Police at PKR headquarters


1233: Police are now at the PKR headquarters in Tropicana.

They are believed to be interested in confiscating a computer in connection with investigations into an allegedly seditious posting by Chegu Bard (Badrul Hisham), according to a senior PKR official.

The blog posting apparently was made from the PKR office.

According to the PKR official, the party cannot understand why the police need to take away the computer from the party office, when Chegu Bard was arrested for the blog post itself.  After all, the official said, Chegu Bard had acknowledged that the posting was his.

Party officials are worried that confidential party information could be compromised.

“They are really coming after us,” said the official, referring to action taken against Anwar, Suara Keadilan and now the raid on their party headquarters.

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Gerakan K


Part 1 of the new story being executed !!!

That is why I say, it is very difficult for those mosquito entities to capture Putrajaya. Please stay legal OK….
I’m eagerly waiting for part 2.

Tunglang, where are you ??? Now listen carefully. There is part 2 coming very soon.


Part 2 of the Story : Najib and UMNO are now feeling very insecure as a result of the UMNO CRISIS in Selangor. Noh and Khir are getting at each other throat while Taib is staying on the sideline waiting for opportunities. (Meanwhile) Ezam .. (standing) in and spread more half truth … on PR hoping that he would get into the fray and put Ezam into the forefront thus sidelining Khir & Noh. Now there are 3 UMNO faction while PR is getting stronger by the day. The sand matter has come out, its all a lie… UMNO Selangor… Read more »

Gerakan K

According to my sources, the next big thing will be the t-shirt guy.

There is possibly a breakthrough with the negotiation. The moon is flying high and accidentally forgot its partners.


Guan Eng’s government announces a 12 percent savings in operating expenditure, and yet, the Prime Minister’s Office spends RM4 billion. So, who do you want to be running the show in Putrajaya? Lim Guan Eng is cutting off the sources of side-income from those who are presented with ‘all kind opportunities’ to make extra money and this is well appreciated by the rakyat. In doing so, we must stand by him and fight this scourge. It is understandable that those affected are very angry at him for lowering their standard of living. Many may find themselves really living beyond their… Read more »


“Guan Eng’s government announces a 12 percent savings in operating expenditure,”

and promptly want to use that money ~50 million~ to build a white elephant ~PICC~.


Pearl you either and idiot or a fool.The PICC was mooted long ago and the saving expenditure was announced only a few days ago. Another half truth and true lies from you.


…Get your … facts RIGHT!
There are strategic economic reasons for the PICC. Go ask LGE personally, Pearly Dude!



Now you know why Rais (does not appear) sincere in wanting more internet adoption in Malaysia. BN wants you to read NST and Utusan, and watch RTM, TV3 and Astro 501.

They will give you the news they want you to read.
So our so-called broadband is forever at snail pace to frustrate you.


I read a comment somewhere (mkini, I think) advising people to encrypt their files. I was under the impression that refusing to unlock encryption would be held to be similarly contemptuous as would refusing to unlock a door or safe. I can see the sense in encryption as a prophylactic against fishing expeditions, but does anyone know exactly what the legal position really is if you’re compelled to hand over data?


The only way to get unfiltered news in Malaysia is online. Here, the media is protected by the “Bill of Guarantee of No Internet Censorship” – a law passed in the 1990s, at the strong suggestion of Bill Gates, to woo IT development to Malaysia. Unfortunately, internet penetration is extremely limited outside of Malaysian urban centers. In some provinces, less than 10% of the population has online access, and most are stuck with the broadsheets. These read as if from a 1984 dystopia – there is no bad news, and other than culture and sports, there is cant-laden drivel about… Read more »


why no one raid Ibrahim Ali’s house for making/publishing (allegedly) seditious remarks?


felicia, this is what the police are, stooping to the lowest of lowest.


They took a scanner from RPK when they raided his house!


Haven’t you read that all scanners we buy have secret code embedded? All printers too.


… How low will they stoop? I have come to know thru’ a Private University (foreign) student in KL, that the College had given extensive advise to students on the crimes in Malaysia and how they should protect themselves….


Just as low as Lim Guan Eng did to the Kampung Buah Pala residents.



If LGE negotiation of a RM600,000/= double storey house for them is considered low, then how low can the police be. It has to be right through the ground 6 ft below and yet they are not bothered.