Pas ceramah draws large crowd


A Pas ceramah near Kepala Batas last night drew a large crowd even though it was organised at the last minute.

As the open-air event within the premises of the Pongsu Seribu Pas markas continued, the crowd swelled to 3500.

Speakers included LLG Cultural and Development Centre chief Toh Kin Woon, Bukit Tengah Adun Ong Chin Wen of PKR and Penang Pas Youth chief Mohd Yusni Mat Piah.

About 40 minutes into the event a hundred police personnel including a Light Strike Force unit turned up and took up positions outside the perimeter of the premises.

At one point, while Kin Woon was speaking it appeared as if the police were about to enter. But after discussions with Pas representatives, they remained outside.

While the ceramah was taking place, a helicopter with search lights buzzed over Penang Island.

The event ended without incident at around midnight.

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great going pas. at the rate umno-polis r bullying malaysians, pakatan rakyat will form the ppl’s govt after ge13. umno-bn desperat n running scared. depending too much on the polis.


The truth is all the arrests and harassment don’t mean anything. Until Najib dares to lock up Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Mat Sabu and THEN Stare Down their supporters, then the show of force will mean something. Otherwise, its all just flailing around like silly women…

Gerakan K

Hello Anil,

I demand justice again ~

How many thumb up vs thumb down will ensure the comment is not hidden ???

I have to sms my friends to thumb up my comment. Please answer, this is a demand for justice.

p/s: Anil, are you secretly modify the thumb down total so my comments remained hidden ??? I demand justice !!!


No point reading the hidden tasteless comments of Gerkhin of the Mongolian wasteland, unless I feel shiok-shiok to thumb down it further.
BTW, my Hokkien Mee of 70’s Madras Lane tasted even better!

Hmmm…looking for any better Hokkien Mee Ori-Maestro in Penang unaffected by Barang Naik Shiok-Shiok.


Pickled cucumber has a right to comment. But we also have the right to vote him down. The problem is that the threshold is set too high. Bring it down to to 5 votes to hide the comment.


Goodness gracious! SMS your frenz just to thumbs yourself up? That is indeed pathetic!

You can always say something ‘nice’ about your ‘boss’ KTK and I guarantee you’ll get more thumbs up than down. Look closely — it is nice with inverted commas. 😀

Andrew I

You really have no shame, have you? Here, strangers thumb comments up or down and you want to call your friends to thumb you up?

You’re the biggest joke around. Haha.


Gerkhin, this is your confirmed sick ‘symptom’ of Barang Naik Shiok-Sendiri for thumbs up by friends!

This morning, I have to wake up to send my 3 children to Satu Murid, Satu Sukan (all morning and afternoon students to attend event together).
This is logistically absurd of Shiok Sendiri Muhyiddin. Imagine the massive traffic jam and waste of petrol.

Berani Kerana Benar

What food did they serve at Satu Murid, Satu Sukan ? Don’t tell me Nasi Kandar Penang because I have boyscotted them !!!


Are you so scare of being thumb down when your so good call UMNO and Najib have been thumping down the people


Folks don’t blame Gherkin here for his ignorance in history. After all it was the history curriculum his masters created for him to learn that made him this way. Its never too late to learn the real history Gherkin.


We have waited for 53 years. The swing is now evident. Its now the time has now come for CHANGE. YES CHANGE…Lets make it happen this GE…..13


Gerakan K … who is Koh Ksu Koon ??? Is he still your boss ??? ha ha ha ha ha ha , how many members still active ??? ha ha ha ha ha .. looks like you the only one in your (Political) Ostrich Land. A small hole to hide the head.

Gerakan K

Jangan bikin malu lah !!! If you don’t know my legendary leader name then just use KTK.

Andrew I

KTK =Katak King from Penang to Putrajaya.


Yes its the legendary (political) Eunuch


Latest new, … gang is causing trouble at Komtar

Kadir Yassin

Very sad to see our polis cannot take pre-emtive strike to prevent those crazy thugs creating problems at Komtar and traffic disruption at the Penang bridge. Compared to the peaceful Bersih 2.0, this is really shameful and put our country in bad light. The thugs even harassed tourists. Wonder what Yen Yen has to say.

Double standard practice by the police is so evident here.
Actually it is planned to disrupt the Penang government from telling people the achievement under Pakatan.

The entire ugly incident has harden our resolve to keep BN away from Penang.


Memang kita tahu yang polis kita (nampaknya) berat sebelah.

(Orang) Komtar yang buat bising dan mengancam keamanan tak diberkas awal sampai dia boleh buat kecoh hingga ke jambatan Pulau Pinang.


Najib’s reform or “transformation” (which is the word they like to use) is a joke.

Even badawi allowed more social breathing space, when you can see opposition being interviewed in the newspaper.

Try flip open all the MSM, its like propaganda machine now.


PAS, the up and coming political force to be reckoned with…leading the clean moderate Malays to take over from Kotor UMNO. You are the sun that appears from the milky sky.
Gerakan K, do we give a .. if it was UMNO baru or UMNO B…

Gerakan K

Hello Aus Still Wander,

Pity anil a bit and use listerine before commenting. I can’t get you. Can you please comment again in kids friendly language ???

Andrew I

kids friendly language…for your five year old mind.


Grow up, Gerkhin.
Or you prefer to live stunted under ISA?
BTW, The London Circus is looking for (performers) … you can apply for life!


Yo Gerakan K!

For the first time ever, your comments got a thumbs up! Was that you stooping ever so low to give yourself a point??

Gerakan K

Another il legal assembly. I don’t know how many il legal assemblies will satisfy those trouble makers.

Say no to il !!! Also I don’t know why police didn’t arrest them. Some people say the police is pro-BN but somehow the police seem pro-PR.


Speech made within the premises are deemed not illegal but you would deemed UMNO charade in the street as legal isn`t it

Ahmad Syafiq

What’s your problem? Never liked democracy do you? … you’ll be pretty happy under an autocratic government who wouldn’t tolerate freedom of speech. Sorry Anil, this is never a racist comment. I’m just referring to his IL argument.

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone,

It is time that PAS replaces UMNO Baru as the main political party in Malaysia. PAS is definitely capable of good governance, unlike UMNO Baru, that purportedly claim, to be defenders of race and religion, BUT in reality uses race and religion to divide the people!

Addicted to corruption, cronyism for themselves and their cronies, UMNO Baru can NEVER change, unless we put them to pastures for a term or two!

Vote PAS and PR components in the next GE to save future generations and the future of Malaysia!!

Gerakan K

Can you help me to understand what is UMNO Baru? Where is Baru comes from? Thankyou.


GK As always you are ignorant. The current UMNO is Baru. The old one have been dissolved no thanks to your idols M…


This … is getting really annoying.


What vote for PR fr next GE

Penang Voter

Adoi, did you just wake up from a comatose ? Not knowing UMNO under Tengku Abdul Rahman and UMNO Baru are different entities.

Wake up please…!!!