PM under mounting pressure


The PM must be under tremendous pressure with each passing day. Give the departure of a group of Umno MPs it is hard to see how he can come up with a parliamentary majority on 6 September.

Umno seems to be applying more pressure with each departing minister or political appointment. Psychologically, it must be demoralising for the PM and his team.

Perhaps this incremental pressure on Mahiaddin Yasin is to strengthen Umno’s negotiating position with PN, but it looks like Umno has burned its bridges with PN for now.

But then again, there are several factions within Umno, with a string of the party MPs still supporting the PM, so Umno itself is split.

Umno is also under pressure after the Registrar of Societies claimed the party’s 18-month postponement of its election was invalid. Its court cluster too must be feeling the pressure too as their trials go on.

With all the attention focused on the ‘numbers’, there has simply not been enough public discussion of the policies needed to take the nation forward.

This is unfortunate, as the public has little idea what the PM’s opponents are offering the people, especially the lower-income group and others who have suffered from the prolonged lockdown.

While there is a yearning for much-needed change and reform, the exact nature of that change has not been clearly articulated.

Worse, what happens if the kleptocrats find a path back to power or at least power-sharing?

Meanwhile, it doesn’t look as if the PM’s relaxation of the Covid rules today has gone down well.

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Ray of Light

This PM is bestowed with more 9 lives than a cat. He has been able to technically knock out many opponents along the way to top so far, thanks to his learning the trade apprentice$hips with still $urviving ex PMs.
When time is up the fall from topcould be very disgraceful.


Anil, pls delete all my recent comments since last month. They don’t deserve to be shared here by someone who is more brave to fight for justice. The reason is I don’t believe in your mighty river of justice anymore. It’s just a scam! (when it comes to the real test) There is apparent selective justice practiced here. The reason I tell you why I quit commenting since 2019 was your hypocritical cancelling of my 2019 posting of a video (verified by international inquiry into genocide) about Uyghur in forced labor camp in Xinjiang. If it is not suitable for… Read more »


I suggest tunglang create his own blog.
Guidelines are subjective, depending on the Taskmaster.


Tunlan just copy and paste. What international inquiry? Any verification and who has been on the ground to confirm forced labour? Again a video by an ex-Aussie police who cycle aound Xinjing with his wife. This AngMo see nothing and the local people are acting as usual. Tunlan wants others to accept his opinion and often his comments are just parrot, copy and past blindly. Why dont he orso talk about local scene and videos of exploitation of workers here especially during Covid in here?


Be careful of what you read from internet. Media could be controlled by external forces, with different interpretations of justice.


If funded, why UMNO is so hard up to visit White house and rub shoulder? Why pay lobbyist? …


China invited “Muslim” countries as a group to go over and check the “genocide” for themselves. Their verdict was clear. Some people want to evade the diabolic efforts to dismember China. These efforts [allegedly] include transporting Uighur extremists to Turkey, providing trainig and turning them into seasoned killers (in Syria).

In the current global climate of fork-tongued repression of independent media, I accept any censorship Anil deems necessary, even of my comments.

Ray of Light

If Tunglang’s definition of Justice is different then he should start his own blog championing his viewpoints for others to embrace them.

Anil has his rights and responsibilities to censor since Bolehland is still a developing country and not all readers have same level of maturity. It is not a pleasant experience to be interrogated by the authority should weird events unfold. and can co-exist in friendly atmosphere.

Gus Pubba

Tunglang can express his concerns in his own blog?

We shall comment there and tunglang by his standard should not censor freedom of speeches?


comment on his blog, see if he (allows it)?


Tunglang gained fame from He should be indebted to Anil for his spin-off blog to be successful – migration of readers.

Sad that the second coming of tunglang here is short-lived, left in bitter mood as Anil stood by his principle of justice.


I oredi said Tunlan is a grumpy old man. He wants his way and he thinks he is Frank Sinatra singing My WAY


He chose Highway to Belum Forest, to be resurrected possibly in 2023.


Talking about footy in the 70s and makan2 and all eat and be merry matters. We are in crisis. More than 10k rakyat habis include many who who. Further the world’s temperature has risen fast resulting in unexpected climate change in China, India, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Russia and now the forest fire is raging in Greece and Turkey.
The Climate change conference in Glasgow will be held in November. Where are the so called Green Pengland kias? Only kbkb?

Milk Tea

Do you know viruses can mutate? How do you know which vaccine is better? Just because a vaccine has a lower efficacy rate doesn’t mean it is bad. This is the worst reason you can give for Malaysia mismanagement in covid.


Today is Singapore National Day.
‘The Road Ahead’ is 2031 NDP song

See this island, every grain of sand
Hear this anthem, it’s the voices of our friends
Come whatever on the road ahead
We did it before, and we’ll do it again

When the moments turn to hours
And the day’s last light is gone
Look around us always and remember

There were times we were uncertain
But we just kept walking on
It’s always darkest just before the dawn