Red flag and black cake protests


Some comic relief in the midst of the political uproar of late.

This one’s not a red-shirt protest but a red flag demo. Coming face-to-face with a phalanx of riot police is not for the faint-hearted:

You got to say, that woman bearing the red flag did not flinch – she just looked up at her flag, grit her teeth and gave the ‘other side’ a glare.

Here in Penang, we had our own dose of ‘black’ humour, courtesy of a few jokers. Somehow, I don’t foresee many scrambling to try this latest Penang ‘delicacy’.

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“Black Cake” asked the person who delivered it to answer the real question ” did he make money from BN rule” what happened to Penang malys now?????

Don’t be hiprocrate while you do nothing all this years….. just piece of …

Anthonysamy Arokiadass

The DKK is trying hard to get cheap publicity that is entertained by main stream TV stations and media.Don’t the main stream media have better things to do than to cover cheap stunt like this one or are out of ideas. There are bigger issues the Penang government needs to oversees like flood prevention, cleanliness, FDI etc. This small group of people behave like spoilt kids that need special attention for themselves than anything else. They do not see the bigger picture for the benefits of Penang as a whole. This group of people should do the right thing by… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

These anti-PR guys in Penang are persistent aren’t they? Why don’t they just work harder at winning hearts and minds so as to win back the state at the next election? Same applies to Gerakan K who continuously bless this blog with
his/her inane pro-BN propaganda.

Maybe “black cakes” are the latest innovative idea from APCO? (can’t be, APCO surely does not stoop so low as to resort to juvenile tactics like these)

Or maybe from Marie Antoinette “Let them eat black cake”?

Dr. Pang HC

Malay NGO?

What Malay?…


I would like to send black cake to Najib on his birthday too but dare not, as he will put me under ISA. LGE won’t send you to ISA…that’s why you see the news above!



Is it alright for Muslims to celebrate BIRTHDAY with Cakes? If No, they should be charged according to the religious laws


The black of the cake is anti-oxident,rich, dark chocolate which is full of goodness & good for the heart. Chocolate derived from the cocoa beans grown on our Malaysian soils, blessed with our equatorial sunshine. How on earth can posh, dark, chocolate cake be taken any other way??
Sinister intentions maybe but this is another take on the cake.


Not too long ago, some said eating cake was un-malay/unislamic.. now boleh bagi kek pulak…. Halal ker kek tu


good point


And celebarting birthday was also unislamic


In Malaysia, apa pun boleh as long as you are on the ‘right’ side!
And of course as it serves their master’s purpose, even to the extent of using prostitutes from China as baits!


The cake would already be ‘airbrushed’ full of bacteria-infested salivas after all the ‘talking’. A lot of repetitives just to mouth out all the negativities.
Also a giver would never give a lot of reasons, much less the cost of the cake.
What a lousy intention, might as well eat the cake himself plus all the bad salivas.

Just to show us the kiam-siap mentality of mm.
Anyway, I love the Red flag video. Bravo to the ladies, I love their sense of humour.


that was funny


Not funny, Sewel.

I could see the tiny saliva droplets airbrushing on the cake as this mm spoke!
Hope LGE did not eat it! Wish I could illustrate this in Lat’s cartoon style!


Kah..Kah..Kah.. i like !


They just want publicity especilly the KMA deputy president.


black forest cake best lah. also got arak in it.


some whisky perhaps?

Pretty Obvious

Well, the cakes look good. I bet they taste yummy too!

These rent-seekers in the mould of K, Gerakan K, Pearl and DAP=UMNO have had ample practice at perfecting these cakes since 308, the day they fell off the Penang gravy train.

Poor souls……..

Hmmm…..I wonder where is Pearl these days. We really do need her to get out of the kitchen and brighten up Anil’s blog, don’t we?


The Malay “NGO” may send the black cake other day, but not on LGE birthday. Sending a black cakes are obvious “tidak sopan”…


Saya memang malu dengan perangai ‘NGO…’ yang tak sopan. Inio menjejaskan imej Islam. (Mungkin) kerja buruk Umno yang tak puas hati pasal tak dapat kontrak buat bisnes alibaba!!


Who instigated these traders to be so vile as to want to do this on a person’s birthday? Your guess is as good as mine. They stoop at nothing to try and destroy Guan Eng. I can tell you what he has done for Penang – we have more money in the state than the previous 20 years. The island is cleaner and civil servants are awarded accordingly to their achievements. Senior citizens are appreciated although rm100 may be a paltry sum to some. Flood are lesser in some flood prone agreas due to the cleaning of the drains. What… Read more »


IMHO, flood retention ponds are bad idea. The best way is spread the cost to surrounding area and build water retention tank. People can use the water and it is more controllable. Just need to take care of the logistic.

Ong Eu Soon

The retention pond idea is a misinterpretation of low impact development. USM being a learning institute has no brain at all. Somebody need to give USM English tuition class. Poor USM try to implement what is outlined in the Manual Saliran Mesra Alam with its own interpretation which shown how stupid it can be.


hahaha….talked endlessly but absolutely nothing. Typical kangkung.
What was the protest about again?


they forget lah, too much whisky in the cake!

Nur Prima

Tak dapat kontrak bikin bisnes alibaba, maka kasi aje kek hitam.

Industri kek Hitam akan bertambah buat rezeki orang yang tak dapat bisnes pasal tak dapat lulus CAT.


good point ha ha ha


Besides nasi kandar, now Penang can tell the world that it has ‘Black Cake’ for the tourists to buy home.

Ng Yen Yen can be the patron to promote it along the BN-controlled NGOs, who can set up stalls at Penang Pesta to showcase their baking skills.

Andrew I

Ya. Can also sell to raise money for charities like Silver Jubilee Home and St. Nicholas.

Then maybe the bakers’ hearts can also change colour.


kek hitam? what for