Rowdy protesters invade Penang State Assembly


Shameful scenes at the Penang State Assembly. And a couple of familiar faces (to Penangites, at least) among the protesters.

The pro-Umno group was apparently looking for a DAP state assembly member.

Some serious questions need to be asked. How were they allowed in? Aren’t visitors supposed to have a pass or something before they are allowed into the Assembly?

What happened to security at the Dewan? They just stood by and allowed this rowdy group to barge in?

How was this group allowed to violate the sanctity of the Dewan? (Ironically, Malaysiakini reported that media personnel outside the premises of the Assembly were annoyed as they were not allowed in.)

Such fascist tendencies have to be nipped in the bud.

What if a group of protesters had tried to barge into the Dewan of a BN-ruled state? Would security have allowed them in?

Today’s incident comes only a day after yesterday’s antics outside the Dewan. That’s when a whole team of security personnel were unable to stop an independent candidate in the Bukit Gelugor by-election from hurling himself in front of the Penang chief minister’s car. Why didn’t they temporarily restrain him until the car had left?

Here’s another angle:

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those samsengs need to cool off eg taking a selfie pic with Dyana & hopefully they see the true light !

Anwar said Umno was getting desperate.
“Umno will deflect issues of governance, corruption and abuse of power, and they will do it the ‘samseng’ (gangster) way,” he said at a ceramah last night at Han Chiang school for the Bukit Gelugor by-election.


I disagree. Yes, these people should not have been able to get through – shows you now deeply corrupted basic institutions even those already controlled by Pakatan,

But the truth is, its good its all revealed and they go revel in their political narcotic delusion. Look closely, its all play acting, they are freaking cowards inside and not very deep either. You bring real force and discipline, they will crumble like the crap they are and what they stand on..These are no different than human waste, waste of food, water and air..

The Tank


‘Celaka’ is just an malay expression of ‘Damned!’.

If you are a WWE wrestling fan, you should know that such expression is so common on our TV as a key phrase by wrestler Ron Simmons, much to audience amusement :


Which why the show is shown late at night. Not good for the children.


WWE superstars are coming to KL in October. You will be surprised that there are many children who are fans of WWE as they could identify the heels (bad guys in wrestling) is no different from the corrupted politicians.

The latest feud between the reformed The Shield (Pakatna) vs Evolution (BN) is one such example.

Ed G

Is the word celaka worse than being called trespassers or pendatang? Why such overreaction over a remark made especially when insensitive, insulting or demeaning remarks have somewhat become the order of the day? And what happened to the oft-repeated calls by our leaders for the use of ‘proper channel’ to express ones disagreement or discontentment? Shouldn’t the party leaders reprimand these hoodlums for going against what they had so nobly preached? And by the way, what has the chiding of a political party or any of its members to do with race or religion, as claimed by the vociferous leader… Read more »


Yes, Fauziah, i was shock when i looked at the video, and i said it to myself, this is not the Malay’s culture. I was from a kampong and we lived peaceably with the Malays. We had so many good Malay friends, and there were all very soft spoken, and a particular one is just like our uncle till today. Many have passed on when we left the kampong. During hari raya, our house was full of kuih, ketupak and beef curry. And, i remember there was this old couple by the name of Din and his wife, without fail… Read more »


I don’t think they are pure malay. They are EEE…..


Yes during my time I also mixed with Malays, Indian, Eurasion and many others and we were all so courteous and friendly. One of my best friend at that time is in fact a Malay. No name calling or biadap. Should we change to some one or a party that is so. Raiya is one good example. Jif is another. See 2 sides of the coins please ????? Friendly jokes among friends are normal but if overboard it can also leads to friction. Sometime in a neigboourhood there are name calling and it does not means that the other side… Read more »


What about this?

You are……….Hehehehehe!

That guy is a Perak exco now


Anil : Whether I like Rayer or not, I just want the truth just like you. After the incident only then did Rayer said that his comments were directed at certain UMNO leaders. But during the assembly he did mentioned those words UMNO Celaka. He should have said name instead of the the party concerned. This is the fact isn`t it otherwise show me that it is not. He may want to direct it to those 3 UMNO guys but he should use names instead of the party concern. You and many may believed that he did said those 2… Read more »


Yang I think you are defending what is not right. If you scold me celaka. What can I do? Can I enter your house to act rowdy? It is trespassing . What they are doing is tell the like minded Rakyat that they are above the law! And we Rakyat does not like to be oppressed by such fools. In Rayer’s case, just cast your vote against him. You are defending blindly where you are bias in your opinion. Sad someone like you has become muddled in your political opinion.

Ed G

Have this bunch of rowdy protesters been to Bangkok or Ukraine lately?


Same old faces of troublemakers who get bolder because they are never punished by the law.


As a malay, I am deeply ashamed by these rowdy people.
It is not malay culture to behave taht way.

Style Logan

ISMA should note that this is what Penceroboh is!
These people has no respect for democracy and state assembly.

It is a good script for Yusuf Haslam’s Gerak Khas TV show ie. the police are somehow very lenient to such troublemakers.

