KITA to be dissolved; forming party was “a mistake”


An extraordinary general meeting will be held soon to dissolve Kita, the political party led by Zaid Ibrahim.

Said the Kita leadership:

An Extraordinary General Meeting will be held soon to dissolve KITA. This is necessary to remove any and all doubts that we indeed do support the Opposition, especially in light of some of our members in Kedah and Penang being openly critical of the Pakatan Rakyat. They have been doing this on a regular basis, making it clear that they are not interested in real issues affecting the country and merely want to embarass and ridicule the Opposition .

My idea to set up a political party that supports moderate and progressive ideas and brings civility and decorum to the political discourse has failed. I have not succeeded in bringing in enough members who are interested in democratic ideals, good governance and accountability amongst public officials . I have also not been able to raise sufficient funds to manage the party’s activities, and friends who had promised to help have since decided otherwise.

The media’s deep interest in the petty issues that affect the party is also indicative of the difficulties that we will continue to face. There are enough people out there who are just interested in criticising my leadership of KITA, and who manufacture stories to ridicule me.

The Malays have a proverb, jika sesat di penghujung jalan, kembalilah ka pangkal jalan. Essentially, it translates to: if you get lost along the way, go back to the beginning. I realise now that forming KITA was a mistake. I had hoped to provide alternative ideas in politics and to bring a wider diversity of talent to the Opposition’s leadership. That has not happened. I have made many mistakes in my life but I am not disheartened. I remain convinced that change will come for the betterment of this country and I will do my part, again and again, to help achieve that. I will not waiver in my deep-seated belief that serving the public is good, and that we can carry out this service with honour and dignity.

To the genuine members of the party who are obviously unhappy with this decision, I seek your forgiveness. I appreciate your support and I hope you will accept this decision, for it is for the greater good of the Opposition. The survival of democracy depends on the viability of the Opposition. If it is destroyed – as the Barisan Nasional is bent on doing – then there can be no democarcy, no freedom and no moderate policies ever again.

So where does Zaid go from here? Will he now join other Malaysians in sincerely working for change and pro-people policies (as opposed to pro-corporate policies)? Instead of Kita, will he join ‘kami‘ (us) in the people’s struggle?

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4 Feb 2012 7.15am

Adoi… ex-drinker, ex-UMNO, ex-Pakatan, ex-KITA… where does Zaid go next?

He can join the X-Men!

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
3 Feb 2012 12.49pm

All decent Malaysians who are sick and tired of the corruption and
misgovernance of UMNO-BN should unite to oust them peacefully at the next General Election.

Unity is strength and we need alot of strength to get rid of this
cancerous kleptocracy that is leading our nation to economic ruin
and environmental disaster (Lynas toxic project)

Nibong Tebal Confidential
Nibong Tebal Confidential
2 Feb 2012 3.47pm

Tan Tee Beng if you are reading this better buck up with the remaining of your term to truly serve the people of Nibong Tebal.

Are you a winnable candidate at GE13 ? Why not announce to the rakyat what you have accomplished for Nibong Tebal all these years besides being good at leaping / jumping LOL

2 Feb 2012 4.15pm

Tan Tee Beng may nowseek advice from Ridhuan Tee…

2 Feb 2012 2.01pm

Dear Zaid, with your talents and resources, you can become a true stateman to the rakyat who have been praying for a saviour to protect them from the Dark Side (surely we all know who) who intent to rule continueously whatever it takes. Be the leader in DAP and de-ghost the prank that it’s anti-this anti-that and pull in many talented malays. I’m sure LKS & Karpal are wise enough to see the bigger picture if the party comes first, not themselves as like in the Dark Evil Side.

najib manaukau
2 Feb 2012 1.06pm

Just wait, Zaid, for Anwar to be jailed and banned from politics and then take over the leadership of the opposition. It may be a little late but it is better late than never, after all the country has waited for so many decades and at least with the present opposition leaderships about to ‘vanish’ you can take over the role. At least there is hope for the nation !

Ahmad Sobri
Ahmad Sobri
2 Feb 2012 12.40pm

So where does Zaid goes from here? The DAP of course, inview of the mass exodus of Bangsa Melayu to a political party that had long been said to be anti Melayu and anti Islam, by UMNO! The fact is, if you do an overkill like what UMNO did to DAP and what MCA/MIC/GELAKAN are doing to PAS, the Rakyat will wake up and do the exact opposite! Just like how the Chinese are supporting PAS today! And what about the katak from Nibong Tebal? Where is he going now? Surely, he cannot go back to Gerakan, perhaps MCA? Wherever… Read more »

2 Feb 2012 10.17am

If Zaid is sincere, he should really just team up with Haris Ibrahim..