Pakatan Rakyat no longer exists; what now?


What should be the path forward now for those who aspire for meaningful and real change? Could we have your views, please.

Was this a bit hasty? Shouldn’t the DAP have issued a joint statement with PKR? This matter will be brought up at the PKR weekly political bureau meeting today at 8.30pm.

Should the DAP have waited for the Pas Syura Council to make a final decision on the Pas general assembly’s resolution calling for non-cooperation with the DAP?

What will happen to the Pas progressives, who don’t seem that enthusiastic about PasMa?

Will we see many three-corner fights i.e. PKR vs Umno vs Pas in the next general election? Will the biggest winners be Umno and DAP in the end? Or perhaps PKR can consolidate its position in Selangor, though they will have to make do without Pas’ mobilisation at the grassroots.

Is there room now for smaller parties with people-centred policies such as PSM to emerge?

Is the end of Pakatan aimed at paving the way for a new coalition that would include a party set up by the Pas progressives?

Press statement By DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng in Kuala Lumpur on 16 June 2015:

The DAP CEC on 15 June 2015 unanimously resolved:

Pakatan Rakyat ceases to exist

Pakatan Rakyat was formed on 1st April 2008 as a joint response by Democratic Action Party (DAP), Parti KeADILan Rakyat (PKR) and Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) to the deep yearning for political change by Malaysian voters following the political tsunami of the 12th General Election on 8th March 2008.

With the massive support from Malaysians, the Opposition won more than one-thirds of parliamentary seats and five state governments.

The leaders of DAP, PKR and PAS agreed to form Pakatan Rakyat with a set of shared principles in the hope of uniting all anti-UMNO/Barisan Nasional forces to bring forth a new era of politics and governance of integrity, accountability and democracy in a progressive Malaysia.

It was agreed then that decision making in Pakatan Rakyat would be based on consensus and mutual trust at the Leadership Council or Majlis Pimpinan.

At the first Pakatan Rakyat Convention in December 2009, the Common Policy Framework was presented and accepted by the three parties to be the basis of cooperation for the 3 parties in Pakatan Rakyat.

The Pakatan Rakyat coalition was not meant to be a coalition of convenience but one that is guided by ideas, principles and ideals for a new Malaysia.

Pakatan Rakyat presented a viable alternative to Barisan Nasional in the 13th General Election and received 52 percent of popular vote.

However, in several major incidents over the past year, including the Selangor Menteri Besar crisis, decisions agreed upon at Majlis Pimpinan was violated by PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, which resulted in near-paralysis of the coalition.

The near-paralysis of Pakatan Rakyat was exacerbated by Hadi’s willingness to forge a unity government with UMNO and his support for Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak, even after it was revealed that Lembaga Tabung Haji funds were used to purchase land from 1MDB at RM2,773 per square feet(PSF) at Tun Razak Exchange(TRX) which 1MDB had purchased only for RM64 psf. Neither BN nor Hadi had questioned why Lembaga Tabung Haji was not allowed to purchase from the Federal government TRX land at RM64 psf instead of buying through 1MDB at RM2,773 psf.

The breach of promise made personally by Hadi at the Pakatan Rakyat Majlis Pimpinan on 10th February to discuss the hudud laws proposed by PAS first with Pakatan Rakyat partners at Majlis Pimpinan before being tabled to the Kelantan State Assembly or a private motion by Hadi in Parliament further immobilised the entire Pakatan Rakyat Majlis Pimpinan.

This breach of promise by Hadi was followed by the momentous decision on 6th June 2015, when the PAS Muktamar, the general assembly and the highest authority of the party, accepted without debate a motion to sever ties with the DAP.

The DAP Central Executive Committee accepts the PAS Muktamar’s motion severing ties with DAP and effectively, that Pakatan Rakyat ceases to exist.

As Pakatan Rakyat was formed by the three parties based on consensus and bound by the Common Policy Framework, the PAS Muktamar’s motion effectively killed off Pakatan Rakyat. Pakatan Rakyat therefore ceases to exist.

