Nurul Izzah on Aljazeera


Aljazeera features Malaysians questioning and chatting with Nurul Izzah on air.

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Club41 Oon

This is “SLIPSTREAM” , Pete Teo’s HARI MALAYSIA (Malaysia Day) music video. The song is written / produced by Pete Teo and performed by singer Melina William. The video was released to commemorate the 50th year of the formation of Malaysia on 16th September 2013. Made from archive news footage shot on 31st August 1957 (Independence of Malaya) and 16th September 1963 (Formation of Malaysia), the video features extracts from the Declaration Of Independence speech by Tunku Adbul Rahman as well as scenes from around the country on those two days. Additionally, modern Malaysian personalities including politicians, business people,… Read more »


Pete Teo can achieve this without ‘creative licence’.
No dialogue but the message is so clear.
Suhaimi Baba ought to learn from Pete Teo in film-making.


Suhaimi Baba should not have political agenda in her movie.
Tanda Putera somehow divides the people instead of uniting them.


ASB2 set to make rich malays richer, widening the disparity between rich and poor Malays thanks to Umno.


Another scheme that rewards lazy people in the name of durian runtuh!


Malaysian politics do not have to brutal or combative. Malaysia needs people of goodwill on all sides of the political spectrum who know why they are leading the country. They are there to promote the common good of all, nothing more and nothing less. Nural Izzah shows that she understands why she is a politician and she has the generosity of spirit and love to lead this nation into a future that is just for all its citizens, permanent residents and guest workers. Nural understands that she has the support of civil society because of the values she promotes and… Read more »


Our future PM in waiting. She possess all the good values to be elevated and become the 1st female PM of Malaysia. Indonesia, Thailand & Philippines all have elected women to lead them, why can Malaysia?

Pak Tim

She takes after her father. She may have what it takes to be a leader but the reality in this country is that the PM has to be a Muslim male. This is because the PM has duties to the DYMM that only a Muslim male can perform.


In the ideal world, she should inherit not only Anwar’s legacy but yes, the PMship too. But the truth is Malaysian politics even just in the opposition is brutal combat, even beastly. In that kind of environment, her skills is not enough. However she is a key player already and no one can take her father’s place without her support – to do so would meaningless as opposition and the hopes and dreams of many in this country. Its more realistic for her to be the king maker for the future PM of the country and she must build her… Read more »


Azalina, Shahrizat or Rosnah of Umno do not have the charm of Nurul Izzah,

Al Kapone

Why no Al Jazeera interviewing Sharizat for her to clear her lembu-condo scandal in front of world audience ? Pls be fair lah.


Azalina have to give way to Shahrizat for the coming Wanita Umno post because she is single?

Single lady cannot helm the top Wanita post?

Meanwhile Muhyideen said in London that BN is against LGBT.
We can make the connection here.


Umno is worried that Azalina’s “lifestyle” may not be consistent with Umno’s certain values?