Quick poll: Should Pas quit Pakatan?


Share with us your views in the poll and read what a KL-based political analyst has to say further below.

The KL-based political analyst tells us what he thinks:

Pas betrayed the PKR and the DAP by rejecting the nomination of Wan Azizah as MB of Selangor.

Pas’ CWC gave the support but Hadi overruled the CWC even after originally agreeing to it. If Pas has a good look at the seats it won, especially in Selangor, it was mainly due to the landslide support of the non-Malays in the PKR and the DAP.

In GE 13, Pas won only 21 seats, compared with the DAP’s 38 and the PKR’s 30. In around eight to nine seats that Pas won such as Shah Alam, Kota Raja and Sepang (Selangor), Parit Buntar, Bukit Gantang and Temerloh, it was due to the strong support of its coalition partners. So, it is Pas who should listen to its partners and not the other way round.

Even in Kelantan, Pas’ forte, BN managed to win a good number of seats in GE13. Pas could not even capture Terengganu, the home state of their president. If Pas is popular among Malays, it would have made inroads into the Malay heartland in Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, Pahang and Perak in GE13. Even its vice president Sallehudin Ayob could not defeat BN’s Nur Jazlan Mohmad in Pulai.

When the PR won Perak in GE12, the PKR and the DAP were magnanimous and gave the MB’s post to Pas as Nizar was the best candidate. I am sure Pas would not have been so gracious if it had won the most number seats and if there were better candidates from the PKR and the DAP for the MB’s post.

Did the PKR and the DAP criticise Pas after Kedah was lost in GE13? No.

Did the PKR and the DAP criticise Pas for not being able to win Terengganu in GE13? No.

Finally, it was unbecoming of the leader of a component party in the PR to openly reject the nomination of another leader for the MB’s post without stating the reasons.

My final observation is that if Pas cannot be a team player, it should leave the PR. Alternatively, it should change its leader.

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Are you aware that one … guy was tied up and bashed repeatedly to death by a group of samseng in Bukit Mertajam for suspicion of stealing a RM200 mobile phone of a lorry driver? It got front page coverage on most chinese newspapers yesterday. Could this unfortunate incident be prevented if PPS is around?


Exactly what PPS is doing


Datuk S. Ambiga said today that the Kem Biro Tatanegara (BTN) are nothing more than brainwashing sessions to turn Malays into racists and bigots. Parents, whose children had attended the camps, were baffled by the objectives contained within the modules and things that were being taught. is this 1Malaysia?


PPS effective meh?
If it works preferably alone like Lone Ranger without co-ronda with Rakan Cop, even a mob lynch on suspected criminals would happened anyway with or with samseng in PPS.
Pity the elderly in PPS who should not risk taking on this citizen’s crime prevention, the works of the able-bodied while the Niau Kong sleeps peacefully.


Yes, has PPS around they would have prevented the incident – they would have bashed up the guy instead. These thugs even bash up journalists and activists – surely they would have jumped on the chance to whack a real criminal for a change.

Ed G

That alleged thief was tortured and bashed to death by overzealous onlookers or self-appointed vigilantes. That we all know. As for the possible actions of the PPS if they had been present, are they all purely conjectural?

Kelantanese Kris

Why not say out loud Ah Soon’s beaten up by PPS fellas is also a conjecture?
Tak masuk akal langsung!!!
Violence by PPS must be kot AOK, tak kira apa pun!!!


Police will question law professor Dr Abdul Aziz Bari tomorrow in Putrajaya’s ongoing sedition sweep which has seen many opposition lawmakers and activists investigated or charged under the colonial-era law.


Karpal’s nephew and law student Dalbinder Singh Gill from Penang was detained last night under the Sedition Act for his Facebook post allegedly questioning bumiputera rights and the institution of the monarchy.


Tell PAS to fly kites ……don’t need a back stabber around…


Unfortunately most of the moderate malays are intimidated by the fundamentalists and are afraid to speak up due to peer pressure and fear of ‘religious prosecution’.


Anil you and your KL-based (and obviously a PR-supporting) analyst have completely missed the point. The issue here is not whether if PAS should leave PR but the way PR is being managed. Before you question PAS for not supporting PKR’s choice, ask if PKR has shown the same respect, consideration and spirit of consensus by talking with their partners DAP & PAS on the need to remove Khalid and replace him with Anwar (and later Wan Azizah). In fact Anwar, who is not even the PKR President did not even ask the opinion of his own party when planning… Read more »


We shall wait to see the beneficieries of the water deal sifned by Khalid.

Kelantanese Kris

If you read PAS’s rebuke: Why should we go to hell with them (PKR and DAP), you will see the unethical behaviour of these two parties PAS did not approve of.
But this was not the cup of tea for these arrogant politicians to drink.
They prefer wine to go with their intoxicated Kajang move.

