Podcast: Was the BBC’s kangkung commentary really blocked?


This BBC podcast on the kangkung episode discusses, among other things, whether there was an attempt to block a BBC website page containing an earlier report on the outbreak of kangkung jokes on social media.

The introduction to the podcast:

The Malaysian Prime Minister made a speech earlier this week about the state of the economy. But his mention of kangkung (or water spinach) tickled the Malaysians’ sense of humour, and frustrations, so much that #kangkung jokes have been trending all week. But things changed when a blog post from BBC Trending was seemingly blocked – why? …

Check out the podcast.

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Pictures of pigs on New York Times ‘blocked’ in Malaysia.


Why so sensitive?


World News on Youtube:
Malaysia Prime Minister faces social media backlash over ‘kangkung’ comments:


Of course they do not want the views presented by TV3 to be challenged.
So the malays are continued to be deceived by teh Umno Baru propaganda.


I was told TM (allegedly) blocked the BBC article.

Buah Pala

Ya! He can make doughnuts of it. He has the dough and he’s nutty! 😆


After spending millions of promote his … project, Jibjib will be remembered for kangkungnomics.

najib manaukau

In a country likes Malaysia, everything and anything is possible ? Umno has got away from everything and without any qualms blocking access to a website is child’s play.

Phua Kai Lit

Why laugh at the great ideas of our first Green PM? With the humble kangkung, we can get to the root of the problem and help stem inflation. The PM has planted the seed of a great idea in the fertile soil of our minds. Let it germinate and grow. Such ideas will even blossom further with time. Then we can reap the rewards and enjoy the fruits of lowered inflation. P.S. If he had mentioned quail instead, the idea might not have taken flight. It would simply have flown in one ear and out the other for most people!… Read more »

Buah Pala

Maybe Najib wants to do the biggest spin of all time?

What doesnt make sense is the apparent debauchery of his own administration! Unless, for some reasons they were planted on him?

But how do you explain Altantuya? Could there have been another older man?

Questions but no answers!


The future of Malaysian Kangkungeconomics is to look good (ada gaya-raya) on the outside, but hollow-echoes inside.
Maybe, Penang CAP comes out with a reality guideline for painful lifestyle management, its ‘almost pho-san reminder’ recipe of ‘fried in kangkung+dried & wrinkled red chilli’ with a tearing effect whenever Penangite consumers bring out the almost flat & hollow wallets at the hungry cash registers.

Note: this does not apply to the rich & famous & those driving Merc S300L (ada-gaya-ada-ego mah!).


Fried Kangkong in sambal chilly is really good. I like it, so do many Malaysian but it may be too ego for those in Merc 300L eating this simple dish


Yes it may be too simple for LGE taste cos his taste are with rich developers on groupers, tau tay etc that may soon go extinct


Does it matter now? The whole thing is such a mess, its irrecoverable for Najib & UMNO..Najib is clearly on his way out…


using a bunch of down to earth kangkung, it was scripted to perfection for worldwide headlines.
hey, give credit when it is due. now, you know why hollywood beckons the family.