Red faces after Psy’s no-show for yee sang tossing (Video)


Najib and other BN leaders were left embarrased after repeated invitations by the emcee for Psy to join in the tossing of the Lunar New Year salad failed to prompt the global superstar to come on stage. Check out the video.

An eye-witness at the scene said the crowd at the back was not sure what exactly was going on on stage as all they could make out were people walking around during the tossing of the yee sang, but it seemed obvious that Psy was not there at the time.

The video above provides a clearer account. The BN leaders’ look of anticipation and excitement slowly turned to embarassment. Is it my imagination or did their faces assume the same hue as their attire? Even the cajoling – by asking the crowd to join in the clapping to pile on pressure on Psy to appear on stage – failed to persuade the Korean artiste.

After Psy failed to show up, observe Najib fiddling with his smartphone while former PM Abdullah Badawi’s hand-clapping gradually slows.

Whatever the reason for Psy’s no-show, it was another public relations boo-boo.

Psy’s fans had earlier urged him on Facebook not to allow himself to be used by BN leaders for their political mileage. From the looks of it, their pleas did not go unheeded.

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steven ong

it the best video i have seen and bye bye bn


I think everybody knows that after committing the biggest fiasco in history, what BN did now was damage control. So they came up with threat to PM, threat to Psy, throwing rice on PM, and splashing water on PM’s son. Teng, just admit it: just say you were sorry for being disorganised and as a result of that, you and your group of nincompoops have caused embarrassment to our PM and former PM. Teng should apologise to all Malaysians because our PM was left standing like a fool.


I think its no more Gerakan. It should be called Gilakan party.

The drama continues with psy psy psy, No No No, Fiasco Yee Sang, Assassination, Sabotage and now a new version of Noo Noo Noo

When will BN UMNO Ah Cheap and Gilakan ever wake up.

The people must now wake up to the lies and deceits that have perpetuate our society and govt for so long.

Let us all wake up and make that CHANGE


THEN Najib went to Sabah and sneered at Anwar after being laughed out of Penang..I guess the entire Peninsula got too hot..

He and UMNO/BN is now lucky people don’t play the Gangnam-style song everywhere they show up to ‘Psy’ him/them..


What do you Penangite or the people of Malaysia really need now or after GE.

No corruption, affordable house, cheaper food prices, better amenities and infrastructure, no subservience of the judiciary, fairness in the education system, improve road congestion and the lives of the people etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

And now what does this jerk promise you. A superstar.

Oh my goodness, we certainly cannot vote in this idiotic cracko Teng Chang Yew and Gilakan again or we will all be doomed


The UMNO BN Cheap has now become a joker with his lies and deceits
Then we we had the boh hood KTK who jokes on himself.
Now we had a real joker in Gelakan Teng Chang Yeow who don`t even know what he is talking with his stupid and idiotic lies.

Read this : Teng says attempt on Psy’s life forced Najib to leave stage


If Psy is on death threat, then why he could still go to Korean restaurant for lunch without police protection, as the picture in The Star has shown us?
Nice try, Teng. Too much lies already! Think rakyat is stupid like you who do not know who Justin Bieber is.

Sixteen Candles

Dear Everyone, We can condemn and curse all night on Psy/PM/Gerakan/Nonya Yen Yen event but at the end of the day BN with all its money power, cheating, Chinese towkays and vote rigging will win the GE 13 even with a narrow margin. The more the nons are cursing the more malay votes will go to UMNO. And you all … who are divided will just sit at the mamak stall biting your finger-nails …’.


It is like sai being literally thrown at the whole bunch of clowns wearing red


Najib can start tar pau all the things he wants to keep that belongs to him now. The message is very clear – NO 3 times. How much clearer do you need to hear from us?

