Poll: Should Khalid Ibrahim step down as Selangor MB?


This is a quick poll to find out what you think about this ‘hot’ issue. This poll has been restarted using a different plugin.

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I remember one smart as who rebut me hudud la so what. I will still support PAs. Now I see whether he is that smart after all. PAS makan you until you don`t even know.


Read this. Its is very dangerous and will set a precedent if Pakatan win the election and form the govt. Excos to take instructions from Pakatan. So in future if the Pakatan leaders do not like that Pakatan PM then all minister and appointed leaders must not take instruction from the PM anymore. This is set a very dangerous precedent on the country towards chaos and order without following procedures and guidelines. Whether Khalid enjoy the confidence or not go for a vote of no confidence. If Khalid does not enjoy the confidence why force all adun to sign a… Read more »


Will DAP hand Selangor to Umno? In Perak the arrogant DAP and PKR handed over Perak to UMNO. Now history is repeating itself. Sooner or later it will be Penang and all due to the arrogant DAP & PKR. Wait until a vote of confidence in 3 months time. And just like Perak it willbe an all UMNO Malay govt. This time it will be an all UMNO PAS govt.



This time it will be an all UMNO PAS govt and no thanks to DAP & PKR Anwar & CAT


PKR axed Khalid. Now that is interesting. The next episode is very exciting. Shall we see the fall of Pakatan just like in Perak or a snap election. You bet there will be a lot of PKR adun whose hand phone will be switched off and cannot be contacted.

Banana R

Khalid Ibrahim, the last clean politician soon to be axed by PR. That is a huge statement by PR. Guys, you know the reason ,right? I pray for the Selangor state monies safety!

Shakirin AlIkram

I got an e-mail that showed that all the accusations that MBKI refused to help PKR were false and mala fide. Apparently MBKI paid more than RM10 millions from his own pockets, for bailing out PKR HQ (2011), PKR Selangor and other PKR expenses from 2006 to 2013 but those top three scums (allegrdly) kept it from others knowing including the party members. Lets wish the …AnwarIbrahim a crummy B’day today…. ASAP. … ingrate and back-stabber! Shame is on Azizah for sure she knows that everyday they set foot in PKR HQ they got ownership of the HQ (allegedly) with… Read more »


We are not given the true facts from the mainstream media.

Michael Chee

No single person is bigger than the party.


Foreign investments to Penang falls, says council Penang has been left far behind in terms of attracting foreign direct investments (FDIs) to record only RM240 million for the first three months of this year. Read below http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/270946 Is the allegation on the direct negotiation of the Penang tunnel true or or? The CAT now want to threaten and sue but have not given any explanation. His press conference was vague. How many tenderer are there and he did not specified. He only said that the Council has close door meeting. As for the surplus, on the front it is a… Read more »


Prior to GE13, many were made to believe that they have a consensus in almost everything from hudud, islamic state, PM, MB, water issue and so on. Now we know it is all lies and deceit to hookwink the people into voting them. PKR said you must respect our rights of MB. DAP said you must respect our rights of not wanting to implement hudud and an islamic state. Now what will PAS said. Have you respect our right to the implementation of hudud and an islamic state. These are all lies couple with many like lots of bangla voters,… Read more »


A typical Utusan’s analysis.


Re-voted after the reset.


From Rafizi own mouth
Even a month before the 13th general election, PAS had rejected opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the coalition’s candidate. They told him they would nominate Umno’s Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah as prime minister should we win Putrajaya.

This proved what I have been saying all along. There is no consensus whatsoever, hudud, PM, islamic state, allah, bible etc etc. It is just a marriage of convenience

Shakirin Al-Ikram

THIS goes to show they don’t want AnwarIbrahim as PM but he can help them campaingn and win. Turns out they lost Kedah and Perak remained BN.
What agood thing they didn’t settle `who to be PM!’
He lied and couldn’t deliver! all hot airs and empty promises!
IF kahaldi had been a poor performance MB even Selangor will not get 44 seats!


