Remixed version of protest


Maybe this is the most effective way of dealing with aggressive protesters: by immortalising their actions in a remixed music video.

And this was the disturbing attack on the Kuantan DAP office:

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Lagu harga Minyak Naik lagi…


Honestly, opportunity lost. If I were OKM, I would have asked how much of M’s crap cocaine he snorted and get him to go even all crazier…


Show what the instigator said as well


Finas can use such footage for TV1 public service ad on Samseng just like their ads on pirated cd/dvds.


I think DAP politicians particularly the top leaders should learn from Ong Kian Ming, the Serdang MP. Most of them, including the CM are bad at playing politics. He may be the only DAP rep surrounded by the umno protesters but he walked down from his office like a humble human being and spoke to them in a civilised manner despite their crude words. He could have easily stayed within the confines of the building and pretended he was not there but he chose to come down to meet them. Not only did he show that he was not afraid… Read more »

Ed G

Do you seriously believe that the mob were there to engage in a cordial discussion? In fact, the answer to this question has already been made by the one who tore and threw the memo at the DAP representative. It is quite obvious that the sole purposes of the mob were to hurl insults and threats and with possible act of violence if ‘alleged’ to be provoked further. The whole act has got nothing to do with race, religion or even honour as claimed by the DPM. It is purely an action to stamp their authority by means of barbaric… Read more »


You are talking right. If only DAP and the CAT could emulate what you said I gave you the thumb up.