Nurul Izzah reports attempted assault


Another incident of thuggish behaviour. A man lunged forward towards Nurul Izzah during her ceramah in Gambang, Pahang on Sunday – just hours after the disruption of the Stop Lynas gathering in Penang.

The incident reportedly took place at a PKR coffee-shop ceramah at the Felda Lepar Hilir 1 area. Some 30 Umno supporters disrupted the ceramah, attended by 100 people.

So the goon squads are on the loose ahead of the general election in their attempts to intimidate any open displays of political dissent and ‘cow’ them to silence.

The big question is, what are the police doing to curb these increasingly frequent and worrying manifestations of thuggish behaviour? (In the case of disruption of the Stop Lynas gathering at the Esplanade in Penang, the Beach Street Police Station was just around the corner, a few hundred metres away.)

And what does the ‘global moderate’ PM have to say about this trend?

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more aksi-aksi samseng


Violence, thuggery, disgusting foul language and bellicose grand-standing are the symptoms of a regime that has lost its credibility to govern. Like in the Middle East where the ruling regimes unleashed their rabid … on the people and the opposition before they were booted out, Malaysia under UMNO/BN is also manifesting its death-throes. UMNO goons supported by their running … MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, PPP, etc can try and do whatever they want to cow the Opposition at their ceramas but these hooligans CANNOT COW AND INTIMIDATE the general public to vote for the corrupted and arrogant UMNO/BN. Smart people may… Read more »


Isnt it a shame for (pro-bn) thugs and hoodlums to disrupt events organised by opposing camps. This agressive behaviour on (their) part … shows that umno knows that it will lose ge13 big time. By this manner, unmo is causing fence sitters like me to support pr. We want confident leaders not hoodlums who disrupted events organised by opposing parties. What an example set by umno to our younger generation. If pm can only win the confidence of the people by being honest and not like how he tries to buy voters its very unbecoming of a respectful leader. Has… Read more »


Umno and its outsourced partner will surely fail in their threatening activities…the rakyat know their modus-operandi and are fully aware of it.
The more they creat trouble…they more support PR will get!!
But still it ponders me as to why there has been NO action by the Police…..the Penang Bridge Incident, Komtar Blockade…so many incidents which looks like the PDRM are closing an eye..!!!


1. First they try sodomy, it failed 2. Then then buy adun to cross over and it failed (Nizar was reinstated) 3. Then … the judge and judiciary and it succeeded ( but it failed as the people have now seen through …). 4. Then they (allegedly) use money to make MP become friendly. It failed. These MP are now being ignored and will soon go into oblivion. 5. Then they use Perkasa. It failed and it could gather much followers. 6. Then they use unity talk. Now Hassan will go into oblivion. 7. Then they use the sex tape… Read more »


As all fails so UMNO is deploying fear tactic on the people knowing that especially the Chinese, kiasu and kiasi. So, the BN supporters are given green light to be violent… Police mana? Can you imagine these UMNO thugs did try to harm Penang CM, Lim Guan Eng??? And now, Nurul was experiencing that violence herself??? Remember Dr M during his time he used the incident of May 13 to scare off the people in every general election, and i tell you it worked. My teacher friend said, “What to do, vote BN lor otherwise 513 will repeat, i am… Read more »


Kee : Now it won`t work anymore. this is the 21st century and moreover it is not about Chinese versus Malay. Anwar and family are Malay. It is UMNO against PR.


All these incidents are just pre-amble to chaos they (could) unleash should BN fall from power..


BN is unleashing it’s gangster and thugs in its desperate attempt to scare voters into submission?
Very sad for 1Malaysia dream.


It is a very simple psychology.
Can you win a girl’s heart by being an aggressive monyet?
Can you conquer and rule a nation by slaughtering its innocent and helpless citizens after the victory march?
Will I buy your ‘loud and deceptive’ selling pitch if you insist you are damn right and I am damn wrong as your potential customer?

Berang Naiki has a long, long, long way to go to win hearts and minds of Malaysians who just want a peaceful, safe and unity in diversity nation for all to progress together.
Still can’t get it?

Gerakan K

That ceramah got police permit or not ??? Why Pakatan can campaign during non-election time ???

Stop provoking the people, OK ??? And also stop your drama lah. Pakatan now acting like the victims. Kasihan ??? Poorah !!!


Gerakan K you are such an idiot. You are just showing how stupid you are with your words…


You know what. Stupid and moron people will continue to be that. The psychiatric department is the place for them. Since he does not harm anyone physically, he can continue his rant. After all he has been infected with the BN wannabe syndrome waiting for AMMO and Barang Naik to feed him

Andrew I

Jangan buli perumpuan. Bukan you kata?


What do you call someone who bully woman

Andrew I

Another one of Gherkin’s relatives…apanama Gherkin X.