MPs suspended; Anwar’s fate sealed?


Have a look at this latest ruckus in Parliament as Opposition MPs tried to put forward a motion.

They had wanted to question the intention of the parliamentary rights and privileges committee’s decision to censure Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim over his allegations regarding Apco without calling for his defence.

Judge for yourselves the behaviour and antics of certain MPs. Notice how the BN MPs badger the Speaker to take action.

The motion was rejected and six Opposition MPs were suspended. Anwar’s fate in Parliament for the near future looks all but sealed.

Do you think the cause of justice is being served?

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just rethoric of … by the BN, you trust them?????

just plain bull …


So, now, we all can see – by hook or by crook, at all cost, Anwar must be (out)…

Why is BN or Mr PM are so scared of Anwar???

Judiciary (seems to) want him (out) and now, even Parliament, a supposed “sacred House” also wants him (out).

Apa pasal???

Hidup Reformasi and Hidup Pakatan !!!

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

It is like a kangaroo court as the accused is not allowed to question testimony and defend himself in the Rights and Privileges Committee meeting!

Such justice (rather injustice) is for all the world to see! FIRST class Parliament?


Joke of the day, let’s unwind with a little humour to tear us from insanity… Mahathir, Queen Elizabeth, and Vladimir Putin all die and go to hell. While there, they spy a red phone and ask what the phone is for. The devil tells them it is for calling back to Earth. Putin asks to call Russia and talks for 5 minutes. When he is finished the devil informs him that the cost is a million dollars, so Putin writes him a check. Next Queen Elizabeth calls England and talks for 30 minutes. When she is finished the devil informs… Read more »


he heh heh heh geli

Nur Prima

One speech for the general elections, one speech for Umno elections, one speech for Deepavali open house, one speech for Chinese New Year open house and one speech for Raya open house. Different speeches for different audience. Typical Umno, true hypocrites.


Actually the whole thing about suspending Anwar for bringing up APCO is very weird. The Speaker could have just kept denying Anwar’s motion but it seems they felt they had to show of force – it really sounds like their emotions got the better of them rather than logic..

Now Anwar can go about getting sympathy – even the kampung folks will say – why keras keras like this? kalau tak nak bicara, jangan bicaralah, buat apa keras keras?


I believe Gerakan K is equally capable if not better to take on the chair of Speaker.


If Gerakan K is forum master at this forum, he would definitely suspend most of you. Same UMNO BN Najib style.

Kek Hitam

MK Toyo is one more selected to be arrested
Ignoring the dozen or so that were reported
Lock them up esp all the big fish
Good riddance to bad rubbish
Otherwise the Toyo case is just wayang outright
A ploy to put the BN in a favourable light
May the people not be fooled anymore
Come GE13 BN must be shown the door


toyo must only be driven away in a toyota.


You have my respect, En. Azmin. Well done…..!


yes, today first time i saw Azmin really fired up. today he really bantai the Government. gitu la anak Azmin.

Harun Khamis

BN is practising selective prosecution?

Pek Mor Taib of Sarawak is … not prosecuted. If Taib wants to go into business for him and his family, he should not stand for public office. In his position, it’s no longer ‘willing seller, willing buyer’. It’s corruption. The people are suffering and are hungry, and this man uses and abuses his power to make himself rich.


Ya, bravo Azmin !!! I have seen Azmin in Parliament, he is a good one. He speaks like a gentleman, always controlled though Pakatan has not been treated fairly in parliament, not like the BN MPs, really, so samseng. You all have seen right? Thanks Anil. Why so samseng? Because they are used to for the past 53 years, the Parliament is theirs !!! What Azmin said was precisely what had been happening – judges can be bought, even now medical doctors too… ??? As GE is just around the corner, let us all do our part to tell our… Read more »

Kok Keong

Ha, ha. What a bunch of …!


Let’s tell them gila MPs to go to Singapore Zoo to learn a thing or two about tamed animal behaviour. That way we won’t accuse them of wasting public funds since the Parliament now is in a state of very disgraceful institution to begin with. And to learn from a neighbouring country like tamed animal behaviour is appropriate for these goons.


DISGRACEFUL to have such parliament like this !! The only remedy is to have PR as the next govt in GE13 and solve all the ugly scenes of UMNO goons making a fool of parliament.


Why have a Parliament if the (political) eunuchs … from UMNO/BN are afraid to debate on important issues of interest to the nation!…a Speaker … that disgrace the integrity of the chair…blind loyalty to his masters, a gaji buta…!

How Gerakan K dream to sit in that chair…!


Gombak MP said the right, incisive comment and the (creatures) of the BeeEnd Safari jumped like kena belacan and cabai betul-betul. … BeeEnd Main Politics! Where is the civilised behaviour of our law makers. Where is the sense of justice but only the sense of gila…
Berteriak macam … di Tanjung Rambutan!

Word hurt but it serves to correct our wayward, evil behaviour only if we take it sportingly, sincerely, remorsefully and self-correctively. Otherwise one never learn…

Time for morning coffee at my favourite kopitiam, not the mm stalls at Lorong Susu.

Andrew I

Bravo, Azmin Ali. You really know how to push their buttons.

Gerakan K

Padan muka.

Kerana mulut badan binasa.

Sila fikir sebelum membuat tuduhan.


Are you the one who bake ‘black cakes’?