Redemption time for Mahathir? Should opposition parties, NGOs work with him?


The big question now, is should the forces seeking substantive change – opposition parties and NGOs – cooperate with Mahathir, whose sole aim appears to be to get rid of Najib as premier.

Whereas many of us know that the rot goes beyond that and we need real reforms. Share with us what you think.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget Anwar Ibrahim in Sungai Buloh prison. This is what he had to say:

Saya menyokong pendirian rakan-rakan dari masyarakat sivil, parti politik dan individu-individu termasuk Tun Dr Mahathir, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin dan lain-lain untuk menggembleng kekuatan dan persefahaman bersama seperti disuarakan oleh Ketua Pembangkang baru-baru ini.

Persefahaman bersama ini akan menumpukan untuk menuntut perletakan jawatan Dato’ Sri Najib selaku Perdana Menteri yang telah nyata gagal mentadbir negara. Beliau bertanggungjawab meneruskan tindakan-tindakan politik rakus, merosakkan institusi pemerintahan dan membebankan rakyat dengan kegawatan ekonomi yang berterusan.

?Pada masa yang sama, tuntutan perubahan ini semestinya akan melibatkan reformasi institusi utama dalam negara yang sudahpun retak dan parah di bawah pentadbiran Dato’ Sri Najib.

Selama ini kita mewakili suara nurani hati rakyat telah berikrar untuk memperjuangkan pengembalian hak rakyat di sebuah negara merdeka dan berdaulat. Tuntas dengan kesedaran ini maka hak rakyat harus dikembalikan melalui sistem pilihanraya yang bersih serta badan kehakiman dan media yang bebas. Dasar ekonomi harus diubah untuk mengutamakan semula usaha ke arah pertumbuhan yang segar dan pengagihan kekayaan yang saksama.

Skandal 1MDB yang melibatkan Perdana Menteri adalah skandal terparah dalam sejarah dan turut menjejaskan imej negara. Ini hanya mungkin berlaku apabila terdapat pemusatan kuasa kepada seorang Perdana Menteri serta kegagalan institusi kewangan, keadilan dan penguatkuasaan menjalankan tugas dengan bebas.

Kita juga telah belajar dari pengalaman sejarah bahawa peralihan kuasa yang bermakna bukanlah peralihan tokoh semata tetapi perubahan sistem.

Justeru itu saya tegas menggesa rakan-rakan dan rakyat bersama dalam usaha ini tanpa membataskan ia sebagai agenda peribadi mahupun permusuhan peribadi. Kita harus merangka halatuju baru bagi menyelamatkan negara.

Anwar Ibrahim

3 Mac 2016


I support the position of friends in civil society, political parties and individuals including Tun Dr Mahathir, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin and others to build up strength and common understanding together as articulated by the Leader of the Opposition recently.

This understanding will focus on the demand for Dato’ Sri Najib to resign as Prime Minister as he has clearly failed to lead this nation. He is responsible for continuing to engage in selfish political acts, wreaking havoc upon administrative institutions, and burdening the Rakyat with continued economic crisis.

At the same time, the call for change must also necessarily involve reform at key institutions in this nation, which have been badly damaged under the administration of Dato’ Sri Najib.

All this while, we, in representing the voice and conscience of the rakyat, have sworn to fight to return the rights of the rakyat in an independent and sovereign nation. Thus in line with this commitment, the rights of the Rakyat must be returned through a free and fair elections as well as an independent judiciary and free media. Economic policies must be reformed to refocus on fresh economic growth combined with equitable distribution of wealth.

The 1MDB scandal involving the Prime Minister is the most severe scandal in our history and has badly damaged our nation’s image. This can only happen when power is centered in one individual such as the Prime Minister, as well as the failure of key financial, judicial and enforcement institutis to perform their tasks independently without fear or favour.

We have also learned from history that meaningful transition of power cannot happen only with a change of leadership but it also demands a systemic change.

Therefore I urge my friends and the rakyat to stand together in this effort without limiting it with personal agendas or personal vendettas. We must together chart a new way forward to save our beloved nation.

