Molotov cocktail thrown at Penang Chief Minister’s home


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Don Anamalai

Anil This is a good analysis on MAS future as shown on Al Jazeera’s Inside Story on Saturday: Malaysia Airlines: can it survive? Interestingly it brought to our attention the performance of MAS vs SIA. Both have similar number of planes in their fleet but MAS has bloated headcount. In the last 9 years MAS lost $9 billion (USD) but SIA made a profit of $1 billion in the same period. MAS hope to turnaround in 3 years with the RM6 billion cash injection. Do you think this is too ambitious? The analysts thought it would take at least 5… Read more »

Kok Jing

I doubt anything will ever change and MAS will continue to bleed as it is likely milked by cronies again.

Tibetan Monk

You are creating bad vibes here and everwhere you troll.
Nothing is good from your hate mouth.
Namo, Namo, Namo.


Aiyo, now I know why PPS is labeled “gangster”. It all stemmed from an assault on a “businessman” in Air Itam, who in turn lodged a police report about it. That wonderful “businessman” is none other than our beloved Mr. Ong Eu Soon, who has been hypercritical of everything and anything that is PR-based. (even though we all agree that PR is no angel either). So, an ANTI-PR guy lodges a police report on PPS, and suddenly everyone in PPS are gangsters, dangerous people. My, my ……. I personally has no issue with the PPS people. I like the fact… Read more »


The behavior of those fellows who created havoc at Komtar can be tolerated?

Are they not more notorious than those Penang uncles and aunties in purple?

tunglang char meh (blind)?
eng kai pai Ya Sor ho ee bak chew beng.
(Must pray to Jesus for his eyes to see clearer).


Purposely broke the law on Sunday morning is AOK?
Confrontation with ‘pawns’ was it not?
Lu e bak-chiu buah Niau Kong s…, ke chhe-me ah?
(your eyes covered with Cunning, Cocky Cat’s S…, so pretending to be blind?)


6th Malaysia Twa Pek Kong Festival in Penang this month. Pray Pray and don’t Play Play with the such Angels (in Hon Kau context) !
With 300 temples in Penang, Twa Pek Kong blesses the island just like the Holy Father from heaven – both shake hands in i-clouds laughing at all the sandiwara human created 🙂

Kiki Suriabati


pps bukan jaga lu, tapi suruh u jangan bising dan jaga-jaga. Jangan pakai samseng buat kerja polis.


apa kerja polis?


…pps jaga lu tapi lu mai ?…


The PPS is seen by Umno schmucks as the beginning of an (autonomous) Penang and as such they just got the IGP to act the way he did. These schmucks know very well as far as Penang is concerned there is no way Umno or their ‘partners’ will ever get to become the government again. The PPS is thus seen to be the forerunner … That is why they are acting the way they are doing !


Both sides of the conflict equation knew very well where & when the PPS sparks will hit. CAT Diety is not that bodoh to walk into the lions-in-blue den without any flesh & blood pawns, so to speak. And the lions-in-blue knew well when to strike the claws on the wall of written laws. When the snare is done, the skittish CAT not wearing purple will run out of the den crying foul! The rationale here: it’s not right to use Penangites for an ulterior political motive in the universal language of freedom & justice…. If they are that sincere… Read more »


Why you like to use deity reference? So typical of certain Christians who like to mock people’ belief. Why not use your Christianity references for once? I think Jesus is ever forgiving and will not be offended.


for your enlightenment about the word ‘deity’ in the Holy Scripture:
“For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form” (Col. 2:9, NASB).

Kok Jing

A good Christian will never ridicule others.

Tibetan Monk

Finding excuses to fault others with nothing of value to speak of?
You must be one holy…!!! Or should it be holy …?


How can a Cocky Jinn be holy?
Masquerade, can.


Ephesians 4:31

Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice.

Saya Bukan Kristian Atau Gila Kucing

Semua machai CAT sama perangai.
Jangan quote Buku Holy sewenang-wenang hantam orang tak sama fikiran.
Lihat lah hati busuk sendiri.


The like of Yang, Tunglanf, Ananars and many others is to tell the truth and rebut the lies and deceits by the opposition to discredit our country and for their political mileage


When the brain is distilled with CAT euphoria & smoke-screened with morphing CHANGE mantras in the misty visionless of daily doses of joss-sticks devoted to CAT Deity, how to think with calm rationality & political manhood?
The irrational just overrides any apparent misconduct of political adventurism just to save-face for the master or in this case the Deity.

The only recourse is to exorcise such unsavoury entity from the brain.

Kok Jing

They are blue wave army!


If the police can’t provide round the clock security owing to insufficent personnels,
why the IGP tries to put obstacles to the initiative taken by the concerned Penang
citizens to set up the PPS? Such initiative should be appreciated and encouraged, not
threatened.with procecution. Remember the defunct Rukun Tetangga? That resident
patrol units did a splendid job to look after the security of their own respective residential
areas, unfortunately it died a natural death.


