60% say PKR won’t be affected in next GE


An ntv7 poll over the news tonight asked viewers if they thought PKR’s performance in the next general election would be affected by the recent defections.

The results were surprising: 60 per cent responded ‘No’, the party’s performance won’t be affected, with just 40 per cent saying ‘Yes’, it will be.

All right, let’s do our own poll then.

[poll id=”53″]

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PKR AND PR performance will be affected at the next GE…that is for the best showing ever taking over Putrajaya…..A creation of a major Tsunami no amount of BN money can buy. My reasoning is this…1) Ah Beng and Zah-rain both said they are agsinst the Penang CM who is from DAP. What the *** they resigned when they are not DAP members but PKR members???? 2) This ‘Zul Nothing’ guy was given prominent live coverage on TV3 (an umNO mouthpiece)lashing out at his PR members from DAP s few weeks ago. This action shows clearly his allignment to BN… Read more »


come rain or shine, PR is here to stay whether you like it or not. its so good to see hiccup in the early years while there are still mole hibernating and waiting for the next opportunity to be a turncoat. i say to the leaders to prepare yourself and start the enrolment process of well qualified and capable young members who has different mindset to stand in the next election. get rid of the old school. many young people have shown their eagerness to work for the party and people. we have some good example for all to see.… Read more »


Well all I can say is that all these brave talks here and one-sided opinion polls sound a lot like singing in the dark and wishful thinking.

I have a message for PR cheerleaders. There is no way PR will survive as a coalition until GE13 nor they will ever repeat their success in the last GE.


So why is Najib so chicken for a dissolutionin Perak

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Someone correct me if I’m wrong, as I saw the NTV7 poll on either the 7Edition (7 pm news) or 8 pm prime time news that polled 85% that PKR would not be affected by the recent reflections in the next GE. Another poll by NTV7 asking whether DSAI should remain as opposition leader in Parliament polled 90% that confirm he should remain as the opposition leader. Maybe, Anil, you should run a poll on whether the rakyat would view such defections as good riddance. Personlly, I believe so, that such self-cleansing of politicians and also the sacking… Read more »


There should not be any worry of the PKR defections. After all Mansor has already stated that there would be 5. If PKR are indeed afraid that their MP would jump, they would at great length tried to coax them to stay. But no, the PKR disciplinary committee has rejected Noodin request and as such were prepared for his and others resignation Let this be a wake up call. After all there are so many such crisis within UMNO, MIC, MCA, Gerakan, PPP and their coalition parties so this is no different. UMNO dubious tactic caught the Perakina unaware but… Read more »

joseph tan

Of course it will be affected, but in a postive way, stronger with better candidates


Agree with FenceSitter. Another point to note is that netizens are political aware. However, it’s still the silent majority out there who will determine the outcome of every election. Whether they register to vote, turn out to vote and who they vote. They are pretty straight forward people, and can’t understand the political games (as do most of us!). All these party hopping is very confusing for most people out there. In the last GE, people voted against BN-UMNO, not for Pakatan. If they are unhappy with both the parties, they will not turn up to vote at all.



I laugh at the naivety of yourself and the PR cheerleaders here.

The NTV7’s survey is mostly dominated by PR hard core supporters if you had made an effort to notice the result. Some of the results are so off track that the only possible explaination is that it is completely controlled by PR hard core members.

In fact a 60% come as a surprise as often PR get’s more than 90% favourable answer in these surveys. So in truth 60% is very low and it can only mean that even the hard core PR/PKR supporters have given up.


On what ground do you presume that the NTV7 survey are dominated by PR hardcore supporters without any possible explanation or just your ignorant and feeble mind. Don`t be always in a state of denial just because you love your papa Najib, a PM who is allege to condone corruption and money politics.


K, actually you are right. The other 30% who voted “NO” actually meant that PR will be affected but for the better. They will gain in strength because of the bullying by umno and its proxies.

The other 10% are hangers-on such as your self hoping and hoping for some table scraps.

… (I think anil will delete this 😉 ).


Nah! just plain old com’n sense…just thugging at your sensitivity-lah 😉

Ahmad Syafiq

Nice one Mist. Oh ya, I heard Gerakan is making a lot of unnecessary noise nowadays. Especially on PR making good on its promise of local elections. Well, if they can make noise about PR state governments, why don’t they make noise for BN state governments as well?

No wait, the reply would be: “Lots of money wasted la”, “It’s against Federal laws la”, “We don’t need people’s mandate la”, and so on and so forth. XD


Good one Ahmad, if Gerakan agrees to Local Council Elections, they may as well close shop! They are the one who lost it!

I remembered very well of how active local council elections were, especially in Ipoh, when it was under the great DR Seenivasagam!


It’s a pity they didn’t run that poll before Anwar announced his plan to overthrow the government by defections. If 60% of the electorate had said it wouldn’t change anything, he could have saved himself a few words and a great deal of credibility.


And another thing, the departure of the morally tainted, self-serving and opportunistic frogs and turncoats will just boost PKR’s fortunes. This defections will backfire on BN. Just wait.


