Quick poll: Who would make the most suitable Selangor MB?


Tell us what you think.

Meanwhile, check out Aliran’s latest statement by Ramakrishnan.

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Am I too late to add my vote? Wan Azizah, of course. Only those blinded by arrogance, greed & terminal egotism can fail to see that the hostility with which her candidacy for Selangor MB has been met in conservative rightwing quarters simply because, to Umno (especially) & to the ulamas in PAS, Wan Azizah would prove to be the only wholesome, intelligent, compassionate, honest & noble MB Selangor has ever seen.


selangorian as mb please…the rest just get lost will ya…


Only a selangorian can talk about selangor matters, and only a penangnite can be pg cm, this kind of mentality… i shall play with my doggie now, woof woof woof !!!


More than one MB candidate in 2008 and 2013

Another lies from Pakatan Rakyat uncovered.

Don Anamalai

Malaysian women are believed to have joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) forces to offer Jihad Al-Nikah or sexual jihad. Authorities confirmed that three Malaysian women have journeyed to the Middle East to join up with Isis forces. Jihad Al-Nikah refers to a controversial concept where Sunni women allegedly offer themselves in sexual comfort roles to fighters for the establishment of Islamic rule.


Not sure what Perkasa and Isma have to say about this.


DAP & PKR have now been check mate by PAS. Sultan request 2 name each from PR DAP, PAS & PKR. DAP have no Malay so its now left to PKR & PAS. Guess where will be the next MB will be from. 100% PAS who have been playing the game all along. Anyway no problem, there is a smart one who want PAS as MB. Hudud or islamic state also no problem to him


Well, DAP has mislead the non Muslims over PAS’ true intentions. All along PAS has been bent on Wahhabi style government. People complain about the Bible seizure but wait till PAS gets the MB post.


Anil, can you please explain how the letter written by Rama is reflecting the principles that Aliran supports ? Rama is basically attacking PAS for not supporting PKR & DAP in their choice of Wan Azizah as the Selangor MB. How this could be reconciled with democratic principles ? What Aliran got to do with Pakatan’s internal matters ? If we talk about democracy at large, shouldn’t Aliran questioning how Pakatan has abandoned all principles of justice, transparency and democracy in trying to illegally and unethically remove a clean MB and install a proxy as a replacement. No wonder that… Read more »


calvin, khalid a clean mb??? You just returned from mars ???


The problem with Malaysia democracy is the people like you who only talk about democratic principles, clean and efficient governance when it suits you. On what basis do you accuse Khalid to be unclean ? Has he been charged or found guity of any crimes ? Has anyone produce any evidence to support this accusations ? You are not even a Selangorian and every public survey has put Khalid as the top choice by a large margin for the choice of MB. If accusations equate to guilt, then you should ask Anwar to resign and sent to jail based on… Read more »


Calvin ; Have you not heard from Tony Pua, Anwar and many DAP & PKR leaders including from PAS that he was clean, competent and efficient, which is why he was reappointed as MB. If Anwar & DAP are so ethical, transparent and clean why not have a consensus for an MP and to select from a few candidates. Why still insist on only Azizah when even the Sultan has request for a few persons for him to select. Something must be very fishy is it not. ????. or is some one still in an illusion state of mind.


How about a Quick Poll to realize the percentage of those 308 Han Chiang Rally folks who are now fed up and willing to become 3rd force (may not be PCM, Parti Cinta Msia) in coming election ?

btw, PCM has housing agenda in its manifesto but I am surprised many of anilnetto.com reader do not align to that.


Tropicana land deals cannot be revealed to public9?) – is it OSA to the priviledges of Menteri Besar ?


Are we witnessing a new round of Operation Lallang with so many opposition reps being charged under the Sedition Act?

Why BN cannot accept criticism and view any feedback as seditios?


Uuh. None of the above?


Who is the samseng. Tell that to the CAT, he told Naraudin, I will sue you in court but Nas is still waiting for his summon. Is the CAT not talking like samseng and using threat(?) He must also remember he is holding public office and please don`t use the public office as the skirt to cover yourself. We do not need sandiwara anymore. We can see through … When the CAT can sue Utusan and many others and won cases after cases why did he not sue Nas and he has the nerve to say the court is not… Read more »


Nasruddin accused DAP & LGE of doing the same thing as Khalid with the tunnel and land reclaimation without open tender. LGE denied and said he will sue him but still has not. What is the reason !!. Nasruddin must be telling the truth.


After all this man was from a schmuck from Umno. therefore why would anyone be surprised of the actions he has taken thus far. Wasn’t he one of those member the Umno schmucks send to London to try to take over the control of the international tin exchange and at the end of the mission the millions or billions lost as a result, not to mention the failure of the mission(?) Between AI and him what were the unrevealed arrangements made between AI and the about to be ex-Mb. Nevertheless, the shambles that are happening in Selangor and who what… Read more »


He is also learning fast from his master, Anwar also a schmuck from UMNO


Khalid now talks like his new master, dumno – my settlement with bank islam is transparent but it is a secret, if you criticise me, i will sue you in court… talks like a samseng now with threats…

Has he forgotten that he is holding a public office or he has now dumno to protect him?

People change overnight yeah for self interests?


If Khalid is not suitable as Selangor MB as alleged by DAP & PKR because he do thing not in accordance to guideline so is the CAT in Penang. This CAT is even worse using Penang rakyat payer money to fund PPS to do the work of their own party.

PPS are DAP militants used to do party work’
Penang’s voluntary patrol squad (PPS) has now been accused of being “DAP militants” as the team have been found to be doing the party’s work, claims an opposition leader.



Khalid has proven to be the best MB. That was said by all leaders from DAP, PKR and PAS. He was immediately and unanimously appointed after GE 13. Then he did something that PKR leaders dislike. All of s sudden they started a smear campaign to say he is no good and wanted Anwar as MB in the Kajang move. During that time did anyone touted Azizah as good and move to appoint her. NO NO NO. Only when Anwar cannot contest and become MB was Azizah suddenly touted as a capable person for MB. And why he keep on… Read more »


Good.. you can claim. Best.. cannot la Yang even though u r pro-BN anti-PR. If u stay in KL, u must b unhappy with stinky rubbish bins (collection freq 2-3 times/wk) and swear ur head off trying to avoid potholes n other rushing cars at same time. I would like to know what are Khalid initiatives done building up kitty$ RM2Bil plus. If prudent investments/cost savings that did not short change Rakyat Selangor, sure he is worthy all praises. If kitty includes underutilized federal funds allocated developing/maintenance of Selangor wellbeing at the detriment of Rakyat wellbeing, then we need to… Read more »

Speedy Gonzalez (Penang Edition)

I only have one answer, be it quick poll, slow poll, i poll, paper poll or any poll:

my only candidate is you Anilnetto. You have the best trait of as I would call it “humanly behavior”. Beside, your 100 consistency as the Pakatan supporter earns my highest respect.

Even though it’s unlikely to happen, it’s just the best choice at the moment. Hopefully one day Pakatan will notice your existence and your bulk of pro-Pakatan writings.


and not forgetting to nominate Mr T as running mate for his passions to save Penang Heritage while the rich offsprings of Penang Heritage buildings do not give a damm.

Don Anamalai

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CAP should look into this poor service performanc eof Astro.
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CAP is sucking up to Ananda Krishman?


O ya most frustrated. Will write in, thks don.


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