Razak Baginda surfaces in Singapore


Abdul Razak Baginda – remember him? – surfaced in Singapore today.

He gave a talk on the Islamic Caliphate(!) at Nanyang Technical University at 10.00am, according to a source. About 80 people were believed to have signed up for the talk, but just over 40 actually attended.

He was later interviewed by Singaporean journalists.

What is Baginda’s next move now? It would be interesting to find out.

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How about this…

French probe gives Karachi killings a new twist -http://www.thenews.com.pk/top_story_detail.asp?Id=22841

Nicolas Sarkozy implicated in kickbacks affair | The Australian – http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/opinion/nicolas-sarkozy-implicated-in-kickbacks-affair/story-e6frg6zo-1225875206918

So Bala & his lawyers had better bring along their Albanian “Minders” to Paris…

You be the judge.



Hello, It is his payback time to his “Global Political Masters”…Lu tolong gua, Gua tolong lu (Got you by the “Orbs/Juglars”) Just to share this… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdul_Razak_Baginda He now writes on current issues, with the publication of a new book on Malaysian foreign policies; the introduction was written while in prison. Baginda, as he is often known, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in politics and government from City Polytechnic, London in 1982. He continued to study and gained a master’s degree in War Studies at King’s College London in 1984. He subsequently began a D.Phil in International Relations at Trinity College,… Read more »


Confess and Repent [tawbah] to the public {Malaysian Taxpayers] or to those you may have caused distress and harm [Altantuya’s Family] if he can, and more so to his Creator. To be a good Muslim, he must take the first step of total confession and repentance, there is no 2 ways about it. And this talk is NOT good sign for somebody who wants to be a good Muslim, he must seclude [avoid] himself from giving speeches and so-called intellectual discourses. Ego is still there, instead of Oxford , he should have gone to “masters in the sciences of the… Read more »


There are many Pontianaks in Johor, I gathered from SPI.com. Aminah may be in that category since she died with an unborn child. May the terror of these deadly entities haunt (her) murderers…

Sandiwara XYZ

Maybe he is afraid that the French legal experts are revisiting his high profile case and now it is not safe anymore in Europe? But where is his next stop? Will Aminah’s ghost haunt him forever?


The English are no better than the French. Money talks, and it is the same everywhere.

English, morally on the high ground? My foot!


What stupid Singaporeans want to learn from Razak baginda. Can’t they find some real educated guy than this fellow. Very conveinently hiding in UK.


What stupid Singaporeans want to learn from Razak baginda

I believe you already answer your own question.

Be joyous ! We who are under the pressure cooker for 52 years don’t have time for stupidity.


“surfaced” 😀
Obviously not suffering from the same problems as KD TAR then! Does he also require ‘maintenance’?


Looks like Singapore is the nearest place he dare to come back…. he will (probably) never step back into Malaysia…

najib manaukau

Baginda please do not pollute Singapore it is doing very well without you…


Baginda please do not pollute Singapore it is doing very well without you…

I beg to differ.

Razak Baginda could teach Singapore a thing or two about cleaning up


He was acquitted because the prosecution (seemed to throw) in the towel even before the fight.

I wonder who should be the thankful one.
Najib or Razak.


If Razak Baginda wants to be a good Muslim, he would do well to just come clean and tell (us what he knows) about how a young Mongolian woman was murdered in cold blood – and for what reason. Otherwise, he … sullies Islam. Razak Baginda is only one part of a larger cover-up.


… his mouth shut … even though God insists that he tell the truth and nothing but the truth now!
Maybe only on Judgement Day can we hear the truth.


Anil, this is the report
Razak Baginda ‘rediscovers’ Islam http://bit.ly/dd3eL2

Razak Baginda mahu jadi Muslim yang baik http://bit.ly/9CnnDG?


Razak Baginda was the Rasputin of Najib and planned his political moves. I wonder if this mean Najib is up to something.


Times changed ma !

… Singapore needs to learn a thing or two from Razak Baginda ma !


Wow, that’s like Madonna giving a speech on living a celibate life..


Knowing what his taste and preference, perhaps, you find him in Bugis Street la!