yet to prove their worth on their stamina.. Only time and history will tell.


I do not like frogs, the political kind. But I can understand how the PKR people feel. For many months I have observed from the sideline, and have also talked to some of those involved. A lot of PKR people are very angry with the way DAP is doing. Like the time DAP calls PKR “little UMNO”, and never apologizes for that episode. DAP has been very arrogant, to the point that a lot of PKR folks have privately complained to DSAI. DSAI knows what is going on but powerless since he doesn’t want to “rock the boat” so to… Read more »


Oh yes,
So arrogant that according to Sin Chew, one MF Zulklifi Noordin recommends to exclude DAP from discussing the future course of the country. Only PKR/PAS/UMNO can talk
Even Zaid said that PKR would be poor man UMNO if Zulklifi Noordin is not dealt with seriously


See how mature is the DAP people?

Everytime you talk about DAP they sure get people to find a way to attack you.

Good job, DAP.


I got businessmen friends attacked DAP for not being flexible to bow in to their requests. Arrogance or Integrity? I do not listen to rumours, I demand facts and figures!


You said you do not listen to rumors and you demand facts and figures, but here you are, telling us “I got businessman friends …” ? Hey, that ***IS*** rumor by itself, do you know that? Why am I not surprised by all the strawmen from the DAP kakis? Everytime we talk about DAP they sure come in with all types of strawmen, in the hope that people will continue to believe in their silly sandiwara. What do you take the rakyat for? Fools? You may be able to fool some people some of the time but you ain’t gonna… Read more »


How do you know I do not have facts and figures? Not for me to divulge. No, I do not betray friends.


“There is no truth to it,” said Deputy Penang Chief Minister Abdul Malik, when contacted.

The Deputy CM of Penang is NOT the above-mentioned as stated in your post.