PR candidate for Bkt Gantang to be unveiled tonight?


The Pakatan candidate for Bukit Gantang is expected to be announced in Simpang at around 9.30pm, according to a media source. Originally, the candidate was supposed to be revealed on Thursday but the announcement has since been brought forward, says my source.

He tells me that five Pas names were in the running and Nizar was not one of them – though others think Nizar would be the best choice. Let’s wait and see.

Another date to watch out for is 13 May – if the state assembly does not meet for six months, then it stands to be dissolved. The last meeting was in November. –

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24 Mar 2009 12.42pm

aiyo…mentri pasola jadi calon bukit gantang…why pas never learn lah….put an outsider here what he know about bukit gantang…really moronic act lah

bangsa Cina Malaysia
bangsa Cina Malaysia
23 Mar 2009 7.09pm

the tiger of Jelutong is more than what the DAP can handle…

lim guan eng please clean up the streets of Penang and river

make sure everything is neat orderly and clean just like Singapore..

23 Mar 2009 4.45pm

I hope MB Nizar would be the candidate.

Anil… can you check whether UMNO is in breach of ROS rule. I think all along, UMNO Baru members and leaders has been misrepresentng themselves as UMNO (which is the ori version). I am of the opinion that UMNO Baru has breached many areas by the Leaders of UMNO Baru representing their party as UMNO beacause UMNO has already been deregistered long time ago.

23 Mar 2009 4.34pm

Maybe this what the UMNO-BN govt wanted, to allow the State Assembly to die a natural death on May13…possibly, to same face after creating the ugly mess in Perak. … If BN has any sense, this will be the best result, a win, win solution to all parties concerned.

23 Mar 2009 3.56pm

if put menteri pasola or the bad mouth mat sabu for sure kalah…if letak the loser yang kalah dengan mukriz last also damm kalah because people of bukit gantang really dont want ouside canidite.remember this is a malay dominan place.i am talking about bukit gantang and not bukit for bukit selambau, i rest my case lah…