Latest episode in the Anwar saga


1244: At a press conference, Latheefa Koya denies Rahimi’s allegations. She claims Rahimi voluntarily confessed to having met top government and government-linked personalities. Sivarasa Rasiah then explains that the content of Rahimi’s SD re meeting these personalities was exactly the same as his prior report to police. The lawyers are claiming that Rahimi’s latest SD may contradict his earlier statements to police (Tweets via NatAsasi).

Update: It looks as if it’s the silly tarik balik SD season again. Meanwhile, there will be a press conference at the PKR headquarters at noon today to respond to former Anwar aide Rahimi’s allegation that he was forced to sign his SD.


Chatter on twitter indicates that another episode in an ongoing political drama could be emerging – just in time for the Galas by-election?

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Sivarasah is as much a part of the entire set up to discredit government and the fake SD’s. Why are people here referred to as “personalties” . Who the hell writes such stuff then expect to be taken seriously.


The Wayang Kulit will never end. They just want Anwar in. Nurul will take over, don’t worry. She is bright for a 30-year-old. A famous astrologer has predicted that Malaysia will one day have a woman as PM. Looks like Nurul. Some fans of Rosmah says she is the one. Anyway, let the people decide: Nurul or Rosmah. I’ll take Nurul, for sure.


Saiful now says he is sodomised many times, stupid Anwar lawyer dont know who to ask how many times and force him to specify the dates, I am sure he will blunder and specify a date that Anwar is away oversea or totally out of town.


Anil, In no uncertain terms we have already advised Anwar that all this ‘pretty boys’ were going to be planted near him and they were to be ‘harvested’ by vested interests when they saw Anwar was gaining strength. Now again we are advising Anwar to show his leadership in this PKR leadership election thats going on. We are making no secrets about who we see as PKR leaders and who have the charisma and popularity to lead and who we see as future leaders and not ready for PKR leadership just yet. We make no secret that Nurul has a… Read more »

Charlie Oscar

Dear Anil,
Any good reason for not posting (twice) my Reply to Sean 6 October 2010 6.01pm?
Any breach of Guidelines?


Mr PM … you should know better this kind of story does not sell anymore…

The Rakyat have grown very tired with this kind of story la…

It only tells one thing, UMNO/BN is real desperate… targeting on Anwar’s young aides now…

Ah Soon, for once, am agreeable with you.

Ahmad, you are right, PR has outgrown Anwar…

BN is committing suicide just like Razak’s self strangulation !!!


Is it a sign of Umno desperation in an unconvincing way to remove DSAI from the political landscape?
A new “chiko” … creeping out from the …. hole demanding attention!…now, he will be filled with UMNO waste. Why are we witnessing so many of these chosen people, self claimed ketuanan melayu behaving like deranged lowest of the low beings!

Ong Eu Soon

BN is making life easier for those who are critical of Pakatan on how to vote. This stupid and brainless persecution of Anwar Ibrahim will only make BN demise more faster.

Ahmad Syafiq

As long as BN can take Anwar out of the equation, they think that they can take PR out without their leader. Unfortunately, what they don’t realise is that PR has outgrown Anwar, thus BN has underestimated their opposition. AGAIN.


What a joke Malaysians are taken for a ride by kids.


We should have more by-elections…


Anwar seems to be quite strong for a 60+ year old man with a bad back.


This is what I call twitterama.


Ooh you tease!

Not even one fact?


Coffee boy!

How many more of these fresh-faced young things are in the woodwork?


That’s how these unemployables cari makan.
Too bad Anwar seems to attract these kind of species that will unashamely take opportunity to become millionaires without sweats and tears…. This is how our ‘sacred’ system produces leeches, bad for our national coffer, bad for PKR politicians, bad for BolehLand.


The leadership seems indifference till now, what with the international disdain for the Anwar fiasco as recent as Virgin Group founder Branson’s remark that Anwar’s ongoing trial was “a thorn” in Malaysia’s otherwise good reputation, urging the PM to intervene in the matter.

“The on-going sodomy trial of Anwar Ibrahim is bad for the country’s image” stated Muhyiddin Yassin. “The sooner this matter is resolved, the better for us.”
So Pinky Lip service or what? It seems our country’s future is not going to be better.