Even Psy is very clear – don’t use me as your political tool.


ngyenyen sms to psy : come toss salad with me after the show lor


najib sms to psy : come toss my salad and I’ll make you my entry point project


psy sms to najib/ngyenyen : you can toss salad with each other…I prefer my kim chee


psy might have been too scared what it may lead to if he started to toss salad with najib, rosmah and yenyen


Psy comes from a different mazhab


LISTEN, LISTEN,LISTEN,LISTEN,are you ready for BN ? NO,NO,NO !! There you go the PR catchphrase for the coming GE13 !!


what they should have done was to turn the whole embarrassment into a comedy skit…when the two boys came to take the table away, everyone on stage should have chase after them moving left and right of the stage….then everyone would have had a great laugh…and psy could have come out and perform his signature dance move around the table

Batu Ferringhian

i couldn’t bear watching after 3mins.
malu wei…MALU!


Najib should have used His 1Malaysia ambassador Jack Lim and his ‘Once Upon A Time’ cast instead of Psy. Afterall Psy is unlike Bangla or Indons (some of whom) could be easily bought.

My name is N...

Sudah Bungkuslah! Even the two boys know that BN sudah kena bungkus by removing the Yee Sang table before anybody asked them to do so. Ha! Ha! Ha!


Sickening to watch a group of shameless goons making a fool of themselves!!!!!

HKL Penang

A posting with the venom of ill-will during CNY!


A posting of the truth that were shut off by the Bn media

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, The video clearly shows that Psy refused to be made used of by BN – he came as an entertainer not to be capitalised on! Imagine despite repeated announcements, even “bodeking” the welcome to Psy to come onstage to do the Yee Sang toss with the so-called dignitaries and sycophants of BN, he declined to be made use of – my thanks, congrats and respects to Psy for acting so professionally!! Those on stage in great anticipation of pulling off a Psy-stunt with their continuous clapping and even trying to get the crowd to also join in to… Read more »

Gerakan K

Sad news for pakatan kakis:

Psy’s management says government did not pay for Penang gig

Not all said ‘no’ to PM, says Penang BN of open house jeers (

Andrew I

Poor Gherks, resorting to MI to console himself. You know what might have worked? Distributing psy’s fee as bn angpow, using a minus one CD and finding a lookalike ( not that hard really)…

CSL would have approved it.


Who pay is immaterial but we do know that cronies pay. Yes not all say no and that includes you just as in any voting pattern. The majorities have said it loud and clear. No use finding excuse for the embarrassment they have cause not only to themselves but also to the rakyat of Penang and Malaysia making us a laughing stock to the world. This is sheer stupidity and incompetency of BN UMNO Ah Cheap and their sycophants. No alasan please but balasan for the lies and deceits Oh my goodness, this idiot boh hood is so thick skin… Read more »


Another stupid statement from GK. Psy surely said so to adhere to BN’s contract. Psy is surely paid indirectly via a BN crony. No need for The Star to tell us otherwise.

Sam Yap

GK, were you born deaf or did your mother slap you so hard you became deaf? You can’t seem to even hear the cries of ordinary Malaysians – of all races – for better governance. Now you claim you can’t hear the resounding No’s? Were there any yes? I am sure there were, if there is one imbecile like you, I am sure there a few thousands more.


psy did not turn up because he went to pang s…
…and this all happened on the 11th…isn’t it najib’s lucky number?


Maluuuuuuuuuuu betulllllll !!! International Star snubs local pm n co.


O dear. What a public relations disaster!


Another c*ckup by Najib and his not so ‘wise-gang’, humiliating and embarrassing it was! Hahaha!! I laughed till perut sakit dah! Najib in his Chinese attire with hand gesture clasping his left hand over right is bad omen, said it all from the beginning! The more he digs in, the more mistake there will be. Tossing the ‘yee-sang’ must be done simultaneously – only to start tossing at one go – a symbolic way to roll in successes and everyone gets to share the ‘harvest’ and not after they started tossing, they wanted Psy to join in for that kodak… Read more »


We want “Sai”? What an unpalatable way to toss & mix with yee sang!
Psy is smart enough to get the money & dissociate with BN Penangite style!