Pas-Perkasa pact muddies the picture


I am trying to make sense of this. Pas has been widely seen as drawing closer to Najib-Umno these days, and Ibrahim Ali was seen around Mahathir until recently.

So why is Pas teaming up with Perkasa, when Mahathir is one of the most vocal critics of Najib?

Hadi is even calling for the release of 1MDB critics Khairuddin and Matthias who are seen as Mahathir supporters.

Is it a case of both Pas and Perkasa sharing a common dislike of DAP?

Or is Pas so desperate for allies now that it is willing to team up with right wing groups such as Perkasa – a shift further to the right for Pas and a move backwards to the Old Politics of race and religion.

Or is it a bit of both?

What happened to Pas’ ‘welfare state’ goal? Ditched after the ‘progressives’ left the party?

Are we heading to an Old Politics convergence of Pas-Perkasa and Umno now?

Earlier, Umno had heaved a collective sigh of relief came when Pas broke up with Pakatan. In a way, Umno contributed to that break-up by baiting Pas with the hudud flag. As soon as Pas broke up with Pakatan, little else was heard about hudud.

Will there now be attempts to create rifts within PKR and within DAP and among the new Pakatan Harapan partners?

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kuning cilik

Malays are split by politics.

Even the royalty is losing confidence in Umno.

Tunku Ismail of Johor pointed out that Johor joined the Federation of Malaya after both parties agreed to several basic terms.

“And if any one of those terms are breached, we have every right to secede from this country.

“You can accuse me of instigating state-based sentiments, but to me, I’m merely doing my duty to the people of Johor, and reminding them of the history and heritage behind this great land,” said the crown prince.

Ed G

Probably Ibrahim is hoping to contest in the next GE under PAS ticket (as in GE 12) while Hadi is hoping that UMNO-BN will not field a candidate against Ibrahim (like in GE 13). Sort of a marriage of convenience, I guess But then, is Hadi suffering from memory loss considering the fact that Ibrahim broke rank with PAS and hopped (pun intended) into the welcoming arms of UMNO soon after the GE 12? Or has the policies and objectives of PAS, UMNO and PERKASA converging (towards the parochial race/religion superiority) so much so that there is already no clear… Read more »


Melayu mudah lupa!


PAS has quickly changed tune by saying that it is only bersetuju to Perkasa on 3 common points, not berkerjasama with Perkasa. Perhaps it suddenly occurred to PAS that collaborating with the Katak is a liability?


They are just following the BN’s “Agree to Disagree’ principle?


Like it or not, Hadi’s PAS is racist, wrapped up in religion. Perkasa is racist first that also wraps around religion. They have a lot in common. Hadi’s PAS don’t set out to be racist but they are, their religion is no barrier which modern idea against racism insist we have to. You throw in the addiction to religo-politics, the difference between them is impractical, too difficult to achieve. If Hadi’s PAS can differentiate themselves from Perkasa, DAP could rule this country. Selangor’s PAS rejection of this shows what happens when reality hits the fantasy Hadi’s PAS tries to do.… Read more »


The problem is PEREZ still cannot let go PABLO, likely for fear of losing the Selangor government.


Deep down the Malaysian community wants to see unity among the Malaysian, never mind if the Malaysian leaders are corrupted. Perkasa is an opportunist knowing that Umno has been weakened.

kuning cilik

The Islamic teaching here does not focus on the ills of corruption.


Ethnic Supremacy could be the agenda some folks still so keen to pursue despite not truly tolerated by own religion.


Race Supremacy dibawah Tempurong Katak. But in a globalised world, such puffed-up mentality most often leads to self-defeat & cultural+economic self-implosion. A good evidence we all can see are the self-marginalised societies of no-go ghettos of Muslim immigrants given a place of stay in France, Italy, Spain, Britain, Germany & US. But then, they blame the wider societies for their unemployment & woes of life in greener pastures of social inclusion. What a contradiction of such self-marginalised & puffed-up minds. Beware: When the world is finally under a One World, One Government system, these puff-ups will never survive, much less… Read more »

johan Khun Pana

Both are really red alert case.
Such groups are pure nonsense.
Using their own racial agenda is clearly defeating their religion.
And drumming up their religion is defeating their racial agenda.
Religion and racial agenda don’t mix well.
As it cancels out each another.
Both sides trying to sell the idea that water can mix with oil.
While trying hard to forget that this is the year 2015.

Luckily most Malaysians made up their minds that the economy, peace, common sense and quality education are the ultimate .
Yes, this might be Barisan Nasional final term.


Party championing own race is out of date and no longer relevant today.
Even MCA is not learning from past mistake as Wee Kar Siong told the chinese community that MCA protects the Chinese interest within BN – but we all know these MCA fellows are more interested in more cabinet posts for themselves. Not surprise if MCA moves from 7-11 to 1+3 after GE14.


PAS has no one to hug except a Frog that no common-sensed-person will listen to. In a desperado act of convenient, it most probably is making another mistake since the last one with BeeEnd. Let’s see if PAS will yet be cheated (again) in such a tricky marriage of convenience or should it be of desperados. “Desperado” (The Carpenters) Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses? You been out ridin’ fences for so long now Oh, you’re a hard one I know that you got your reasons These things that are pleasin’ you Can hurt you somehow Don’t you… Read more »


Katak attempted to hug Had I, who tried to stay away otherwise he may be branded LGBT supporters?

Phua Kai Lit

Islamists joining hands with fascists?


More like hard-core egomaniac tyrant hugging tin-kosopg bankrupt political opportunist.

johan Khun Pana

Pas and Perkasa combining themselves is not a weird thing. As 2 insane people talking to each another is not considered insane. What’s really weird is that Pakatan Harapan (PKR for that matter) kept on insisting having Pas , now that is really weird and cuckoo . Some said that this is to retain the Selangor govt for a little while longer. But is this morally correct? Or is PKR getting insane and afraid of losing? Better to spend time nurturing , getting to introduce Amanah & do talk to Sabah / Sarawak . As Election can be at any… Read more »


Perkasa has leaped from Mahathir’s camp towards Najib’s? likely because of $$$? Ibrahim Ali could be instrumental to broker the malay unity of Umno-PAS alliance?


Race based Politics will be there and whoever say no such thing pretending as one.Talk and Saliva is Free. Ibrahim Ali – froggie still looking for Publicity. He won’t go far. Hadi Awang – Welfare State promised/slogan and become Malays Champions or religions champions as though their Religion under attack.Typical man using religion to get support and promised afterlife but Kelantan Flood Victims still Homeless at current life. GOD is testing them they said. ( Yes i said until their GOD make them lose to mortals UMNO in Kedah and Kelantan. Even the ex PAS MB of Kedah died clutching… Read more »