Anwar Ibrahim

3 March 2016

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30 Apr 2016 11.58am

Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia’s former prime minister, seems to have missed the mark with the Citizen’s Declaration that he has so vigorously supported. The bulk of the Declaration is directed at Prime Minister Najib Razak and his alleged wrongdoings in connection with the beleaguered 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). Therein lays its fatal flaw. The Declaration’s specific attacks on the sovereign wealth fund miss the larger issues of institutional reform, delivery of public services, accountability and good governance in the public sector and government-linked organisations. It even questions the limits of government participation in business. There are two ways of looking at… Read more »

6 Mar 2016 1.51pm

Ahhhh, the Chinese obsession with “UMNO DNA” in PKR.

Always want to have your cake & eat it too, eh?

PAS = religious nutters
UMNO = hell no!

Well my friends, the DAP will lead you to salvation.

Or not, as Chinese birth rates mean that soon they will not even have the demographics to maintain growth, and yes, the DAP is a Chinese party. When your membership hits 35% non-Chinese, let me know. Then I’ll correct it.

17 Mar 2016 1.33pm
Reply to  ferdi

You can join the 3rd Force of PAS and Ikatan.

5 Mar 2016 11.16am

Mahathir Rallies Friends and Critics Against Najib

Former premier Mahathir Mohamad rallies support from allies, critics and old foes in reiterating demands for the removal of prime minister Najib Razak, a move that “demonstrated the depth of their political opportunism and desperation” according to a government spokesperson. Bloomberg TV Malaysia’s Han Tan reviews this latest development and what it means.

4 Mar 2016 6.15pm

if ah jib is forced down another umno will take over and win the next election. i ptefer 2 party system where ph can have a chsnce to govern and kick out rather umno win all the time. bumis must be mature and not think of 2Rs. just my 2 cents

Alwyn Lim
Alwyn Lim
4 Mar 2016 4.16pm

Why not ? Unite for a shared objective.

4 Mar 2016 1.21pm

Pakatan can certainly make use of Mahathir, but should never trust him.

Davis Tan
Davis Tan
4 Mar 2016 12.03pm

Whoever standing with him, I will standing on his opposite direction.
He never even once care for us.

Tua Pai Kiah
Tua Pai Kiah
4 Mar 2016 12.31pm

Nurul may be running out of option to collaborate with M to get his ailing father out of jail ?

Also PKR a waning force with unerased UMNO’s DNA crossing over to mutate with PAS’s DNA to become X-Men of Malaysian Politics ?

Whatever, MCA, MIC & Gerakan are spent force to be dumped out sooner or later.

4 Mar 2016 11.52am

Opposition were never interested to punish Mahathir, he had his moments despite the fact most of the current mess were his doing. Indulging flawed leaders and their mistakes is our way. How else has Najib gotten away with their nonsense? But it will mean the change after will have flaws perhaps deservingly so.

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
4 Mar 2016 11.38am

When Nazis are on the rise, the Social Democrats and Communists should
stop fighting each other. This is the lesson from the Germany of the
1920s and 1930s.

5 Mar 2016 3.02pm
Reply to  Phua Kai Lit

Unfortunately, in this case, proven fascists who we got rid of are trying to regain legiticmacy.

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
4 Mar 2016 10.11am

DSAI made the statement as he could be suspecting that Azmin Ali might be following Hadi’s PAS to embrace Umno for Malay Unity?

peng cheong
peng cheong
4 Mar 2016 8.37am

It will be interesting to see how the permutations of different alliances among the various malay-based parties and NGOs in the coming months. Although a bit late, Najib could have offered a political lifeline to Anwar by releasing him (AG and IGP will ikut perintah Najib after all, and Kak Wan will be swayed) to allow PKR (and PAS) to align with Umno in the name of Malay unity. PKR is having some conflicts with DAP lately, and Azmin Ali could jump ship like Hadi Awang away from Pakatan. Najib’s future would depend on malay support (not forgetting MCA and… Read more »