The DAP will work with Parti KeADILan Rakyat and all other forces who aspire to see the end of UMNO/Barisan Nasional’s one-party rule to reshape and realign Malaysian politics with the aim of winning Putrajaya for the people. The immediate effect on the Selangor state government will be DAP’s support for the leadership of Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali to reframe the state government with a new functioning coalition based on the PR Common Policy and the Selangor PR 2013 General Election manifesto that received an overwhelming mandate of more than 60% of the popular vote.

DAP will work towards a broad based and principled new coalition that shall emerge to fill the political vacuum that can rekindle hopes of change to realise our Malaysian dream for a better future for all.

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gk ong

I agree with Mat Sabu’s statement that there is no remedy which could fix the situation for PAS to get back its non-Muslim support:

“Non-Muslims are disappointed and broken-hearted by the whole situation. PAS is now led by personalities from the east coast who rarely come into contact with Malaysians of other races and faiths,” h


Would DAP get back Malay support. PKR DO not have a Malay or Chinese base


Take away religious bigotry, take away inflated personality ego (Niao Kong an example), take away territorial numbers + power.
And put hearts & minds into working for the Rakyat. Then only then you are qualified to call thyself as Pakatan Rakyat. Otherwise, you are no better than the Bee End.

I will reserve my vote for the next alternative.


We will never be united as long as we harbor race sentiments & discrimination & political one-upmanship.
Since Mereka, we still never go to school of multiculturalism & coexistence but continue the racist suspicion of the colonial times. The ghosts of British colonists are still laughing at our stupidity.

Ed G

Just take a stroll through any of the institute of higher learning with a fair constituent of each of the 3 major ethnic groups. Observe that the students tend to mingle within their own ethnic group conversing in their own languages or dialects and you would understand how difficult it is to overcome the racial barrier. Communication between different ethnic groups are either formal (when there is a need to work together) or superficial (out of courtesy). Is this the result of our multi-pronged education system where each of the major races are allowed to be groomed in their own… Read more »

gk ong

BN has failed us. Simple as that.


Pak Samad – Perwira Impian Kelantan

Anthony Loke – Impian Kelantan

gk ong

A good comment by political analyst Kim Quek on this issue: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng is only stating the obvious – that the Pakatan Rakyat partnership ended with PAS Muktamar 2015. There is no point whipping a dead horse by trying to revive a defunct pact. The sooner we accept this reality, the better. Henceforth, PKR and DAP must work closely together to plan their moves forward, particularly in the incorporation of the anticipated new party spearheaded by the progressives of PAS. The new party is expected to win over the majority of current PAS members and supporters who… Read more »


GK Ong, While CAT and senior are in panic mode, you are in the shiok sendiri mode. Are you so sure PKR will work with DAP and reject PAS. Pasma, ark no problem just another mosquito kacau kacau around. After last night meeting, PKR Rafizi and Azmin mulut still tak boleh cakap. PAS a dead duck, I think your head is still spinning. The real dead duck is PKR with DAP ook ook. Yes hopefully no non muslim will vote PAS but PAS is now getting stronger among Muslim voters as evidence in Permatang Pauh and Rompin. Even UMNO strength… Read more »


Admin not bother to attend such an important meeting. This speak volume of how fragmented they are.

gk ong

3 corner fight? I lopk forward more to free makan from 1Msia friendly NGO/Jho Low, maybe only NGAM (Nasi Goreng Ahmad Maslan) with 1Kangkung!


Pakatan Rakyat no longer exists.
The Eye cannot see eye to eye,
the Moon cannot control the hudud tides,
& the Rocket simply shoot without using the art of war strategy.

Niao Kong thought it has 9 perpetual lives to play politics.
Scorecard for Niao Kong: 9-1 = 8 (to go).

Reality Check: This is part & parcel of politics. Just accept it & move on (to the next political alternative).


