Pro-BN group blocks PKR politicians from JB ceramah site


On 15 January, PKR politicians Nik Nazmi and Tan Poh Lai were obstructed when they tried to hold a ceramah at the Sri Stulang flats in Johor Bahru. Here are the accompanying videos.

At one of the entrances to the Sr Stulang flats, Niz Nazmi’s vehicle was blocked and reportedly kicked. He also alleged he was kicked by one of the men as he tried to walk in.

Not sure what the police are doing there.

As they were leaving the area, the PKR team continued to be obstructed.

After making a police report, the PKR politicians returned, accompanied by colleagues from Pasir Gudang and Gelang Patah PKR, Pas members and police to the ceramah site to retrieve their equipment.

Thanks to blog reader Agnes for the alert. With additional information from Nik Nazmi as reported in Keadilan Daily.

Apologies for the downtime again the last couple of days. A large number of cached files on the server caused the disk storage capacity to overflow and crash. Hopefully, things will be better now.

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24 Jan 2013 1.57pm

Does Malaysia belong to BN only….?????

24 Jan 2013 1.45pm

Clueless youngsters paid to do the dirty work. It’s just out of a scene from Tamil movies.

24 Jan 2013 11.50am

Another viral video..

24 Jan 2013 11.36am

I think Umno has given up hope on MCA to get the chinese votes. Therefore Umno had no choice but to unleash (or close an eye to) its devilish … Ibrahim Ali to stir trouble with the Alkitab issue in order to salvage whatever votes among the fence-sitting malays. I hope th malays are not easily swindled by this and that bicara talk by Tun M (who is still in dilemma and confuesed, not sure if malays are already boleh or still tak boleh and need tongkat).

24 Jan 2013 10.47am

Oh my god Gerakan trying to use PENANG RUN to make it as though as it is the PR government that organized it during Thaipusam day when in fact they are the one that organised it. And their sycophants from MCA and Gerakan tried to create an issue out of it but the people of Penang are smart to see through their lies and deceits. And finally they become dumb with the exception of one ignorant sycophant in this blog Another lies and deceit learned from the 1Malaysia joke like the SWIM to deceive the people of Penang And It… Read more »

Andrew I
Andrew I
24 Jan 2013 2.16pm
Reply to  Yang

Yang, we must forgive Gherkin. By his own admission he says he is not educated. What would he know about history?

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
24 Jan 2013 3.50am

@abb: I just reply to say: “I LOVE PM”

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
24 Jan 2013 3.48am

Aisehman, pakatan should hire a better scriptwriter. Always pretending like the victim. Such story is not news worthy anymore. Boring-lah ~

Life is hard in Penang. Even must ask LGE when using the PENANG word. Susahkan rakyat !!!!

p/s: Who are you without UMNO giving you IC and a place named Malaysia. Be grateful and do the right thing:

BN [X] – Pakatan [ ]

24 Jan 2013 2.02am

gerakan k
where r u?
i am so surprise you are not defending a bunch of not too civil people.
UMNO is so great, GK. your buddies, no?

23 Jan 2013 9.37pm

gerakan k
your beloved UMNO. crass is the word

23 Jan 2013 8.41pm

After what Mahathir said about Sabah and non-Malays citizenship, the correct description are HATERS & FASCIST.. So here is the message to Malays – Mahathir broke the law. HE and his kinds are HATERS. If they can do it to Sabahan, Chinese, Indians, Christians, – eventually they will do it to Malays too. Things must change TODAY, not tmrw, not a few more years from now, today. If thinks don’t change now, things will go down the hill for certain for EVERYONE.We who tried, won’t wait, we will simply leave and Mahathir and his kind will turn to YOU… When… Read more »

23 Jan 2013 5.01pm

UMNO Bn and their sycophants are desperate. Using thuggery and violence couple with the religious and racism spewed. CHANGE IS WHAT WE NEED AND THE PEOPLE WILL DO THAT NEXT GE13. THE FORTRESS OF JOHORE & FD OF SABAH WILL FALL.


Kuda Kepang
Kuda Kepang
23 Jan 2013 3.41pm

Sorry! The Great Reformer, PM Najib is out of town. His cousin is not so free! 😉

najib manaukau
23 Jan 2013 3.30pm

This is further proof of tugs and hooligans in Umno, although it is already proven where these thugs and hooligans are from and there is no further proof needed. Is this the kind reformation Najib and the warlords are talking about ?
There is only one sure way to have the transformation from taking place and that is to come out and have the tenants in Putrajaya changed in the coming GE , period.