Police on lookout for Komtar demo


Police have gathered at Komtar to keep a lookout for a planned gathering that was scheduled for 2.30pm.

Plainclothes police are out in numbers. But as of 3.20pm, apart from a crowd of onlookers and journalists, no one has turned up.

The demonstration was expected to be larger than usual after leaflets attempting to mobilise people were distributed.

This morning a group of 40 workers turned up at the state assembly after being shocked to see their former employer who allegedly owes them money appear in the media after the Mat Rempit protest gathering. The contractor, however, reportedly denied the allegations and claimed it was a DAP conspiracy against him.

Meanwhile Bernama reports:

An opposition assemblyman has asked the Penang government not to demand higher tax revenue receipts from the federal government.

Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya (BN-Teluk Bahang) said the distribution of three per cent of tax revenue receipts from the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) and Royal Malaysia Customs to the state government for the period 2001 to 2008 was appropriate based on the economic position of the state.

“According to the federal system, states with less revenue such as Kedah and Perlis stand to receive more. Most importantly, the people must benefit,” he said at the meeting of the State Assembly, here.

I suppose Hilmi hasn’t even factored in the bridge tolls paid by Penang commuters over the years that has enabled the concessionaire to reap over a billion ringgit in profits. The Penang Bridge (and Rapid Penang for that matter) should be returned to the people of Penang and surplus from bridge tolls used to finance improvements to public transport in the state.

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Penangites should start with a Boycott Gani Abdul Jiman’s Stall! Movement.
He causes so much of disruptions to our lives with his stupid demos. So time has come to Say Boycott Gani’s Leather”
2 can play the same game.

Richie Hee

I have stopped taking nasi kandar. It is not healthy in the 1st place. Also it is not healthy to our political stability.


Ya Hee i like that, in particular, nasi kandar is not healthy to our political stability !!! No Nasi Kandar !!!

Samuel Sin

Give me lard-filled Char Kuey Teow anytime.
Say no to Nasi Kandar.

Din Sobri

Perkasa dan Umno menggunakan kesucian Islam untuk perjuangan yang tidak bawa sebarang manfaat pada rakyat umum. Kalau lah sikap dan perilaku biadap mat rempit yang umumnya anak-anak muda Melayu berterusan, bila lah bangsa Melayu – macam mana kah Melayu – dapat martabatkan bangsa mereka? Malah akan jadi bahan ketawa di rantau ini dan seluruh dunia.


Din, saya bersama mu ! Bersama-sama kita berjuang untuk kesejateraan negara !!!

Gopal Boboiboy

For those readers who are not aware, Komtar atrium renovation is done and we saw new trading carts there to upgrade “bazzar malam” style atmosphere there. Ghani used to trade leather belts/bags there … Of course now he has to pay the standard rental charges apply to all. Boh Hoot wanted to move state admin to Bayan Mutiara. Luckily Komtar is saved and steps have been taken to revive it’s 70s glory abandoned in 90’s during Boh Hoot’s era. Although Komtar Walk & ICT Food Court apparently not booming as planned yet, Komtar surely breathes fresh air to young n… Read more »


Yes, Gopal, if not becos of DAP/Pakatan, Komtar is now a haunted building. Thanks to the new state government under DAP/Pakatan, for saving Komtar, for saving the People’s hard earned money.

To the Penang people, please open your eyes big and see Komtar is being saved by DAP/Pakatan !!!


It is very obvious that Ghani … Many who have been trading in Komtar for the past 30 years knows him very well that he is a very hard up fellow… With such dirty tactics by (a certain party backing) hooliganism and Mat Rempit, it make us all the more to vote LGE and PR.


Yes, Yang, you are right !!!


Why the polis cannot be as efficient when those mat rempits were roaming around Komtar? Only 5 out of 200 were ‘arrested’?


The t-shirts worn by these mat rempits are clear signs that they are creating public disturbance. Yet the police took a very ‘lenient’ approach’ for reasons known to all of us that need no elaboration from me.

Nazri Aziz Bukhari

… Is this Ghani Abdul Jiman protected by higher ups? Why are the PDRM scared of him? It is good in a sense that we have such protests, because it makes Penangnites braver as we are so used to such stupid protests with no aims only to create havoc and hardship to the ordinary Rakyat! Is MCA/GELAKAN/MIC taking part in the protests as well? These sycophants “bo hoot” and always used those less intelligent to do their chores! MCA/GELAKAN/MIC must be taken out completely and UMNO’s representation in the State Assembly be reduced come PRU 13! In this connection, all… Read more »


Bravo Nazri, well said !!! Let’s bury BN once and for all !!!


I have been driving back to homestate of Penang for last 3 GE, I won’t miss my chance to keep BN hands off my beloved home state For me, its always lesser of 2 evils, we all know PR is far from perfect, PR has its shares of incompetant and corrupt leaders, but being the opposition for so long, it has ALOT more credible hard working leaders who are NOT there for the money…eg Tony Pua, Teresa Kok, LGE, LKS, Karpal Singh, Nurul etc Look at the BN leaders, (many of them) fat from contracts, all thier children have high… Read more »


And to remember to wear Red T-Shirt with BERSIH emblazoned across in white Helvetica Bold typeface.
If you got a Cat with claws, please bring it along on election day.