Ho Ho Ho



Pas betrayed the PKR and the DAP by rejecting the nomination of Wan Azizah as MB of Selangor. Who is actually the betrayer. PAS as one of the partner of Pakatan was not informed of the Kajang move. PKR and DAP did not inform PAS first hand that they will be nominating Azizah. Moreover PAS said they want several names and not just Azizah. All of a sudden PKR steal 2 PAS candidates to sign the SD without the knowledge of PAS. Now DAP hails the 2 as heroes and PAS as traitors. Is it not that DAP and PKR… Read more »


Is it not like the betrayal (2 times) of Penangites by this Kapitan regime?
This is seen thro’ the bone marrow by Chinese, Indians & Malays, except those not staying in Pulau Pinang developed for the rich & famous & speculators.
High time to UBAH this regime.

Phua Kai Lit

The 2 PAS ADUNS are heroes because they withstood political pressure from their UMNO Baru-friendly party President and the clerico-Malay nationalists within PAS and prevented Selangor from falling to UMNO Baru-BN.
As for ex-DAP Ms Hee and the 2 ex-PKR guys, they are heroes only if they did it purely based on political conviction.

P.S. The radical Islamist wing of PAS does not worry you anymore ?? Those guys who praise ISIS/ISIL/”Islamic State” ??


As for ex-DAP Ms Hee and the 2 ex-PKR guys, are they also not heroes as the stood for their political conviction for what they think is right and withstood pressure from their own parties and being demonized by the people. There are always to sides to heroes and villains. To DAP & PKR whoever is against them are traitors and whoever support them are heroes. Just like some guys here, whoever support BN are stupid andthose is against are smart. This will not hold for me anymore as what we think and do should be based on our conviction… Read more »


Q: Why formed a coalition in the first opportunity to wrest power from BN Putrajaya? (Didn’t PKR & DAP advised & cajoled PAS like lovers not to join & be bullied again by BN knowing the slim chance in vote winning? Or was it a hard-pressed decision?) Q: Why preached multiculturalism without hate, fear or mistrust? (Why preach religious tolerance but act up … at the slightest extreme religious view point of individuals?) Q: And why now labelled PAS as a Bogey-Man of political strains in a failed Cao Cao Selangor MB strategy? Is it worth for PAS knowingly going… Read more »


What is the ‘political conviction’ of Froggy Hee, may I know?


Reality stings sky high for Arrogant … Kapitan Clique:
DAP and PKR are bullies, says Pasir Mas MP

As a Chinese, I empathises with PAS leadership which is more ethical, humanist & runs on principles.
Now dare you to label me a traitor (to Kapitan … with PAP strong armpit ‘bau’).
Dare you to ‘expel’ me from Pulau Pinang.

Ed G

Is the Hudud law humanist? Or Hadi’s perpetual actions of going against his own words principled? And how ethical is his ‘fitnah’ on his 2 assemblymen of being bought over?


Moderate Islam is the way to go for Malaysia.
Otherwise, people might become too over zealous in their pursuit of spiritual belief and easily influenced by the struggle of ISIS to take up armed struggle.

Don Anamalai

If your life is too centred around religion, then you can easily get radicalised.
Spiritual belief cannot answer for everything, as pain is inevitable (as in the case of MH tragedies). Just be realistic. Be good to yourself and others. Misery is just an option.


dear Don, misery is just an option, sounds interesting ?



‘Pain is inevitable, but misery is an option.’

I learnt this from my Buddhist friend and what struck me most is the relevance of this simple Buddhist philosophy. Therefore a true Buddhist never pray for saviour despite how painful the suffering is. Suffering is caused by desire (greed) that brings along misery.

I have since been reading books by the Dalai Lama, that has attracted many western readers as well to appreciate the true beauty of Buddhism philosophy without those man-made rituals and practices.


Good to see occasional words of wisdom in this blog here as there are too much nonsense from the toons, yangs and nars!


“Suffering is caused by desire (greed) that brings along misery”.
See what is happening in Cosmopolitan Penang property market of surreal pricing & misleading land use & flip-flop regulation.
Thanks for the timely reminder!

Niau Kong can learn something from humans with human hearts!


Tunglang needs more sugar for his kopi to reduce his bitter outlook due to catphobia. Perhaps the serenity of SP can provide the peace for him to recapture his past glory in AnilLand?


You should know better what will happen to PAS if they are no longer in Pakatan, the only sad thing is the little success that came along, for now, with being a partner in Pakatan must have got into the heads. The present turmoils must have also , I hope, awaken them to the facts that without the addition supports there is no question what will happen to PAS. On their own PAS could not even hang on to Trengganu or Kedah let alone trying to rule Selangor !


Do you think that if PAS were to part way with Pakatan, would DAP and PKR be able to hold on to Selangor.

Kelantanese Kris

After winning some states in just 2 General Elections, the head jadi bengkak dengan sombong.
What will happen if and when they (DAP and PKR) walk into Putrajaya?
There can only be one with the biggest head to call all the shots.
Begitulah perangai bengkak kepala Pakatan.


PAS should leave PR and be independent. They can be PR-friendly and PR can even offer them seats in the government.

Those who from the progressives and believe that Islam has a place in modern societies can form their own party and apply to join PR.

No matter what, PAS must leave PR.

