Philippine daily frontpages Anwar’s allegation that Amalilio is Musa Aman’s kin


Update (3 February): Musa Aman has admitted Amalilio is related to him (“distant relative”) but denies that he had a hand in blocking the repatriation.

The front page of the Philippine Star this morning has highlighted Anwar’s allegation that suspected pyramid scam conman Manuel Amalilio is the son of Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman’s first cousin.

Philippine Star, 2 February 2013
Philippine Star, 2 February 2013

“Amalilio’s real name is Kamal bin Said, born in Beaufort, Sabah,” alleged Anwar Ibrahim to the Philippine Star. “The mother is Zubaidah Omar, cousin of Chief Minister Musa Aman. Haji Aman (Musa’s father) and Haji Omar (Zubaidah’s father) are brothers.”

Malaysian officers had allegedly claimed that Amalilio is a Malaysian citizen, but “Amalilio is married to a Filipina, and holds a Philippine passport,” the daily quoted Anwar as alleging.

Musa is also the older brother of Foreign Minister Anifah Aman and reportedly a kin of the Attorney General’s.

The daily, citing Philippine Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, continues to maintain it was the Sabah Chief Minister who intervened to halt Amalilio’s repatriation to the Philippines. Amalilio is wanted in the Philippines for duping 15000 people in a 12bn Philippine peso get-rich-quick scam via his firm Aman Futures.

Read the full report on the Philippine Star website.

Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman must now immediately respond to these allegations in the Philippines’ press. “Remaining silent is not an option,” said Anwar.

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This is a clear violation of people’s right for justice and its a disgrace to Malaysian that their officials orchestrated this unfair actions to happen on international level. This is a corruption to the highest degree, shame on the Government of Sabah to be led by an evil … leader like Musa, he doesn’t have conscience and sympathy to the poor victims in the Philippines. We Filipinos are not dumb to see that this is a major cover up and manipulation by the Sabah government to protect a (suspected) criminal. Prove us wrong and send Amalilio to Philippines to face… Read more »



Let just say I accuse you of being a rapist and I don’t provide any basis for my accusation.

Must you take the trouble to entertain that accusation and clear yourself? Wouldn’t it be more than sufficient that you just say “that’s not true”? Even that I don’t think you need to do that.

If you agree with what I say, why impose a different standard on others just because you don’t support their political view? Shouldn’t justice be applicable to all?


Up to now Musa has yet to clear himself from all the allegation just like Ah Cheap who is keeping mum and dumb. A real dumb PM


And a product of Project M has ripped us (Malaysian) of millions while the by products has ripped the Filipino of billions

Project M ripped us of millions while the M (administration) ripped us of billions … Its scary if we continue with the present and does not make the CHANGE.




How did you come to conclude that “Project M” ripped us of millions? I am curious on how u come to that conclusion.


Musa is a good example.
The kin is a swindler of billions.
Musa has already been exposed by PR.
What more do you expect ???


Yang, Honestly I can’t see how you can substantiate your statement simply by what you have replied. I can say “I suppose DSAI corrupt billions in supporting PR means that everyone supporting PR is equally corrupt.” As you can see, I too can make sweeping statements but clearly without any facts and figures supporting my statement – there is clearly no basis of my statement similarly your statement. It would be more productive if your comments are substantiated otherwise people will see that you are merely a blind ignorant partisan supporter of PR and fence sitter will eventually conclude PR… Read more »


BN troopie talking about facts and substance. Oh the irony.



Your comment is taken straight out of PR playbook, when you can reply, demonise the person!


Finally Sabah CM admits he is related to Filipino conman.
And could be a product of Project M.


The news article quoted DSAI having to have made that statement.

How sure are you that what DSAI said is true?




I dont know about you, i have over 46 cousins and they have an average of 3 children.

I dont know all these nieces or nephews of mine.

Would you remember who is who amongst your extended nieces/nephews?

I do remember last time when RPK’s son was charged with theft, PR supporters tried their best to justify that the sin of the son is not the sin of the father!

Why now when it comes to what benefits PR, even an extended family effects an individual?

Are PR hypocrites?


It runs in the family…. And Umno appointed him the chief minister!

Batu Ferrighian


I was just thinking about the same thing too. Maybe he could’ve been a product of “Project M”? Who knows..

Musa Aman is looking shadier than ever.


Could Musa have been a Filipino