Permatang Pauh II


Just when you thought it was safe to take a break from by-elections, another one is in the air – in the Penang state assembly seat of Penanti, which falls within Anwar’s parliamentary constituency of Permatang Pauh.

This follows the reported resignation of Penang Deputy Chief Minister Fairus from his state assembly seat.

On paper, Penanti should a fairly safe seat for the PKR if they don’t mess up big time – though the BN is sure to highlight the issues surrounding his resignation. In the 2008 general election, Fairus trounced his Umno rival by a 7,346 to 5,127 scoreline. The idllyic semi-rural area is predominantly Malay (73 per cent) with the remainder mostly Chinese.

If you are suffering from by-election fatigue, consider the PKR leaders. They have been involved in campaigns for three by-elections since 8 March, diverting their attention from the governance of the states they have been entrusted with.

PKR is obviously hoping to put the unhappy Fairus saga, which has been a source of embarrassment for the party, behind it; it is anxious to come up with a candidate that would put the party in a more favourable light in the state government leadership. One person being talked about as a possible candidate is Penang PKR former chief Dr Mansor Othman.

At first glance, much is at stake: the position of Deputy Chief Minister I in Penang, which apparently has been “reserved” for a PKR candidate, under the Pakatan’s power-sharing arrangement.

But then again, to what extent will a new deputy CM affect the ordinary lives of Penangites, who are already feeling the effects of a slump in demand for its electronics exports?

What is needed is a radical reorientation of the state’s development framework to make it more sustainable and self-reliant with an increased focus on food security and affordable housing.

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johanssm / khun Pana

The only way to help develop small towns and villages will be by-elections.Plus , who do not want to see booming business for at least 2 weeks? Even the umno’s suppliers and cronies are smiling with joy to make a kill. This is very noticeable. In politics nobody will be able to tell which are the good ones and which are the bad ones . Some are decoys “planted” by the other party to wreak PR. It is just my hunch . Some of us might not be able to chips in to contribute to the PR election funds or… Read more »


Wan Azizah mades the good candidate, but she may be barred from contesting for 5 years as she resigned as PP MP last year.

If this hurdle can be overcome, I am happy to propose Wan Azizah to contest Penanti state seat.

Alternatively, we should consider bring in heavy weight Zaid Ibrahim fro Kelantan. Though he is not PKR member, he is a man of integrity and PKR should embrace to support him. (He can shoose to join PKR or not at his free will upon winning.)

Moaz Yusuf Ahmad

Some people are suggesting that Wan Azizah would be the ideal candidate for Penanti since it is the Permatang Pauh constituency. It is also suggested that once Wan Azizah wins the byelection, Lim Guan Eng could select her as DCM 1. This works in three ways 1. Wan Azizah is a highly respected Malaysian and a model for a “good politician” 2. Wan Azizah, the first female leader of a political party, first female opposition leader, and in the future first female DCM 1 would be a role model for women in Malaysia 3. Having a presence in the Penang… Read more »


Another by-election? I’d say go for it.

The people of penanti could use some development & BN could use another thrashing.


See, you have a problem when you start ‘importing’ rejects from umno!

What I can not understand is why should PKR insist on holding on to the DCM1 post when we all know they don’t have suitable candidates for the post, so why not in the interest of the State and the rakyat, offer it to the best man within PR the job rather than reserving it specially for PKR? If at all one from PKR is given the job, he can’t be any better than Fairus otherwise Fairus won’t have got the job in the first place.


Some of you are frustrated at the quality of PKR candidates which has caused so many problems but some forbearance is necessary. Unlike DAP and PAS, PKR is a young party and many of its members are ex-Umno. For many of them, loyalty has not been tested yet. For the 2008 nationwide general elections I think PKR lacked quality candidates so had to settle for some dubious ones including one ex-soldier and one ex-postman in Perak. Then again, many of them were not expected to win so a more rigorous selection process was not done. But no matter how rigorous,… Read more »


Well, I’m suffering from by-election fatigue as well. To be fair, Three out of the Five by-elections after March 8 were inevitable, caused by the deaths of the incumbent Rep. Unless we are suggesting we give BN a walkover, it was necessary to fight these contests with all available resources. The one in Bukit Selambau is the most controversial, I suppose, and to this day we don’t know the real story about Arumugam. I’m disappointed with Anwar. He needs to explain to the public how the problem exploded to the extent it could only be solved by a by-election. Are… Read more »


Mark my words , this time the election (could be) be set om May 13 , this (could be) done to instill fear in the public to vote BN. Look at Utusan and Muydin ratching up the racial temperature. Farius did not resign on his own , – (did he make) a deal with BN to sow fear and confusion? If PR loses in Penati which is under PP then it will show BN is on the upstream. Farius has not come up saying he has this and this bad things PKR and the government of Penang has done. Whos… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Progressive Friends

Isn’t Malaysia funny?
The way to bring “development funds” from the Federal Government
into a particular area is to hold a by-election in that area?

Phua Kai Lit

P.S. But just think about what another PR victory would mean
in terms of its psychological impact on the long-suffering people of Malaysia. PR 5 BN 1 šŸ™‚


Another By Election again? Another waste of money. We hope there will be no more of resignation from now.

Hope that PKR will choose a good candidate and 100% a leader for the people.