Ed G

Why should politics in Malaysia be limited to being BN or PR friendly as though it is a zero sum game? Why can’t a politician or a political organization be friendly to a cause, principle, struggle or even an ideology? We have seen enough of political frogs who conveniently forget about the ills that they had previously spoken of their new political masters or parties when they crossed over, as though they had reformatted their brain or even soul.

Kelantanese Kris

The Jumping Frog Saga first started from Anwar’s promises of October 2008.
Kita tak lupa. Lu cakap macam semua orang Pakatan “100% angels with no sins”.
Cakap senang, tipu helah tak kira! Itulah kebenaran politik Pakatan.

Ed G

Where, in any part of the above comment, was it mentioned or implied that orang Pakatan are angels? On the contrary, both the BN and PR are specifically mentioned in the opening sentence. And btw, the jumping frog phenomena can be traced back way before October 2008 and is probably as old as the country’s post-Merdeka history.

Kelantanese Kris

Anwar set the Jumping Frog Saga with massive frog-jumping unprecendented in Malaysian politics. This is no phenomena but a trick that didn’t work.
You said way back before 2008 but not at this scale promised to shock and awe. That’s what I meant by Saga.
Paham kah???
Also, “100% angel with no sins” equals to perangai dan sikap orang Pakatan tak boleh langsung di kritik. Semua kot AOK. See what happened to Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP), Iszuree Ibrahim. U betul-betul pahamkah???

Ed G

The ‘orang Pakatan 100% angels with no sins’ is entirely your own concoction and definitely not mine. And as for the Anwar saga, it is just an undemocratic attempt to gain political control through the backdoor. It is just perplexing that no attempts have been made to prevent another such incident by means of ‘anti hopping law’ which would help ensure that the voters are not shortchanged by untrustworthy politicians.


The point is not whether PAS should quit Pakatan. The issue is whether DAP & PKR want PAS to leave Pakatan. From my observance DAP and PKR just do not have the guts to ask PAS leave or is so afraid that PAS will leave. Once PAS leave, Pakatan is poochit. PKR and DAP will be buried

Ed G

Even before the Selangor MB crisis blew the lid open for all to see, there were already signs of betrayal of the PR with the ‘on and off’ talks of forming a unity government with UMNO and also the private member bill on Hudud. Of course, the act of throwing support behind former MB Khalid with reasons that he has not done anything seriously wrong nor being convicted for any misdemeanors was nothing but a lame excuse to interfere in the politics of PKR for it is generally understood that the position of MB is not an inalienable right but… Read more »


Mohd Taib said the smartest thing about this issue – If PAS leave Pakatan, it will lose Kelantan in the next GE..The truth is PAS was on the verge of losing Kelantan if not for Anwar forming Pakatan – and Nik Aziz was still in charge back then. With Nik Aziz in his twilight, PAS will lose big – all over. Losing Kedah was only a glimpse of what can happen to it. So should PAS leave Pakatan? Its not up to Pakatan, its up to PAS. They can survive because its a party that can run on fumes for… Read more »


But PKR lost in Pengkalan Kubor, is it not.

Ed G

PKR ‘returned’ the seat to PAS for the recent by-election and PAS lost with a significantly larger majority.

Kelantanese Kris

This is called Pakatan coalition of kia su, the kia su ones being DAP and PKR.
What is the point of being partners?
Nampak nya Putrajaya lebih jauh dari Bulan!


The point is this, if PAS leaves Pakatan, what exactly is its difference with UMNO? Corruption? Like it or not PAS can’t sell the difference given UMNO’s sophistication, and PAS poor track record of exposing corruption. Its a lot easier for UMNO to pretend to be religious.. When you are trolling the low end of the voter’s pool, the simpler tool you have, the easier it is to win and UMNO got it over PAS..PAS have to use Hudud which can only go so far and a long term loser to the increasingly urban voters even in Kota Bahru, Gua… Read more »


Hadi track record is disheartening
Despite the alram bells he refused tomlisten and pr lost kedah
If pas insist on the current stand then the party is not suited to be in coalition
Thus its best pas pulls out
Pr will not be as strong no doubt but at least the coalition is less contentious and more united in the quest for putrajaya

Frank Tan

its good for Pakatan if they make a definite decision now

Kenny Chuah Chuah

Pas and others need the marriage of convenience. Otherwise be jaguh kampong during election.


If it happens, whichever way, where do you think the self-claimed Chief of ‘Baruas and Brokers’ will go when he sneakingly betrayed his own #PAS CWC? And park himself with ‘Mr UnityTalk’, start practising to kiss Jibby’s hands? Can’t wait to see that!

Wk Tung

PAS should quit or Pakatan should kick them out. TOTAL LIABILITY!!!!


Open minded thinking not necessarily means liberal thinking. Liberal loosely associated with supporting gay lesbian against Islam just to control the masses. So open minded Ulamas should preach moderate Islam like in Turkey to embrace multi cultural plural society on Malaysia. Pas now need to define the mission not to confuse with ultra aspects of IS that can only alienate them from even the modern Malays. Having said that, UMNO may still be the puppet master to confuse rakyat to their advantage at the expense of nation building.