The PPS fiasco is a political gambit with an expiry date to score anticipated self-interest political points, & too bad the state leadership is (alleged) snared into a web of undesirable elements tinged with corporate interests & illegalities & recalcitrants. When a mass behaviour is garnered under duress & threats (e.g. arrest), emotions can run high & surreal without a deeper introspection or right counselling of the rule of law. The ‘you against me’ is an effective but deceptive political tool to further a political agenda, one of which is mob behaviour. It is made worse in the face of… Read more »


Next time you may have to register with ROS if you and your friends regularly meet for breakfast or coffee and chit chat about politics.


Only in Penang. The next time those in purple vests (after they are registered as legalised entities) may go on a selective apprehension & beat & citizen arrest of citizens just for merely whispering the state taboo-ed words – CAT Diety or Tokong.
That’s a near future scenario of Cosmopolitan Penang’s version of Nazi’s Brown Shirts.

But I have no fear.


What about Hong Kau Niao (Christian Cat) since LGE is a Christian?


How about christening ‘it’ with “CatRogant”.

Easy to remember (for all the CAT things – depending on whether it’s good or bad)
No problem to recall (arrogance of CAT brand leadership)
Brand value: cosmopolitan + metrosexual, narcissist, bossy
Brand experience? Ask kee.

How about registering the name, otherwise the IGP may ban it as cultish to maintain peace & sanity in Penang.


off topic ; For those who think our country is so corrupt look at the table. It stand at 55 out of 177 and a score of 50. With Pakatoon in Putrajaya, I wonder how low it will drop


So do you think the likes of Yang, Tunglang, Annas(whatever proxy names used) could uplift our country??


So you love the bashing up of Ong Eu Soon by PPS minions?
What a violent-militant mobster mentality with a so called social responsible heart of a cat in disguise for provocation.
Mark my words for more provocative violence under CAT Deity agenda & don’t regret for being very-clever like that clever SP CAT cultist.
Know when you are being used as pawns & know when to call it a day for 308 that CHANGE into something undesirable.

G Dorai

could ah soon being “sandiwara” plotted by certain people to lead the arrest of pps ?

so it could pathetic that certain self-proclaimed foodie-heritage-lover being misled like many to believe the samsengness of a peaceful organisation ???


How is the response to the property fair currently at Queesnbay Mall until 1 Sept?

Anyway Housing committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo recently confirmed that 22,575 units of low and medium-cost homes would be built at the following locations by 2016:

SP Chelliah, Jelutong, Pintasan Cecil and Sandilands in northeast district, Teluk Kumbar in southwest distrtict, Ampang Jajar, Kampung Jawa, Mak Mandin and Ujung Batu in Seberang Prai Utara, Bandar Cassia in Seberang Prai Selatan and Bukit Mertajam in Seberang Prai Tengah.

Kok Jing

Where is PR1MA in Penang?


It is the responsibility of Federal Government to identify land for low cost housing.
So do not blame the state goverment.

JJ Thomas

tunglang, yang, ananars must be overjoyed hearing such news ?


I think you have a misconception of me. Look at the above of what I wrote and you would understand. Why has our island has come to this state of affairs. Look at he scenario before 308. Pre 308 we are peaceful with no such wide spread happening, no Allah and Bible issues, no rally (Bersih or 505) and even if there is it is very minor, defying of the law with such illegal entity and rally after rally whatsoever. After 308 and with a little bit of power, it seem that power has gone over these DAP and Pakatoon… Read more »


JJ Thomas. Get a drink. Your supposedly immature political leaning shows what kind of hate-incitement manhood you belong to. I won’t be surprised that such unwarranted incident happened. Let me put it succinctly: it’s either Karma payback. Or it could be a Red Herring thrown in to coincide with justifying PPS’s security role in the face of its illegal status by Polis. PPS originally formed to protect one political figure? I hope that Lim Guan Eng & family are all right. And hope he gets his own bodyguards who are professional & there 24/7/365 instead of in the loo. Kee,… Read more »


When we have the characteristic of leaders like the kucing and Pakatoon govt that continue to defy the law…, and condone with illegal entity, illegal gathering like 505, supporting illegal rally like Bersih and many others, this is what will bring our beloved island into such a state of affair.

Speedy Gonzalez (Penang Edition)

Anil, you can see who is attention seeker! Everyone focus on merdeka day and some clown had different idea.

See Internal Affairs (the movie)


It truly defines 57th Merdeka – not the violence and potential of it but rather the recklessness, the irresponsibility AND in the end the futility i.e., the anarchy and eventually burden of those better..

Pak Tim

Has a police report been made?


Anil, are you surprised of what has taken place especially so when these samsengs behavior are permitted to carry on without any punitive actions from the police !


A ‘molotov cocktail’ was hurled into the compound of the residence of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng late last night, said Penang Police chief Abdul Rahim Hanafi.

The footage recorded by the closed circuit television camera at the residence of the chief minister will be viewed to identify the suspect,” he said.

Abdul Rahim appealed to members of the public who might have seen the incident to provide information to the police.

Is not the police now investigating and taking action. Big mouth