On a lighter note, Guan Eng ventures into the lions’ den


Three possible reasons why someone invited Guan Eng to Gerakan’s Wawasan University for the inauguration of Chong Eu as its first chancellor:

  • it’s common courtesy to invite the Chief Minister;
  • the person who issued the invitation has a good sense of humour; or
  • the person who issued the invitation wanted to watch the ‘fun’; or
  • all of the above

Wish I was there to watch all those awkward looks.

Anyway, contrast this with how Zaid Ibrahim’s presence at Pakatan events has been greeted by the folks in Umno.

This report from The Star:

Guan Eng in ‘enemy territory’

GEORGE TOWN: After severely criticising his predecessor Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon and Gerakan leaders for the last eight months, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng found himself in “enemy territory” yesterday.

He made an unscheduled appearance at the inauguration ceremony of Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu as Wawasan Open University’s (WOU) first chancellor at the university’s campus. His attendance drew surprised stares from guests and newsmen present.

After all, it was clearly a Gerakan function with party bigwigs like adviser Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik and Gerakan’s co-founder and the state’s former Chief Minister Dr Lim Chong Eu himself.

Arriving about 10 minutes earlier than Dr Koh, who is also the Gerakan president, Guan Eng took his place at the VIP seat right up front. Ever the gentleman, Dr Koh immediately rushed over to where his successor was sitting to shake his hand and pose for pictures upon arrival.

While State Gerakan chief and former state Local Government Committee chairman Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan did not look pleased, Gerakan secretary-general and former Penang Tourism Development and Environment Committee chairman Teng Chang Yeow was his usual chatty self, cracking jokes with those around him.

Guan Eng was later spotted chatting with Keng Yaik after the ceremony while his bodyguard exchanged pleasantries outside with his former boss Chong Eu.

When contacted, Guan Eng’s special assistant Wong Kim Fei said an official invitation was extended to his boss.

“Lim (Guan Eng) initially could not make it because of a prior engagement but that was cancelled at the last minute so he was able to attend the do. He would never just waltz in uninvited,” Wong said.

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LGE has never really consider Gerakan as enemy but political opponent, he even appoint Gerakan members as adviser and offer state government job to them. It is not the case the other way around after Gerakan’s big loss in Penang, he is enemy #1 for Gerakan party since he want to govern Penang with CAT instead of corruption,nepotism and political patronage.


What a fantastic gentleman. He does not treat “them” as the enemy. Keep it up and Penang will be the glittering gem it was meant to be.

kenneth iswara

Kudos 2 guan eng 4 his maturity n self-confidence. But, i m not surprised – isn’t he the man who won malay respect 4 willing 2 go 2 prison 4 a malay girl ? He debunked the umno lie 2 the malays that dap was a chinese fanatical party fighting only 4 the chinese. His election rally in seremban after he was released attracted a large malay crowd. When he asked which umno leader had ever gone 2 prison 4 a malay girl, the malays went delirious in applause. I know cos i was there. if keadilan makes it a… Read more »

Andrew I

Meanwhile, the politician who has had a lot of things taken out of context, has again been quoted out of context.

Lights, camera….action.


Yes,Geralan forms this Wawasan Open University but how many of them send their kids to this college,? probably none.

Andrew I

Ever the gentleman…was he ever one?


They all probably invited the CM out of courtesy and did it knowing he won’t be coming anyway, or so they thought! We all do that sometimes, just send the invitation lah, esp he cannot come anyway. hahaha, and then he showed up!


to lead an example i guess.


Say what you like about political maturity. Those Gerakan big ego, empty brain, self centred, yes men may think they own a university. Even saliva man may think that he is the boss. Hahahahahaha! The real man who is having the last laugh is the shortie who has successfully engineered a little India under their very noses. He is what many people would call the PERFECT ACTOR… Let’s watch how he play the two political camps especially when the Gerakan money is drying up. Good thing Koh Tsu Koon and gang has had many years of practice greeting the rakyat… Read more »


Its well known that the Wawasan Open University is a Gerakan initiative. But its sitting in Penang, and its just common courtesy to invite the Chief Minister to attend such an auspicious occassion.

In countries with real 2-party systems, they just take it as normal, because everybody knows government parties come and go. This term its the Democrats, after the next elections it could well be Republicans…so they just learn to be civil to each other.


Political maturity has still got a long way to go in Bolehland. The sad thing is the mainstream media like The Star still holding on to the perception of “enemies forever” stance in politics.


I read somewhere that Dr Koh said it is only polite to invite CM Lim because he is the chief of Penang, and the University is in Penang…~~


True enough. Political maturity still has a long way to go, and the political divide that was created during BN’s rule is still felt in many places, even the civil service. Do you wonder then why LGE’s presence caused a stir? That said, I think the PR has been much better where bipartisan approach is concerned. But as you can see during the PKR’s congress, this did not go down well with some of their supporters, with the Angkatan Muda Keadilan calling for the Selangor MB to institute changes in key state personnel to accommodate their own. Some reshuffle yes,… Read more »

samson wong

oops! that someone thought the CM is Tan Sri Dr.

Jed Yoong

Think Msians need to get over this “enemy” territory mindset. We are not animals like dogs who piss on their territories to mark it…


There is nothing wrong. This is what is termed as maturity. Like Lim Kit Siang said, he even went to the opening ceremony of UMNO HQ. All over the world, ministers and opposition work together and launch products and services hand in hand. They look at the greater picture and deep inside want to serve society and their voters Not in Malaysia. UMNO now is demanding expanation from Zaid Ibrahim for having attended the PKR congress on Saturday. This is how mature of society is. How lah are we going to achieve 2020 developed nation status? The problem in Malaysia… Read more »