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Koleksi Lawak MP Malaysia di Dewan Rakyat:



1MDB CEO Mohd Hazem Abdul Rahman is resigning from his job today and will be replaced by Abu Dhabi-based Malaysian banker Arul Kanda Kandasamy.

Something brewing?


Mahathir and wife never liked Rosmah and with the latest controversies around her, will Mahathir finally give up on Najib?


It would be great if you could cover topics on human trafficking and the corrupt practices that is common among our local enforcement agencies that allow vice activities to thrive in our country. Lax border enforcement and bribery, catch and release, document forgery, the higher powers that control these vice places and more.



I recommend the latest issue of Focus Malaysia.
It has an interesting cover story of the China developer Country Garden that is leading chinese firms to Johor Iskandar to build high-end condominiums that most of the locals could not afford.

ps: Housing glut is Iskandar could take place in 3 years time.


Penang property sector braces for rush as GST looms

The real estate sector in Penang is bracing for a surge in property purchases in the first quarter of this year, as house buyers rush to beat the implementation of the GST on April 1.

gk ong

New property launch in Iskandar Johor is targeting Singapore buyers with ads on Singapore media (TV, radio, newspapers) using Singapore celebrities as spokespersons.


Astro Awani claimed itself to be Tepat, Cepat dan Padat.

But did anyone notice that the KLCI data shown on its bottom right corner has been 1653.36 over the last 2 days? Those investors not knowing the actual figure of 1756.77 (Friday closing) could get heart attack for thinking that the market has plummeted.

So much for Tepat, the information on the running bar has never been updated. I think the staff is too lazy to update the info.

Certainly Astro Awani is not Tepat nor Cepat. Can never count on it for the latest or correct information.


If we ever learn anything from the recent floods, it’s high time to think about food security (not hawker’s heavenly food). Having super expensive homes / bungalows will not see you thro any flood or environmental crisis. My friend told me even having food stored in a bunker will not last for more than a week, much less if one has a big family. Many lament over expensive food items Federation of Malaysian Consumer Association secretary-general Datuk Paul Selvaraj urged the Government to implement strong agricultural policies to ensure food security and sustainability. He said food prices skyrocketed each… Read more »


Malaysia still need to improve on its crisis management and contingency planning for disaster. For too long we are living too comfortably assuming Malaysia is the safest place on earth. no sure if the BN regime can ever learn from the recent events.


All Malaysians should learn & be trained to ‘survive’ + overcome during environmental crisis (just take a look at the Japanese). This is no place for opportunistic political one-upmanship, which only creates more problems for the Rakyat.

Hilang bumbung dan tinggal sehelai sepinggang is not for political PR press pics.

Phua Kai Lit

Happy New Year, Mr Anil.

Here is a useful article. Note that points 2,4,7,8 and 10 will negatively affect Malaysia:

Obama is trying his best to pass the TPP. So, he is trying to get Najib’s support.