Pas provides shelter for PSM detainees’ relatives


A Pas markas in northern Seberang Perai is providing shelter for some 35 family members and friends of the PSM activists detained in Kepala Batas.

The relatives and friends had earlier been waiting at a bus stop near the police station. Police ordered them to disperse.

A group of about 100-200 youths, some of them on motor-bikes, soon materialised. A tense stand-off ensued between the youths and the relatives/friends of the PSM detainees.

A Pas member at the scene then took the detainees’ relatives and friends to a Pas markas to provide a safe place for them to spend the night.

About half a dozen of the detainees are being held on the island, the remainder in Kepala Batas.

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pas is showing all the signs of a party on the rise n umno all the symptoms of a failing party. well done, pas.


PAS, your compassionate heart is well noted by many Malaysians from west coasts to east coasts.
What we sorely need is a better Gomen with a compassionate heart.
PAS, you got my vote.


This is what” ISLAM ” teaches every muslims to respect other religions first. PAS you did a noble thing unlike UMNO. For PAS, Stand in any constituency, You have my family,relatives & friends vote of 129 waiting for you. That’s a Promise.

bumi non malay

PAS Jadi Perisai – …. These are just the beginning of UMNO-BN regime strategy to intimidate, frighten and stay in power…..

….lets see which country Najib head off too for state visit on 8 July….and see how Muhiddin handles it ….like Mahathir on 87 ….etc. disrupt disrupt disrupt!!!


I would like to believe MSM will not publish this kind of news.


Sadly MSM is still toying with komunis bogeyman after all these years. Our Generation Y are born after the fall of Berlin Wall, the disintegration of Russia, the opening up of China and Vietnam. Communism is long dead, but the umnoputeras are still instiling fear among the malays on the threat of communism.

Anyway, well done PAS for showing what Prihatin means.


Good Muslims, Allah fearing men will even shelter the “Communists”!…at least, unlike UMNO liars they will not falsely accused these socialist PSM members as communists.

The … Police … should take a political course on various ideologies.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil

PSM leaders such as Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj are incorruptible. They have openly declared all their assets.

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone, PAS members are showing the human touch, extending a helping hand to the family members and friends of PSM activists! This is the true spirit of comradeship in PR! Compare this with the Mat Rempits rogue behaviour of UMNO’s youth members, who not only intimidated PKR members at PKR Hq in Tropicana….! In spite of the Tropicana Police Station being just a few doors away, the UMNO youth member went to the extent of (allegedly) threatening to torch the PKR Hq on top of threatening … Ambiga, AI and others who support the BERSIH 2.0 rally! They are… Read more »