Psy’s Gangnam parody in Penang: Oops, joke is on BN elites


On Monday, 11 February Psy is due to perform his signature Gangnam song-and-dance routine at a BN-organised event in Han Chiang School in Penang before a crowd of 60000 people.

Gangnam District in Seoul - Photograph: Wikipedia
Gangnam District in Seoul – Photograph: Wikipedia

BN leaders are obviously hoping this large crowd – and the spillover effect – will translate into votes for the BN in Penang and beyond. But little do they realise the joke is on the BN!

For many of us, Gangnam is just a fun and catchy song-and-dance, which makes little sense. But scratch below the surface and you will find a biting social critique. Few realise that Gangnam is actually a parody of the affluent, materialistic life-style which the BN elites are known for.

See full article on Aliran’s website.

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Bn UMNO and MIC, MCA and Gerakan said there is nothing wrong with Gangnam style.
Yes there is nothing wrong but I do feel a little bit embarrass watching it with my some of the children around.

Maybe Najib and Chua Soi Lek can also perform the act as inside the lift


Malays are into K-Pop without understanding of the language, let alone the parody. But if the Psy’s action in the lift as depicted in the music video is acceptable to BN, does it mean that BN is opening up to LGBT?

Jay G



I wonder why the UMNO and their Ulamas never mention the act in the lift


It’s Chinese New Year…. I pantang la .. I don’t want to watch “s…”…

semuanya OK kot

Psy was in fact vociferously critical of American imperialism, but was recently persuaded to recant – in exchange for exposure in USA.


That is the thing, I believe everyone that is fan of Psy, especially those that will turn out, knows the social critique. In fact those that follow Korean pop culture knows that the same social critique of the corruption of the elite has been very popular a subject in movies, dramas and Psy’s critique is not unique or even the first.even just last year.

najib manaukau

No matter who these morons from Umno are getting or will get, these artist will not save Umno from their inevitable defeat in the coming GE. I am surprise these morons have not turn to artists in Indonesia for their defeat. After all surely artists of their own kind will appeal to them more and also understand the taste of the morons. What else you wouldn’t do just to remain as tenants in Putrajaya. … I told you many times before and I am telling all of you, just have the shenanigan Mahathir indicted for all the (wrongdoings) he committed… Read more »


As usual, you’re daydreaming. Nice propagandist spin.

Gerakan K

It is pure entertainment for CNY without much political issue except that STUPID LGE trying to politicize everything. Ok, STUPID is not a racist remark.

If you look at LGE reaction, I’m starting to believe BN has chances to win back Penang. LGE is so wary about BN non-political function.

Andrew I

Relak lah, brudder. If not political, why you so heated up? Can enter or not if wear yellow or green t shirt ar?


DAP has the largest crowd prior to 308 and they wrest Penang BN UMNO, Gerakan and MCA now copy cat and wish for the biggest crowd. Sure they will get but only for entertainment of Gangnam style. Lot of goodies being distributed at the market place. GK must have got so much more


Najib has no crowd puller anymore.
First they used doctored picture to show the big crowd but was caught red handed.
Now they need to use money to pull in that crowd with gangam style
Sure you have the crowd but not the heart

Andrew I

A bit like Mozart and his Figaro, where he takes the mick out of his rich patrons.

Gherkin will be swaying to it and GRK will be chirping, ” I say, old boy, don’t you think I’m as happening as this chap? Hear, hear.”

Andrew I

Before I forget, Happy New Year, everyone.


BN is really running out of ideas, and only depending on ‘mou lei tau’ gimmicks. Perhaps this is the last festive celebration before PRU13 that BN can justify extravaganza spending to satisfy the pockets of its cronies?

Happy New Year to all readers of this blog and Grandmaster Anil. May the year of water snake brings an end to BN era to usher new hope to our nation.