Abdullah buys more time with 2010 handover deadline


It looks as if Abdullah Badawi has bought himself a little more time with this new handover deadline – he wants to hand over power to Najib in June 2010. Remember, before this latest development, many analysts were predicting that Abdullah’s shelf life would expire by December.

The PM probably knows that a lot of things could happen in two years which could jeopardise Najib’s chances of taking over. Najib’s ‘baggage’ could weigh down heavily on him in the coming months. His prospects have already dimmed somewhat after the allegations linking him to the Altantuya case surfaced last week. If a week is a long time in politics, two years is an eternity.

Najib is in no position to argue. He probably figures he needs a couple of years anyway to recover from all the negative publicity – so 2010 would now suit him nicely.

But would Abdullah have more tricks up his sleeve? It takes someone like Mahathir to read Abdullah’s mind:

Najib akan dijanji peralihan kuasa akan dibuat pada 2010. Sebelum sampai tarikh keramat ini tuduhan akan dilempar terhadapnya supaya dia ternampak tidak lagi layak untuk menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

Seorang yang dianggap lebih setia kepada Dato Seri Abdullah akan menggantinya. Pengganti tidak akan ambil alih jawatan Perdana Menteri pada 2010 kerana kurang pengalaman. Dato Seri Abdullah akan bermurah hati untuk mengisi jawatan itu hingga Pilihanraya Umum ke-13.

Mahathir goes on to mourn that, at this rate, there will be no party left to hand over to Najib. By the time the next election comes around, the BN could be in for a drubbing.

Whatever, you’ve got to hand it to Abdullah for cooking up a scheme like this during his waking hours(!) and outfoxing his rivals. In one fell swoop, he has thwarted the ambitions of Najib, Razaleigh and Muhyiddin – for now.

Meanwhile, another Monday, another possible no-confidence vote, as inflation creeps up to scary levels…

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Phua Kai Lit

He (probably) wants to hang on to power as long as possible and then pass it over to his SIL if possible.

You can bet that his SIL is his primary strategist-cum-political advisor.

All in the family, you know!


MM is the father of all the “devils”, ask Ian Chin, if you don’t believe. MM is the one who destroyed everything worth in Bolehland and he is the one who (allowed) the bribery and corruption culture (to flourish) for the past 20 years. MM has destroyed our fundamentals of good values and the problems today faced by Bolehland are related to the bad karma seeds planted by him. MM thought that he is still the King of Politics in Bolehland. Well, for all his bad karma, we just hope that the Al Mighty will make him the slave of… Read more »


If Pak Lah can complete his reform agenda within these 2 years, then he will be remembered as the Father of Reform and Freedom for Bolehland. Why not? 1. ACA can nab and charge all those involved in crimes and mis-use of power, so if CPO and AG were found guilty (in 1998’s DSAI case) and charged by ACA, it’s a good thing, isn’t it? 2. If Pak Lah implement the IPCMC, how nice? At least, he is not telling lies. 3. If Pak Lah can rectify the Judiciary pillar(which has been destroyed by MM), that’s a wonderful thing to… Read more »

Ken Destino

it is not a matter of dolah or when najib becomes the PM. UMNO has to reinvent itself to stay relevant. corruption is ruining the country. nepotism is favouring the privileged, the poor are getting poorer, the investors are shying away, unemployment is on the rise, some politicians are enriching themselves, the truth cannot be told … these are some of the diseases inflicting UMNO now. the opportunists are running around to grab more opportunities in the name of “bangsa dan agama”. projects are abandoned half way after screwing up the money, taxpayers money is poorly managed, the poor rakyat… Read more »


Mahathir laments that Najib will never be PM. That’s the general idea, isn’t it? Abdullah is the only man standing between us and another 22 years of Mahathirism. Some might wish for a return to the stability offered by a dictatorship, like grown up children who refuse to leave the comforts of home, but sooner or later, we will have to face the consequences of real decision-making like adults. Any fledgling democracy will have its own unique problems. Let’s not forget that Abdullah inherited a big economic mess and some unpopular measures have had to be implemented as a result.… Read more »


I am from PKR but my stand – Pak Lah pls put full investigation on Najib. Even 12 years old boy can smell it.
Hope our cry for justice taken seriously by Pak Lah.
And pls release all the ISA detainees as hold them longer will increase yr sin to god and to their families.


