Perak State Assembly turns into political circus


Out of sight from the national spotlight, proceedings at the Perak State Assembly after the power grab have often descended to farcical levels.

The Ipoh Echo reports:

The latest sitting on Monday, August 15 was no exception. It started at 10.00am and ended at 12.30pm – the shortest in the annals of the Perak State Assembly. Within a period of 150 minutes, the only issue of substance debated, which elicited some very heated exchanges of words and expletives, was the controversial RM5.8 billion Liquefied Natural Gas in Tanjung Hantu, Manjung.

The Opposition’s ire was aroused over questions as to how a project of such magnitude is being awarded to a “company with no records of business dealings and no contact numbers”. The company “with a paid-up capital of RM100 suddenly had RM5m in its kitty when a report was lodged with the federal anti-corruption commission”.

Full report here.

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A good commentary (a good read too) of the politics in Perak here: Nizar Jamaluddin and the future of Perak politics Its conclusion: “to claim that BN would be victorious in the next general election by BN stalwarts is a mere political strategy, as the true sentiments on the ground say otherwise. It is worthy to note here the ups and downs in politics. In politics, you may be ousted once but this does not mean that you could never bounce back into power, especially when the people could be convinced to accept you again depending on the credibility… Read more »


The Federal Court rulings on cases involving the Perak constitutional crisis should be considered void because of former Chief Justice Zaki Azmi’s admission that he had no part in forming the panel which heard them.


The Perak government has ceased to represent the people. The people should take control of parliament and call for state elections.


What Deng Xiao Peng said had some merit. It does not matter whether it is a white cat or a black, as long it catches mice…this … “cat” seems to be more outstanding in this area performing dubious act…catching more than he can chew!..for this, (he) wins hand down.
There must be a handsome … reward awaiting too…time for happy days are here again …the bandits prowl …..


DPM said voters want new faces in Umno for next GE. The problem is that Umno do not have the so-called young and potential candidates as UMNO’s structure and culture do not promote brainy and intelligent people. If there is a potential one, he or she must be related to either the local ketua or one of the ministers or Mentri Besar. Many example such as Najib was there because of Razak, so is Hishamuddin and the list go on and on. The Malays with brain will distant temselves from UMNO and if these outsiders are parachuted as candidates the… Read more »


The alleged “lanun” of Perak
They have no shame
They think they earned their rights
To govern it with full immunity

They can go now
The Perakians can’t forget
The back door victory
It is still illegal

No doubt the court judges
Delivery of judgements
Of the Constitution they ignore
The hollowness sinks into the darkness

Pakatan Rakyat still carries my vote
There shouldn’t be a short changed
The back door day light robbery
Come GE13 there will be the change


The rampas kuasa government of Perak is illegal in the first place.
In the presence of katak, the state assembly sure kecoh.
Cerita lama, awaiting update by rakyat after the next election.


What else can we expect from a bunch of outlaw adun who grab power through illegitimate means. Now they give a 5.8 billions projects to a 100 company. This is daylight robbery. Luckily Penang was under PR & LGE otherwise another daylight robbery would have happen if (a certain politician had) succeeded in getting the Bukit Jambul contract worth 150 millions with a RM2.00 company. With so many examples of illegality, corruption, untransparency incompetency, undermining of the judiciary, or pervert or corrupt by an undermining of morals, allegiance, or faith and scandals by Najib BN, UMNO and their coalitions partners,… Read more »


Berita lama ???

Nazri Aziz Bukhari

Govindasamy Kumaresan, berita lama? There cannot be a more accurate word to describe “The Star”! No one wants to read their half truths and lies and they had to bring back berita lama to win back their lost readers. They may win back some sales as some of the younger generation, will want to know what “The Star” was like then, not what it is today, all corrupted by UMNO/MCA/GELAKAN and MIC! I am just wondering how Najib … feel about the circus in the State Assembly of Perak! They would rather the State rot than to be govern according… Read more »


PM Najib’s new budget annoucement will include a new pay scheme for the 1.3 million civil servants with hefty bonus or pay increase that will see salaries jump by up to 40% next year, thus ensuring easy win in the coming election!

A legal way to buy vote with rakyat’s money!


The civil servants have to realise, PM can announce cost cutting retrenchment if / after he wins with the civil servants vote. They will pay dearly in the long run.
So, take the pay increase and still vote ABU!


Najib can do all kind of transformasi but he has failed to prevent fraudulent wastage by his ministries (corruption is strongly suspected by MACC is silent on the matter?) in every AG reports.

Such wastage contribute to the country’s deficit that is leading us to the tragedy as experience by Greece.

High deficit nation is more likely than a high income nation come 2020, no thanks to BN.


Having run out of newspaper to clean my windows, I bought a copy of the Star on Wednesday. I guess this is what is meant by using old newspapers to clean glass.