Opposition MPs gather at Dataran Merdeka


Dramatic scenes from Independence Square this morning brought to us by Media Rakyat:

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Milk Tea

Absolute joke, zero social distancing! Let’s be honest, even the parliament is resumed, what can the opposition do? Hidup rakyat my foot, Malaysia is already a lost cause regardless of who’s in the helm.


Here is what En. Hamzah Zakaria a very concern rakyat wrote his opinion to the Star News. And he is 1010 % RIGHT. One can clearly see what the opposition is up to. Imagine what will happen if they come to govern the country again. They did once for 22 months and it became chaotic ——————————- STOP STIRRING UP ANGER AMONG THE PEOPLE LETTERS Monday, 02 Aug 2021 12:05 PM MYT OPPOSITION Members of Parliament are taking full advantage of the Health Ministry’s results of the current risk assessment which led to the postponement of the special parliamentary sitting on Monday… Read more »


You sound very much like Dominic Lau, script wise.

Milk Tea

Anwar and Tun M already (allegedly) ‘derhaka’ to the Agong in 1994, they have no right to question the government stance. Both of them should retire already, Anwar couldn’t get hold of Azmin and Tun M couldn’t get hold of Mahiaddin.


May be next interim government before GE15 consist on technocrats, professionals and social thinkers from various NGOs? Worth a try to reverse the miserable fortunes of country?

Milk Tea

Malaysia needs a government with a solid majority, an absolute majority. Malaysian politics will never allow for technocrats or professionals. e.g just look at Penang state government, we have state officials taking directorial seats!


show us who is taking director’s seat? But I can show you are the director – action is all kbkb.


Brace yourselves for more racial cards being deployed during this crisis. I have faith we are much wiser now and ready to sweep these into the rubbish of history.


It is more like a teh-tarik gathering. Reporters seem to outnumber the opposition leaders.Why can’t these morons stop a second to think and sympathize the dire situations facing the rakyat instead of showing their greedy nature?


Teh tarik gathering with Teh Tarik with compliments from teh susu and kopi o kau kau from tunlan?
Sympathize = fellow feeling = semua okay? Boleh balek rumah, kampong and jadi baik?
PN????? Doing all things = lagi best??


Opposition MPs march together, call for Muhyiddin’s resignation


Umno strikes back.
End of the road for Abah PM8?


Uncertainties over the future in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, are causing youths to vent their frustrations on streets over the country’s economic, health and leadership crisis.



Why no one here complain actions and gatherings by youth? KBKB at MPs gathered in the Dataran??


PF, Greens Tunlan and Anil which do not favour development will be happy the airport can be in Kedah. The airport runaway can be free for other uses. No need for 3 islands and cutting hills


Tunlan, Anil and PF should be very to have the Airport relocate to Kedah. Let Kedah bear the Billion ringgit debt instead of Pengland Kias. Let them damage the environment. The runaway can be sold and $$$ will help B40. Hill cutting or Sea claimation will not be necessary. Isnt it what Pengland Kias long for?