Tunglang ; In the next alternative, you had better open your eyes wide and see clearly before being suck in the web of deception like what the CAT gave you. Remember how in the first term after 308, he gave awards, monies and credit to the sweeper, labourers and those working in the drain and so on. Wow you thought its good we have someone caring for the poor and downtrodden. After 308 has been completed and come 2013, he gave long term contracts and conncession to, you guess. After 308, he & DAP were humble, after 2013, arrogant is… Read more »


LGE should tone down his belligerent way of dealing with partners in PR. He needs to remember a lot of us voted for PR, and not just DAP. His aggressive nature won’t help to pull in more votes from other races. On the positive side, Nazir Razak is reported to start a new non-partisan political party to reach out to all races!


Every day you see and hear propaganda, lies and deceit out to discredit Najib and the govt which turn out to be untrue

Ed G

Apparently Najib is the only truthful one with Nothing2Hide?

Park Sengat

PAKATOON yang super Baru Umno + PAS Ulama?


LimGE must remember that PR is more than PAS, DAP or PKR. These 3 parties constituted the “hardware” of the coalition. The common policy framework and the agenda of PR constituted software. But the most important of all is the subtleware – the lifeforce of PR and these are the rakyat’s aspirations and hopes and support. If we look at all these parts the only part that is defunct and has become cancerous is PAS. Do we throw out the baby with the wash ? Much had already been achieved within PR and perhaps it is time for LimGE to… Read more »


308 is a … waste of time & fooling with our votes of trust (2 times). Niao Kong got Penang. PKR got Selangor. PAS got Kelantan. So what when it finally comes to an inevitable ending of Pakatan? You called that Art of War to Putrajaya? PR should be called Pandai-Pusing Rakyat. It (in all intentions) all boils down to own selfish political interests without the wider workable vision for a better Malaysia. And we the Rakyat (ready for real change) are taken for fools as pawns in a game of Pandai-Pusing. Go drink more Kopi-O kau kau for a… Read more »


I hate to see Pakatan go but what ooop who say Pakatan no longer exist. Look like the CAT keep talking to himself as if he own Pakatan. I am waiting to see whether PKR will marry PAS or DAP.. The PAS Youth Chief, Nik Mohd Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz, on the other hand, said that Pakatan Rakyat will continue to exist despite DAP’s declaration that the pact no longer exists. Nik Abduh insists that as long as all three parties do not officially dissolve Pakatan Rakyat, a two-party coalition between PAS and PKR should suffice to ensure that Pakatan… Read more »


Who say Pakatan cease to exist. Pas did not want to co-operate with DAP not PKR. The CAT actually still want to hold PAS hand until PAS made the first step in divorcing him. He is just trying to save face by making this announcement. He thought that by making such announcement, DAP, PKR and PAS will split and he is ready to form another coalition comprising PKR, DAP & Pasma. I think he is in for a very big mistake forgetting that PAS hold the key in Selangor. Pas 15, Khalid 1 and PKR 13 = 29 against DAP… Read more »

gerak khas

No need for DAP to wait for PKR that is afraid to confront PAS Hadi who has previously opposed Kak Wan. PKR is afraid to lose Selangor, simple as that.

Now that DAP has severed ties with PAS, MCA and Gerakan must be brave enough to ‘whack’ PAS directly if they oppose to hudud, no need to find DAP as scapegoat.

BN is also in turmoil: Najib under siege by Mahathir, MIC’s infighting…


Its Pas that severed ties with DAP and not the other way round. This is how opposition lackey like to spin.


I concur with what your elaboration and I too, believe DAP is not wrong with the decision.


I think DAP was correct to call quits on the Pakatan Rakyat Coalition. It seems obvious to me that PAS as a party has moved to the position of promoting, to the exclusion of all objectives, the installation of an Islamic State, and to do this they must align themselves with UMNO, the other pre-dominantly, if not exclusively Malay Party. Time is now of the essence, prior to the next General Election, for a party like DAP to reinforce its message of inclusiveness of all people, in line with the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights, and stay true to… Read more »