Smart GrandDaddy

yesterday i watched TV3 News at ~8.20pm with wide coverage of this “fracas”. Rayer’s speech was cut to feature the C#[email protected]@ portion not shown the reason he used such remark (mengapi-apikan eg 513).
then i tried to look at the rowdy crowd thinking i might spot Yang there (for Rayer his nemesis) but i could only recognise Komtar Blackcakecoffin bearer.


Smart Grand Daddy, Don`t worry, I won`t go down to that extreme. If I want to I can just go straight to his service centre in Island Glade or his office. But anyway you won`t be able to find him there just like the Jardip. You can never get any good service from them anyway, Just like when you gave them a letter BY HAND and later went back to enquire on the outcome, this is what they will say. The very person who received your letter tell you we have not received any letter from you. Would that make… Read more »


Their actions are true reflections of what they are, celaka, that is too ‘kind’ a word for the DAP assembly man to use. I would have called them as morons, goons and schmucks !


Useless bunch of cops for allowing these intruders to come in and stand idly by and not doing a thing to shut them down. It seems like it was done in cahoot with the police(?)


It’s very amazing that to see double standard in handling situations such as this. In Ipoh, people ain’t barging into the dun and yet Police just tangkap tangkap. Including one old jogger who stayed nearby

Awang Selamat Ori

I will write to my Bollywood friend and show them the above video to consider giving him a starring role in their next blockbuster movie.

Only the old man Yang will be watching this movie! How stupid can one be?


That Backer can be a good stuntman!


Awang, I think Dyana would make a good one


These people just want to see Raiya the stupid adun who utter stupid emotional words against other races. And these people just want him to explain and he chicken out and hide just like another Singh who can never be found in his office or service centre. After one of the official explain to them they did leave peacefully is it not. ??? I hope DAP adun will be act more responsible like some DAP adun like Chow Kon Yeow, Lim Hock Seng & Ng Wei Aik. These 3 are really good aduns

Sunny Ooi

Why you provoke people by calling them stupid? I hope you can be more responsible in the future.


Please look at my many comments.Normally I retort back when they use the same. And when I do, I seldom refer to name of any person until when that person keep using my name for it. Even then I put in a different spelling. I normally use it in general term and not in particular


And if you are referring my comment of Rayer, what I am saying is he act stupid and not referring to him as stupid. Frankly speaking I think he is one real useless,… and stupid adun. If you could meet and see him, his services and action you would know what I mean.


Sunny : And if I do I will have to face the consequence if I meet such guys


godash : May be you are one exception that have no feeling. Try bah kut teh, ma lai or the many name calling or obscenities. Yes I agreed that physical confrontation is not right but to use words that can stir emotion is even bad…


Yang and Nar will defend the protester as they were provoked. Actually, we need to thank those jokers for such a great show. The more stupid antics from these jokers, the more votes will fly. Because such oppression from the minority will reduce votes. These jokers are actually stabbing the party that they support without realising the damage done. No need to do anything. Just let those jokers do the works for us.


Mong : I am defending what is right or wrong. Tell me what If I call you celaka, stupid … stupid in your face, would you do. Come on man don`t say you would just keep quiet….


you can call me celaka back.

why is physical or violent confrontation the usual course of action from UMNO supporters?


I am extremely p… because the opposite happened in Perak, my home state. Perhaps, we should do the same and see those police are so good hah. Plus, some innocent folks kenna tangkap including jogger who stayed nearby my alma mater. Which is nearby the dewan.


I am wondering what Yang going to say now. LGE offers no solution again. Anyway, it’s PKR’s fault not allowing DAP to contest more than 20 state seats. By allowing DAP running the state government by itself, UMNO won’t be so samseng

Phua Kai Lit

This is neo-fascist criminal intimidation of elected law-makers.

Tan YG

IF they can drag the Speaker in full view of legislators, what else is beyond their means. Unless there is separation of power between Judiciary, Legislators & Government, it won’t be the last to happen in Malaysia. The rots had spread from head to toe, without an overhaul of the whole system, it may get worst by the day.


It is sad that the 47% have eyes but see not, now there is one turncoat adds in to join the bodoh bodoh. “Mow gan tai” Sigh !!!

1wonderfool malaysia !!!


Why must a DAP state assembly man like Rayer act so stupid and stoop so low as to use words that can offend others especially BN … by calling them celaka, bodoh bodoh and so on.. just to gain publicity. As I have said earlier, this adun is the most … of all. Am I not being proven right. And we have one key commentator who keep calling other others bodoh bodoh just because they vote what they think is right.. Can you blame these people for being rowdy. What if in the public I call you bodoh, celaka and… Read more »


It should be especially BN and you know which race Raiya is refering …… which make them angry


How can key have gan tai when he just do not want to know the truth and real situation. Oop sorry I forgot he is just like the Raiya that want to demean people with bodoh and celaka. And they expect people to smile when being demean


I tend to agree with Yang. When Jeff Ooi stated the truth and tried to improve services to the people, even his party mates who were supposed to support him blasted him left right and centre, all because he was too rude, too harsh, indecent and hurtful to their egos. To them, Jeff Ooi is a hooligan and must be removed at all cost, even if he was stating a fact and was by then exasperated by sheer inefficiency and incompetence. Now this rayer behaves rowdy and yells about things that are not even remotely related to Pg, does not… Read more »