Yes, I believe PKR will be affected at the next G.E. by drawing more votes. BN has shown the public how morally bankrupt it can be. Voters will vote PR because there is simply no choice for any right thinking Malaysian.

Tony Lim

PR will win GE13 becuase the next major earthquake has been written since BN lost heavy in 2004(GE12). All the northern states in West Malaysia rock the political scene. Next round Southern and Eastern States will follow. Change will come, what goes up must come down.


MARCH ON Pakatan Rakyat minus the PKR garbage and never look back, most Malaysians are behind you all the way! Just that Anwar Ibrahim/PKR needs to learn to pick good people. It’s better late than never. Just stay focused on GE-13!


Personally, I doubt the validity and trustworthiness of these surveys. How big is the sampling size and how easily it is subject to manipulation. It speaks of nothing and is not representation of the average Malaysian. TV survey is for the TV stations and telecommunication to make a few bucks here and there.

For interested parties,to make use of the survey to achieve the aims and spin.

It means nothing!


BN just doesn’t get it.
People want change. Rather than try to themselves change for the better, they go on a rampage to steal and destabilise.
This will only strengthen the peoples’ resolve. They will aim to punish BN.


Pakatan Rakyat will survive In politics this is just small hiccup Of the former members can’t stomach changes For country and her people It is best the turncoats go It is for personal gains….. The way they said it Nothing for country and her people The dim light on these turncoats They know they will be gone Bargain for something personal Let go the principles………… Pakatan Rakyat will survive As the changes will keep coming along Learn the lessons well PKR Glue the coalition together Marching to PJ The roads aren’t plain driving The leeches and parasites putting roadblocks It… Read more »


O, i have read the article about PKR in Sabah. Thanks! PKR is full of opportunists – remnants from BN. So, two years have passed since 308 and they are not happy because after waiting for two years they still reap nothing, so better pack and join the party that can give them benefits. PKR needs to do a purging within the party… that does not mean DAP and PAS are safe. Remember Lee Lam Tyhe left DAP last minute during the 1990’s general election, and in that particular year, DAP lost big in Penang. Till today, I cant forgive… Read more »


I answered “Yes” though I am somewhat glad at moles / turncoats / closet bigots / unrepentant kaki rasuah / mercenary katak types being cleared from a Pakatan component party. Reason – that so many had been chosen to stand as candidates of PKR in the last GE reflects badly on the party itself. Yes, it was a new party, and time was short. But most of the party leaders were well-experienced polticians. Many had first-hand experience of dirty politics UMNO – BN style. Someone like Sallehudin, once so close to the top leaders and himself a vital cog in… Read more »

Chua Tian

today lesson
malaysia political dictionary

Jump frog
1.BN MP@ prominent figures jump frog into PR = a holy deeds,most gracious person,all goods word unto him.
2.PR MP jump frog into indie =!@#$%!$#&^$*$%@#$#!!!! all hell unto you!!! #$%^&#*$%@*$@#!!!!!

hahaha what a joke pakatan people well done….coal black heart


O said:-
PERKASA had hurt the feelings of the people real bad!

PERKASA exist because peoples like you insulting and engineering some thing bad and hidden to the majority muslims

MPM exist because peoples like you insulting and engineering some thing bad and hidden to the majority muslims

Now its equal.. let the real battle begin on the next GE



Thank you for your comment!

You may refer to my article on Perkasa in Malaysia today, if you really feel that PERKASA is the champion of the Malays and Muslims, would appreciate your answer. Perkasa/UMNO and the Government will never dare to reply, let you, do so and let those participating in Mr. Anil’s blog discuss the matter.



In this case I really hope the minority is right and majority is wrong!
Get the Frogs out, get the serious people working and it will have a POSITIVE effect in next GE.


voter are not stupid to believe these money minded MP. this will only give voter in mind is B-end Is getting crazy power to (allegedly) use country money to buy over those frog. someone we can see the latest defector MP. reading a draft statement, must ready by B-end.
the way he speak is like reading storey book than from his heart.

Kay Du Lac

Glad to here that. 60% is a BIG number.

Nonetheless, PKR really needs to sit down and think hard why more and more of its leader left.

If this trend continues (something that I think WILL happen), then it might somehow demolish PKR’s reputation.

People will start to have doubt and ask why they left? And they won’t really believe that Najib & Rosmah can ‘BUY’ all those who left.


Psudo intelligent blogger is barking in his blog that.. why BN needs to bribe these PKR MPs…..seems they are jumping on their own…….even an illiterate malaysian can answer this…..BN needs these MPs for 2/3 majority….I wonder why my collegues used to say…whenever they d`nt find tissues in public toilet they could easily find MMdaily at any dustbin corners….bet they r just perfect to wipe one`s…


This NTV poll result and in fact any polls especially malaysian political ones, to me hardly proves anything on the ground . If conducted on TV1,2 or TV3, which are mostly watched by pro-bn viewers, the poll results will most likely be the opposite. My point here is PKR should not get carried away by the poll result.