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Petition urging Azmin to quit hits 143,000, surpassing Tajuddin petition


An online petition calling for Senior Minister Azmin Ali’s resignation has collected over 143,000 signatures – after just one day – and the figure is rising by the minute.

The petition contains just one line – that Azmin has purportedly failed to live up to public expectations of a senior minister.

The petition has already surpassed the petition calling for Tajuddin Rahman’s removal, which collected 139,706 online signatures – and declared victory in just over 24 hours – when the government announced the Prasarana chairman’s removal with immediate effect. I didn’t think that figure could be surpassed anytime soon, given the storm of outrage over Tajuddin’s distasteful conduct at his press conference.

Well, I was wrong. Azmin is soaring (sinking?) to a new hard-to-beat mark.

A Change.org user going by the name of Kerajaan Gagal (Failed Government) started both petitions.

What do you think? Should Azmin Ali resign?

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9 Jun 2021 9.28am

In a leap in efforts to improve the wages of cleaners of Singapore in future, some 40,000 Singaporeans and permanent residents employed in outsourced cleaning jobs will receive a basic monthly income of at least S$2,420 from July 2028, almost double what they are getting now.

Those working as outdoor cleaners, healthcare cleaners, dishwashers, conservancy general cleaners, restroom cleaners and refuse collectors will get a higher base salary of S$2,835 by 2028, up from S$1,442 at present.


In contrast, graduates in Malaysia is getting lower starting pay with stagnant wage increase.

9 Jun 2021 5.30pm

How Malaysia’s Parliament created a politician like Tajuddin


Tajuddin is not at fault alone, for it is ultimately us, Malaysians, who have to think about how to create a Parliament with members who treat citizens of all races, faiths and stations with respect, dignity and compassion.

Milk Tea
Milk Tea
5 Jun 2021 1.24pm

No. It should be Adam Baba and DG Hisham that needs to resign. They have months to prepare and how many lives are lost as a result of that.

Ray of Light
Ray of Light
4 Jun 2021 8.10pm

In many countries a leader would tender resignation voluntarily once he/she loses public confidence but not in Malaysia as many are self elected.
His facebook being bombarded with such # to quit.

28 Jun 2021 12.26pm

Tok Pa has special privilege to dine-in during FMCO?

16 Jun 2021 9.32am
11 Jun 2021 12.45pm

Printed circuit board leader AT&S picks Kedah for first Asean production plant
RM8.5 bil facility at Kulim Hi-Tech Park will create 5,000 high-impact jobs, say Azmin Ali.


10 Jun 2021 1.54pm

Speaking/approving without proper consideration/consultation, incompetence, dereliction of duty, blatant communal partiality, abuse of power, sense of entitlement, conflict of interest, kleptocracy/larceny, selective enforcement/prosecution, withheld rights/facilities, callousness to suffering – these are now normal in TakBolehLand. Let us not label just one person as exceptional.

8 Jun 2021 8.49am

Malaysia’s King to meet political leaders ahead of August expiry of national emergency


Early end to Darurat?

5 Jun 2021 5.37pm

Perfect storm brews as PM Muhyiddin wrestles with Malaysia’s Covid-19 pandemic woes


From confusion over Covid-19 lockdown rules and vaccine appointments to complaints over meagre aid packages and double standards in enforcing restrictions, not to mention a spate of deaths in police custody, the Muhyiddin administration is reeling from a laundry list of grievances.

It has led to a prolonged backlash on social media. There were even anti-government protests despite the pandemic, culminating in an online petition calling for the Malaysian premier’s second-in-command, Azmin Ali, to resign.

5 Jun 2021 1.04pm

Ketua AMK Akmal’s challenge for PM8:

More than 175,000 already signed the petition.

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