Ooh la la, Sarawak leaders’ pay scale


Amazing – they are getting three times more than before, and the pay hikes are backdated too. Bet you didn’t realise that a Sarawak assistant minister now earns almost as much as the Prime Minister, assuming this Star graphic is accurate.


The original Star report.

They must be highly efficient and competent.

But then for several of these leaders, their salaries and perks amount to little more than ‘petty cash’ when compared to the wealth of their family or corporate interests!

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Gerakan K

If so jealous then form your own political party and try to win state election next time. You have the job too.


This is no jealousy. But grave concerns for phok kai kias splurging at the expense of nation’s coffer. Running a nation is not like running Forbes 100 corporations with generosity pinched from hardworking employees. Get it?

Phua Kai Lit

Modern day White Rajah of Sarawak


This figure has yet to take into account the allowances they are entitled to. The updated figures are supposed to be released sometime this week.



it shows who is (boss)!!!

najib manaukau

The chief minister has to give whatever his ministers and al the deputies want just to ensure they don’t question him or members of his family on the wealth they have accumulated abroad. All these increase are only for him and all of concerned to justify their hidden wealth, period. I have said these numerous times before but at the end of the day it is the people in Sarawak who are paying for them. Most important of all the chief minister is trying to pacific his state cabinet ministers by giving them ‘crumbs’ compared to what he and his… Read more »


Most of the times I earn more than cabinet Minister.

rajraman666. but my cabinet is empty but their cabinet full of $$$.
I think the “Toyol” steal all my money and gives to the Politician.This “Toyol” not scared of god or 666.


Amazing $$$$$$$$$$Grace from Putrajaya to Sarawak! Ah Kong will have to skip some expensive but heavenly Penang street hawker food cos phok khai kias are splurging on questionable spending spree beyond means across South China Sea. Soon Ah Kong will have no roof over his head as all timber in Sarawak will vanish & be replaced by huge whirlpools for electrocuting shocks more shocking than inflationary TNB bills. On Sunday afternoon, I was passing by Penang Road to be shocked by heavy traffic crawl near Chowrasta market. Saw many KL & outstation cars crawling to the roadside towards Lebuh Keng… Read more »


http://tunglang99.blogspot.com/ This will be a temporary site as a ‘start-up’ for a series of Penang Ori-Maestro street food presentations + archives & hopefully to be further developed comprehensively with more resources like videos & ‘intrusive’ food write ups (contributions are welcomed). Teochew Chendol is the 1st in the series. Hope to get a Nikon D7100 for better photo capture & video recording (if Ah Kong’s money is available). Anil, I heard that ‘Secret Garden’ attraction at Town Hall vicinity being developed by state gomen as part of George Town Festival 2013. Got the inspiration from my Bangkok Lane’s Secret Gardens… Read more »

Anak Kuching

I think one must not forget the CM is getting on in age. I am guessing he sure wants his young widow to be entitled to a ‘fair’ size of his pension when the time comes and be able to live out her life in comfort.


How many ministerial posts is the CM holding again? … Chief Minister, Minister of Finance, Minister of Resource Planning and Environment — that totals 99k per month… let’s just round it off to 1.2 million per year. That’s same as president of USA… US$400k/year.

Andrew I

Amazing, isn’t it? An employee who gets to write his own paycheck.

I want that job.


even peanuts is a gross understatement