Now Tee Beng lodges report with MACC


Updated: It turns out that Tee Beng’s “report” was actually a statement to defend himself over allegations by Ramasamy and Jeff Ooi that he had asked the state to give his uncle preference over a PDC shoplot. He had earlier challenged the two to show up as well.

1620: Nibong Tebal MP Tan Tee Beng is now lodging a report with the Penang MACC. It’s not known as yet what the report is about. Journalists at the MACC office have been asked to leave the building.

It’s turning out to be another eventful day. Reflecting on the events of the last few days, a journalist at the scene observes, “This whole thing is a manufactured controversy.”

1445: About 50 people are now protesting at the gates of the Selangor state government office, according to a state government exco member. The crowd is believed to be linked to Umno or Perkasa.

Two anti-MB banners were spotted. Some in the crowd are wearing red-shouldered yellow shirts bearing the BN logo.

Meanwhile, in a show of unity behind PKR, all three Penang state assembly members under the Bayan Baru parliamentary seat as well as the PKR committee for Bayan Baru and its women and youth wings are expected to attend a press conference tonight in response to Zahrain’s resignation.

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Like father like son…

At best, they are cowards…


The PKR leaders should know right from the beginning that Tan Hee Beng is the son of Tan Ghim Hwa, the former ex-Chairman of Penang State Gerakan (the people in Penang know him as “the white hair guy” in Hokkien). How could an ex-Gerakan father and son pledge allegiance to PKR when all the while they used to be the enemy and vengeful of DAP? (Did) the BN … plant … Tan Hee Beng into PKR to act as ‘an eye and ear’ for them? So, what is the big issue of losing a rejected guy by Gerakan? Please quickly… Read more »




We are should not be foolish enough to believe that all PKR members are in it to make government better. Many of them are trojans injected by BN for later use and that is exactly what we are witnessing. The BN government is not mature enough. In most country, after the GE, the winner and opposition work together to move the country forward. With BN, all they want is to disrupt the opposition and trying to gain control back. They have never lose that much before and I can understand that but it is more important for them to show… Read more »


Either with less than 2/3 majority or not UMNO is making a mockery out of rakyat’s selection with Perak, DSAI, Selangor and Penang. Thus, I won’t care if we lost the 2/3 in Parliament of not because BN will be voted out with the way they are handling things now. This way we know who is the Trojan horse and trim than now rather than at the time we march into Putrajaya. Come out now so we know who you are and can kill of your political career now. Go ahead you wolves with sheep skin so we can prosecute… Read more »


This TTB, is a real sick!
Firstly, he is not … satisfied being an MP.
Now he lodge a report with MACC.

Cry Baby Cry.
Why not lodge a polis report.
Or a Parliament report.
Or might as well report to your father so he may report to Gerakan!

TTB, you are wasting our time, might as well quit.
We Penangites don’t need you.


Tan Tee Beng is the son of Tan Ghim Hwa ( former Gerakan State Chairman) the sworn enemy of the DAP.

… whatever allegations by TTB is just for revenge not for the good of the people. With Anwar recruiting such people into PKR no wonder PR is now facing problems. Let them resign or sack them, thats the only way to revitalize PR….


Tan Tee Beng, please tell us what are you good for?

Please do yourself a favour, please quit…

No worry, we can afford to lose you…

PKR, please do a spring cleaning, yes before the next election.

Long live Lim Guan Eng and PR !!!


Its all for the better… good riddance. If this jerk is not removed now, it will come back to haunt PKR in another form, like the infamous 3 frogs.


Good riddance.This filtering process must be done B4 GE13


Anil Is this what we are good for? That all we do with our time is only to protest, lodge police reports, nail witnesses, hack websites even religious ones likes the Herald’s just a month ago, treachery, lying, funny court cases, damaging places of worship, insecure of keeping or promoting good staff, poor decision making in managing organisations (so many comes to our mind,), racism, embracing a religion for the wrong reasons etc. Also it’s embarassing, we don’t seem to know how to use toilets be it in the office,public, let alone at hotels. If the cubicle is not soiled… Read more »