Post-kleptocracy Malaysia may have broken multiple records


We are living in bizarre times. The news that Elliott Broidy, a former prominent Republican fundraiser, has been charged with involvement in an illicit campaign to get the Trump-administration to drop its probe into 1MDB, has prompted me to to look at the aftermath of the Age of Kleptocracy in Malaysia.

This kleptocracy for much of the last decade has unhinged Malaysia’s parliamentary democracy, which has now gone haywire.

The country is fast turning into a case study of what happens when a nation suffers from acute post-traumatic kleptocratisis (OK, I made up that condition!), ie the political trauma and turmoil in a post-kleptocratic landscape.

Malaysia now finds itself defying or stretching many of the usual norms in a parliamentary democracy beyond recognition. Some of these symptoms might even merit entries into any book of regional or world records. Consider these ‘worthy’ contenders: Full article on Aliran website
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CNA Insight on “Poverty in Malaysia”:

2020 should be the year we become a high income nation, but what has happened to the wawasan?

In contrast, look at how China’s Shenzhen has progressed in 40 years.


How walkable is Penang?
London, Hong Kong put pedestrians first

It is essential to shift the balance of space in our cities away from cars. We have so much to gain – from cleaner air to better health to stronger local economies and deeper bonds within communities.


A group of NGOs called Gerak is a collaboration between Malaysian Action for Justice, Unity Foundation (Maju), I Am The Third Force, KitaBantuKita, and Malaysia First.

They intend to “deliver” independent MPs to protect and preserve the rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution, and promise to bring about progressive initiatives for the good of the country.

But Gerak could just be a breeding ground for tadpoles, later becoming frogs after winning in GE?


Money can change behavior.
Cash is king.
Tadpoles can become frog.
Be warned.
What do you think Mr Anil?


Amid coronavirus surge, Malaysia asks what went wrong as Muhyiddin and other politicians take brunt of criticism.

Three months after an initial strict lockdown ended, the country faces a sharp uptick in Covid-19 cases.

Politicians who campaigned in Sabah elections, and the prime minister, are being blamed for the return of the virus to the peninsula.


Abah never use his rotan on ministers who violate SOP. His credibility has dropped. DSAI (“Desperate Sungguh” Anwar Ibrahim) could possibly get Agung’s consent to make PM8 with the shortest tenure in Malaysia history.


They are simple minded. They think lock down or lock up can solve the problem like going to local unis. What is polis doing. Road block and fine people for fine day. It is more than that but it has to with the health system and Robin hoof think we are still the best?


“acute post-traumatic kleptocratisis” can be a subject in USM, with Anil as lecturer?

Prof. Sivamurugan Pandian should seriously consider this to keep USM up to date in political studies.

Channel News Asia should have an exclusive interview with Anil to explore this emerging topic.


Anil should now start video broadcast to gain traction with newies hooked to social media fast bursting news. Once being red hot in the web Anil will get invitation to traditional platforms like In CNA, Astro Awani etc.
Bear in mind Bolehland post Klepto era will have millions of new young voters for GE15.
Prof Siva of USM may eant to join force with Anil?
Anything is possible…..


Anil can do a thesis on “acute post-traumatic kleptocratisis” to earn a doctorate degree to rival Prof Siva?


Prof Siva is pro-BN and alwsys gives biased assessment on TV to safeguard his rice bowl. Time for Anil to stsnd up and be counted.


Never watch locsl tv stations for local politics as all biased.

Better watch Channel News Asia.

Astro Awani is really lousy.


Treasonous titled bigwigs – who sought foreign assistance in our elections in exchange for speculative “investment” from consolidated employee savings and other national wealth – are still free, strutting around and spewing advice.


Khazanah is selling the loss-making wafer fabrication business, SilTerra, to either Foxconn of Taiwan or Germany-based X-FAB? Failure of Malaysia in moving up in technological value chain?


(Will) MAS (go) bankrupt soon since Khazanah has no money from PN to bail out the lost making airline? What a shame!


Why worry if MAS goes bank rupt? Workers can join the Civil Service with their experience in Gold, Sliver and Bronze service. PN has many lubangs kerja kosong as reported in FMY or the Star and maybe the Moon


Struggling Thai Airways is selling street food in a desperate attempt to balance the books during the pandemic – and locals are queueing round the block every morning to buy it. The flag carrier is selling pieces of fried dough – known locally as Pa Tong Go – with steamed purple custard for 50 baht.

Likewise MAS crews can sell nasi lemak at pasar malam. Air Asia already has its own Santan restaurant.


if MAS sell na sei amah, then those PAS and kampong sellers have to compete with MAS. You going to eat na sei amah for breakie, lunch, dinner and supper

Tag Lasso

MAS should learn fron Thai Airways to provide jobs for grounded air crews:


Open aircraft themed restaurant where? In wong fei hoong heritage shophouse in Love Lane? You need some modern buildings to attract the crowd otherwise it is just another kopi tiam