Police detain busload of PSM activists


Police in northern Seberang Perai have detained a bus-load of PSM activists including Sungai Siput MP Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj.

“All of us have been detained,” said Jeyakumar, when contacted at 6.05pm. “Over 30 of us.”

He was in the middle of giving a statement.

The activists are being held at the Kepala Batas Police Station on mainland Penang.

The activists were taking part in a whistle-stop leafleting campaign “Udalah itu, bersaralah BN” in the north of the peninsula, and they had been trailed by police for much of the day.

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“Police detain busload of PSM activists”… for their protect mah!
Why are the tax-payers’ money wasted on these so called Royal Police. … a disgrace to the nation. The
problem lies with this racist corrupted govt, engaged only … idiots to do a dirty job for them…Malaysia boleh, UMNO … lagi boleh!!


Its getting a little bit too crazy too early.. Two more weeks to go and UMNO/BN is already panicking taking out the hammers and iron-fist so early..


We MUST stop these (people) IN BLUE from continuing misuse their power at once….. they are continuing to disregard the highest law of the nation because they think nobody can do anything towards their misconduct????….The rakyat must put a stop to the blatant abuse of power…

Gerakan K

Illegal assembly ???


Illegal assembly in the bus??

semuanya OK kot

Intent to commit offense. Pre-emptive strike. Thought police. Minority Report.

Gerakan K

You are late to this article. This article has been edited after my comment. Check the time stamp of my comment and this article’s.