Penang swamped with 1Malaysia flags ahead of Gangnam gig


The circus has come to town. Penangites woke up this morning to find the island flooded with tens of thousands of 1Malaysia flags put up specially for the Najib show featuring Psy and his Gangnam performance.

One eye-witness reported seeing workers putting up the flags in town at 3.00am today.

The flags are fluttering along main routes right from the Penang Bridge, along the Jelutong Expressway, near the Pesta site, Green Lane, around the Han Chiang School area and in large swathes of George Town.

As you can see the background of these flags is the BN-blue.

Someone sent me an sms complaining about the visual pollution from all these flags. It is clearly overkill.

The first question that comes to mind is, did the organisers receive permission to put up the flags from the MPPP?

If they didn’t, the MPPP should immediately pull down these flags. There cannot be one rule for the masses and one rule for the elites or political leaders. And to show the MPPP is impartial, it should also remove banners put up by politicians wishing the people a happy lunar new year if these have not received approval from the MPPP.

Back to the Gangnam show… At the end of the day, free shows and free food are useless tools in fishing for votes. A mainland resident recalled that before the 2008 general election, the MCA organised a dinner at a housing area in Butterworth. A large crowd turned up for the free food (no surprise there, knowing Penangites).

But as soon as they had finishing tucking in, many of the diners adjourned to listen to speeches at a nearby Pakatan ceramah. Seeing this, a veteran MCA politician shook his head and told the resident, “(We have) no chance!”

So BN folks are only fooling themselves with the large crowd at Han Chiang tomorrow. As they say, syiok sendiri!

Anyway, the organisers have reportedly prepared food for 50000 people – so if they get a crowd of 60000, it should be interesting to watch the distribution of food.

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To Ellese too.. having said is easier than done… wait till you see it yourself in Penang and you will be enrage like any other penangnite.. I am a fence sitter and have friends from both paties and not align to any. i seldom side any party BUT i am appealing now to ALL Penangnite to vent their anger and know who to vote in this coming election UNTIL and unless firm action are taken by the Organiser to pin the culprits who put the flag up in a very unconsiderate manner. Politician can campaign until they drop dead BUT… Read more »

To Ellese who commented somewhere up there: On the contrary, BN has access to many assets in Selangor. Was assaulted with “Sayangi BN, Sayangi Selangor” song on loop in KTM Komuter during Thaipusam. Shades of a Clockwork Orange in the works.


Its so simple you guys don’t see?

First they put $$ in our hands. You still want DAP?
Then they put more $$$ in our hands. Still no – change, Pg ppl are steadfast, no??
What next?? Do an oppa gangnam style dance and plant blue flags all over Pg!!

Yess!! Everyone in Pg will vote BN now!
It’s ingenious! Only ppl like MCA, UMNO and Gerakan can come up with such a brilliant idea!


Using our money and put it in our hand and later take it away through GST and high taxes.

Yes such a brilliant deceit


Actually, it was a tactical move.
In marketing practice, what is called Disruptive Marketing was employed by BN to ‘hijack’ a ‘Psy’ style political video by PR. Then to have it performed by a flesh & blood ‘Psy’ just to show BN $$$$-ability to fulfill its words. Then to have it held at Han Chiang field, a symbolic place to call for Change.
My wife asked me was it an event run by DAP. This goes to show how ‘disruptive’ & deceptive a move by BN to confuse Penangites perception of the truth of the matter.

Bn supporter

Ini semua artikel dari orang penakut. Pembangkang stand no more chance to win this coming election so mulalah membuat pelbagai cerita utk memburukan bn. I suggest that after this other state yg diperintah oleh bn…sila arahkan majlis bandaraya untuk turunkan bendera pembangkang sepenuhnya. Jika mereka boleh buat kenapa bn tak boleh..


Who is the BOSS?
BN or the Rakyat? Ingat betul-betul sebelum buka mulut tak sium.


Having Psy from South Korea to boost his ego, Najib has somehow invited us to make comparison between the achievement of Malaysia and South Korea: – Malaysia trails behind South Korea especially in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index in the past five years, where Malaysia is perceived as more corrupt, ranging No. 47 to 60 in world ranking in contrast to South Korea’s ranking from 39 to 45. – In the latest 2002 World Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters Sans Frontieres (Reporters Without Borders), Malaysia hit a historic low in ranking at No. 145 while South Korea is… Read more »


a show an some food, and penagnites will follow the pipe piper. for 50 years, they let Penang slide deliberately. took away free port status. under-investment by federal government. now, they come bearing gifts for the votes. Penangnites are smarter than this. stop patronizing, Najib. Enough of BN.


So, just by putting up flags, rakyat is going to get swayed & vote BN by the droves. BN continues to insult the intelligence of the people. This money has to come from somewhere, whether private sector sponsors or otherwise. It is money wasted that can be put to better use.

Tan Wee Theng

Indeed these flags are endangering motorists. They are all too low and haphazard, blocking motorists’ line of vision. I went to Maybank Komtar just now. At Teik Soon Road junction, turning into Penang Road, my view was blocked by low hanging 1Malaysia flags at the junction. I could not see coming traffic along Penang Road.

Phua Kai Lit

These are signs of desperation by the kleptocratic Umno Baru-BN regime.
Another sign – Dr Motormouth and his daily bombardment of us with his verbal diarrhea.

joehancl/PRAY, it works

Be wary people, of the lies of polictians but be not afraid. Say a prayer and go vote. Vote for yourself, your people, your country, for all Malaysians. Almighty God watches over you.


Go eat the food but remember the wastage by BN and poor governance of Gerakan. IM4Dap!


Why are you guys so intolerant? In selangor we get huge huge expensive billboard everywhere of pr propaganda using selangors govt money and no one complaining pun.

Batu Ferrighian

I was driving a jetski along Gurney Drive yesterday and saw the blue flags. At first, I thought those were BN flags then as I got closer, I noticed the 1Malaysia. It was pretty hillarious..

I had NO idea what they were for until reading ur blog.

So thank you 🙂


This blue flags is actually an insult to Penangites celebrating Chinese New Year where the color red is the correct color to display for happiness, festivities, etc. Blue is depressing.

BN will soon know that Blue us not the way to go for Penangites and Malaysians in general.


You are right. If someone is breaking the law it is up to MPPP to enforce their own rules. Otherwise it would imply they are condoning it. Just to be impartial, i would think that DAP flags or faces of Pakatan leaders should likewise not be postered all over town. It is not the campaign period and I am certain Penangites do not need to see the faces of politicians wishing them Happy New Year and other such festivities. We would rather the money be spent on green spaces and trees which are free and undisturbed. Much better sight than… Read more »


Many of these flags are being put up without permit and placed haphazardly. It should be taken down. But if you take them down, BN UMNO and their sycophants will say that DAP & PR is biased and scare and does not respect the PM. But then does the PM respect he law. From what I see its not the DAP or PR that is scare. It is UMNO and the Cheap with their sycophants that is so scare that there will be less crowd even with Gangnam show. That is why they will have to put up more publicity.… Read more »

Donat Anthony Theseira

Anil you are right that the circus is in town with you know who as the leading clown but seriously, the MPPP should do it’s job, remove all those stupid flags. What an eyesore.


BN is encouraging rakyat to flout the laws?
These flags are hazardous to road users, besides being an eyesore.
Inikah nilai murni BN?


Takut ke? Busuk hati ke? DAP saja ke yang boleh buat ni? Kalu orang lain buat namanya “bodoh”, “idiots” etc? Let’s wait for the GE and see whether there will be other stupids and idiots as well putting up flags everywhere they can. Same same yes? Contextual no?