Pakatan will implement minimum wage: Anwar


During a ceramah at a Felda scheme in Temerloh, Pahang on Friday evening, Anwar vowed that Pakatan would implement a minimum wage if it came to power.

But I couldn’t make out the amount. Did he say if Pakatan comes to power, the minimum wage “tak boleh kurang dari seribu seratus ringgit (RM1100) sebulan” month at 11:10 in the video clip? Later in the clip (20:48) he seemed to say that the Selangor had also implemented a minumum wage of RM1100 per month for its state government employees, when I thought it was RM1500 for Selangor GLC employees.

Puzzling. A minimum wage is important but so is the quantum. The Selangor GLC minimum wage of RM1500 is more realistic.

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It is possible to have more than one minimum wage level as adopted in some other countries. Of course, differences in the minimum wage level must be based on relevant criteria that can be established through research.



A person drawing a pay of RM1500/month in Shah Alam is definitely less well off than one earning RM1100/month in a Pahang Felda village


Actually this is a part of Anwar and PR I can’t agree with. You can’t do min wage if you can’t create jobs AND get rid of illegal foreign workers. Although going by what LGE and Khalid has done, its clear the min wage will be very minimal and controlled so as not to jeopardize industry and its quite clear PR can create more jobs than UMNO-Perkasa/BN, it still sets a bad precedent. In Europe such policies lead to real problem when govt keep borrowing leading to their problems now. PR need to do this with a lot of care..

Gerakan K

Pakatan leaders can make any promise as sweet as KENA diabetes possible. But promise is promise. Just like the 16th September 2008 frogs project promise, Kg Buah Pala promise made by Pakatan leaders before GE 12. Local election promise. Low cost housing promise. Pas Negara Kebajikan promise (beer confiscation, concert ban, valentine day celebration ban, and much more!!!), and much more promises.

I agree with MCA President, Dr. Chua opinion that Pakatan leaders only good at making promise but cannot fulfill much of the promises.

Andrew I

What’s his opinion of his own performance in The DVD? PKFZ? Jui Meng?

Gerakan K

Mr blur-blur,

I’m talking about Pakatan promises.

Andrew I

Mr dodger, I’m talking about the ‘monkeys’ on your beloved coalition’s back. There are so many these promises are nothing in comparison. Again you see the speck in someone else’s eye when you can’t see the log in your own.


Andrew 1,
Add one more, Mr. Twister & Spinner


GK, : Are you blind. PR has make such a generous and good promises to KB Pala folks. The 15 folks get a 750,000 double storey house and relocation cash. What did Najib gave the Tg Tokong folks. Promise still nothing. PR promise to Kg Melayu folks were fulfilled. The building was painted and electrical installation redone. Where is the water pump promised by Najib, they are still waiting. PAS beer confiscation done by whom, Yes Hassan the Trojan Horse from AMMO. You see Najib and AMMO …(will hit you) with the 4% GST and 10% deducted from your salary… Read more »