There is no consensus whatsoever, hudud, PM, islamic state, allah, bible etc etc. It is just a marriage of convenience.

At least, Nik Aziz is a man of principles without the U-turns & blame-games & bin-chui penchants. I am not a Muslim, but I respect Nik Aziz like my father.


Why should Khalid step down when he got the confidence of the elected assembly and EXCO. Why did Anwar not go for a vote of NO Confidence against Khalid. Its very clear that Khalid has the overall support. Why create issue after issue. You cannot control your men just go for a Snap election. That will solve everything


Yes, useless votes. I can vote many times.


Anwar and his people keep saying that Khalid is doing thing unilaterally. Now have they ask the EXCO.???? Senior EXCO have said that every decision have gone through the EXCO meeting and all decision were unanimously decided and agreed. Is Anwar saying that all decision must go through him when he is not the MB or even an EXCO.


If Khalid indeed tainted … then it is better for pakatan to remove him first before BN could do so to cause more damage?


The current situation works well for Umno, so MACC Ikut perintah and would not spring on Khalid. However, things may change after August 10?

eng hock

some say Tropicana- Eco World land dealing has implications on Khalid’s situation now.

if this is true, then justice must flow like mighty river to expose the truth for the rakyat.


Any details on this issue?


In mortal world, sometimes individual’s moral judgement being put aside for the sake of the whole organisation. Believe it or not, you must have experienced sometimes youe are an excellent staff in an organisation and yet your service being terminated as you are viewed not “in synergy” to the organisation’s mission ??? Having said that, there’s grapevine going on that an MNC starts with “M” at Bayan Lepas FTZ is terminating the services of many of its Engineers. They also shifting their offices. can someone in the industry clarify this ? If indeed true, then the rosy employment situation reported… Read more »


Possibly M is shifting the operation to Kulim, Kedah? Mukhriz is providing better incentives to MNC?

Young Penang folks should be more service oriented, as manufacturing is a sunset industry in Penang Island with less FDI lately?


PKR is family-run ‘business’. Fathers, mothers, sons, daughters semua got a ‘share’ one way or another. Like all typical family-run businesses run by them, where got the so-called democratic & transparency principles from top down mono dictation? Shouldn’t it be high time for more ‘outsiders’ to get in the thick of directing the tilting PKR ship? If Penang state gomen could be helmed by an ‘outsider’, why not PKR? PKR, time to UBAH Darah Sendiri Dari Dalam (Change ‘Blood’ From Inside Out). As for Khalid Ibrahim, he has no time for playing Anwarism to get voters high + emotional &… Read more »

Shakirin Al-Ikram

Anil, thanks for the efforts but this is a serious matter and a good tests for the Selangor Lawmakers. IT will reflect whether they can tell right from wrong and good from bad!
We need good and honest men (and women) Not knaves, backstabbers and self-gratifying like 3-in-1 shampoo.


Anil ; Your poll tak boleh pakai. I pressed 3 time and the votes increase 3 times.


Chaos and confusion at PKR press conference, contradicting statements on new MB

The first ‘official’ statement indicated the support by Selangor PKR for Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as the new MB while the later statement said that there are two candidates including Gombak MP cum Bukit Antarabangsa Azmin Ali.



You are right. Even PKR themselves can’t decide over who should be MB. They want the other parties to respect their decision? How?


You can bet there will be more trouble for PR. Now its PKR Khalid together with PAS. Azmin and his supporters are now on the sideline. When this is not quite finish, you can bet he will come marching in. Putrajaya dream on Anwar and the CAT. Your ship in Selangor will soon be sunk with Penang next


Joan of Arc didn’t need a consultant husband to march together to battle.
So, shouldn’t it be the same for the post of Selangor MB, a post not for the weak hearted?
In time of another Selangor water crisis, should the MB ask her consultant husband how & when & where to dig a well?


Its not about whether Khalid should step down or not. Its about who should be the MB from PKR. Anyway, Pakatan will be poochit even if they survive this. Its just a marriage of convenience

Now, Selangor PKR want Azmin to be MB


Dedication to PKR: Apa Dah Jadi