The shadow plays begin Playing on stage Wooing the crowd A cross section Rules don’t apply So say the sleeping beauty Dr M changed so many deputies The sleeping icon hasn’t done it yet By applying the brake on his challengers He knows he has time to execute his plans Staying into power grid for his sil By that time he can change Out go the Mongolian eye The battle for the leadership of the country It is just warming up to the spicy hot day Nobody can determine the leader of the nation It is the Rakyat who will… Read more »


My writings on this issue…

1 ) Pak Lah 2010



“It takes someone like Mahathir to read Abdullah’s mind”? Absolutely. After all, is he not the same Dr Mahathir who once proclaimed Anwar as heir apparent, and up till days before he booted Anwar out, denied any rift between himself and his PM-designate? He even went as far as asking those who still persisted with their questions (about rampant rumours floating around) something like “Must I hug him to show that there is no ill-feeling?” Yet, within days, kaboooooom. 180 degrees kostan. Hellfire and “how can I have someone so immoral taking over”. So those who witness Pak Lah’s flip-flops… Read more »


Well, it appears Abdullah’s ability to use the controversy surrounding Altantunya’s brutal murder as political chips against Najib and his people is now giving him the political capital to chart his own political future and quit as PM in 2010. The Star reported that Abdullah would even contest for his position as Umno president while no contest would be held for Najib’s No. 2 position. Now, if all the above were to unfold as planned, a big if to be sure given that a week (sometimes a day even, as Bala’s SD1 and SD2 showed) in politics is a long… Read more »

michael toh

AAB is indeed careful and steadfast. He (is probably aware of) the (alleged) link of Najib to Altantuya case. In fact he does not wwant to be blamed if he pass over the leadership to Najib and then najib gets (in trouble) while being a PM. AAB must understand that he should ask Najib to take long leave at least until the police investigation is done. Once Najib involvement with the case is made through SD there is an element of truth unless Bala is mentally unstable. What will the World leaders think of Najib esteem and reputation. His dignity… Read more »


…AAB is not so stupid as he looks. Two years from now are enough for him to scheme and kill off all his adversaries in UMNO. For those who literally speak out against AAB, please watch your backs

The stake is just too high for AAB to give so easily without a fight.

As for Najib, dream on man


My god he needs to stay that long. It leaves us only 10 years before Vision 2020. Ok! We have to accept the fact that it is impossible to realise Mahathir’s vision. Ok! Malaysians need to sleep another 2 years. Ok! Since we can afford petrol increase why not Badawi? The problem is do we, citizen really have a choice of what we can afford. We are broke and yet our potential substitutes are now stinking with (alleged) sex and (alleged) murder. Thus we have to afford Badawi. Oh Badawi, you always force us to afford something that we shouldn’t… Read more »


I think he dont have the intention of passing the baton to Najib, this is to stall Najib from challenging in Dec. If you noticed all the houha about the SDs, sodomy, Altantuya lately, I cant help but observing the obvious. Why announced today ( with no confidence motion and Australian PM visiting too , ohhh such a busy day for a sleepy guy ) after all the houha and not before when there were much more calls to him to name the time? Obviously , all these seemed to fall in place now to checkmate Najib and waned him… Read more »

The Yarning

It kinda proves he’s not that “sleepy” though. I think it’s a smart move, one less thing now, and I hope this means he’ll get to consolidate his power within UMNO to go ahead with the measures and reforms he wants to put in place. As for Najib, oh well, let him take care of himself, he’s from great pedigree. One word for PR though, or rather their leader, stop staging more drama and start governing, we’re watching. Let’s see what happens 5 years from now.


Like a popular blogger wrote, Abdullah has skills… he wants you think he is stupid… so he looks stupid, acts stupid and talks stupid, but he is the cleverer than you and me.


verbally he promised najib by 2010, BUTTT, in his dream he tells us “no! no! not at all, najib! you’d go to h*** by then”. or maybe the poor dpm is led to the…. !


Smart move sleepy fox. Knowing pretty well he still has the 140 votes behind him. If DSAI can’t pull enough from this group to cross over to form the government ASAP then the RAKYAT can’t do anything until GE 13. By then there’ll be no more UMNO around cos the RAKYAT would have send them to angkasa!
Looking at the current scenario the RAKYAT will just have to toil the soil and shoe leather to make ends meet for the next four years.
God please have mercy on us RAKYATs and help us pull through this tough times.


I believe there is no hurry to release the evidence. DSAI and Raja Petra are the masters in the political chessboard who know how to make their next move. Lets be patient because UMNO has many players too and are paid by us the tax payers to play the game. We tax payers have been “raped”, “sodomised” and “c4ed” at one go.

I believe in Pakatan Rakyat. I trust that PR can turn the nation around and we do not have to live with uncertainty and fear. What do you have to say brother?


Like you said he did it while sleeping.


Haha, Najib kena belacan.