Tourism sector shall be the main bread feeder for Penangites. I felt odd and sad to see untreated sewage flow freely into Batu Ferrighi beach since 1990. I believe this chronic problem is still unresolved until today.

My question is Penang state government from either PR or BN is serious or not in protecting Batu Ferrighi from pollution.

LGE can keep blaming previous BN government for doing nothing on this issue in the past. Now it’s his responsibility to solve this untreated sewage to prove to rakyat that he is capable to resolve two decades old issue.


For those who opposes free wifi, tiger park, UNESCO issue, korean golf resort and Tanjung bungah resident’s complaint of hill side development, this is a golden oppurnity to show your anger towards Lim Guan Eng leadership. Bring your banners to Penanti by-election to protest DAP led goverment and support UMNO. Let UMNO win this by election so that more pressure is put on LGE. HIDUP UMNO, HIDUP NAJIB. DOWN DOWN DAP.


Penanti here we come … Just like the others i am begining to feel the fatique of by elections … its just too tiring and money sapping …. financially i have not recovered from the Bukit Selambau by-election and now Penanti ???
Anyway its better to clean up those parasites … get it done once and for all …. hopefully Dr. Mansor is the candidate as he deserved it and calibred enough to be the DCM


It is an embarassment that they failed to judge someone’s character. Everyone have a problem don’t you think when come to judge a person or a group. However, the PLUS side is that PR handle it the way they are suppose too instead of coming out with ‘not so smart’ excuse that we are so use too from BN. Even worst is inaction from BN when come to regard their politicians…. sort of they are perfect and no one else is. So, Bravo to PR even though is an embarassment but show that PR is at least genuine in handling… Read more »


Hopefully this time around a better person is made the candidate. We need a viable PR that can be an alternative to BN. People are now eager to have a two-party system. No more racial politics. UMNO’s old song is not going to work anymore. It’s multiracialism that the people want. Help the poor Malays, the poor Chinese and the poor Indians. Don’t forget our brothers in Sabah and Sarawak. We are all children of God. Let’s strive together for a better Malaysia. NIZAR is THE leader that can bring all Malaysians together. LONG LIVE NIZAR. We have found in… Read more »

Muhammad Firdaus Christopher

Wow, I just received news that the meeting with Fairus just ended and it was so damn HOT…. Nope, no retreat & we’re headed for another showdown in Penanti.

Good night now & God Bless,

Muhammad Firdaus Christopher


Again more problems and more … coming from direction of PKR! It’s not very good for Pakatan Rakyat, is it?


Since there are so many by-election, we can turn these into money making affairs. Make by-elections into tourist attractions. Tourists can come see our politicians, smell some tear gas, shout at rallies…

The problem is that there not enough hotel rooms. But, if we stage more by-elections, we should be able to built more hotels.

By-election is good for the service industry. After all, Najib said he wanted to make the service industry to be 70% of the GDP.

I think this is a good idea, even if I say so myself.


my choice of candidate ;
1. wan azizah


D… UMNO for making people restless for months now. had they agreed to the proposed dissolution of perak dun,other byelections wud be seen as easy-come-easy go.

PENANTI mite not b the last byelection. we mite just hav another mother of by elections IN PERAK soon.

Muhammad Firdaus Christopher

Dearest Anil, This to me is again another slap to DSAI, you know why, it sure paints a picture that due homework was not done in the selection during the elections. As much as I agree with certain quarters (perceptions) that he may have been clean initially but grew greedier by the days, months & year, I still strongly feel that PKR and/ or PR should buck up and improve their selection process. I really, really beg to differ but I’m so frustrated that we have this happening so far only in PKR but not DAP, PAS who has been… Read more »


People, Though the seat belongs to PKR, lets us have a choice. PKR should propose one DCM candidate who is highly educated with high moral integrity. Else, I would suggest Tunku Abdul Aziz stand for election in Penanti. As for Zaid Ibrahim, I am extremely happy if Zaid decided to join DAP. He is well suited for DAP then PKR. Lets us have a Abdul Aziz’s like or Zaid’s like for DCM. Yusmadi is kinda young for the seat, well suited in parliament. Don’t really agree of having Zahrain. In my opinion, if Tunku Abdul Aziz becomes DCM1’s candidate, it… Read more »


“Safe seat” or not, PKR, PAS, DAP must work hard to win, as if its a swing state. A decisive victory if they can win with a larger majority.

Its also important PR gets back the Malay support in the area. But since this is in Anwar Ibrahim’s parliamentary jurisdiction, this should be no big problem, as many here are Anwar supporters. Still, no room for complacency.


Yes, some of you may be sick of by-elections but it’s better than waiting until he’s charged and then turning into another ‘BN friendly independent’ which will damage PKR.

Perhaps as he is no longer an opposition assemblyman, there’s no need for the MACC to go for his blood?

To think the MACC is independent is a laugh. At the faintest whiff of corruption of opposition politicians it comes charging in and works at lightning speed but ignores the stench of Umno politicians … and investigation take years, if at all they investigate.

telur dua

But then again, to what extent will a new deputy CM affect the ordinary lives of Penangites, who are already feeling the effects of a slump in demand for its electronics exports? ~ Anil

Without the free flowing funds like the previous (BN) State Government, can PR do any worse?

It will make a difference when PR takes over the Federal Covt.