‘NGO’ badgers Rafizi Ramli at Penang ceramah


The situation at a PKR ceramah in Penang threatened to get out of hand when a group referring to itself as an ‘NGO’ shouted at one of the speakers, Rafizi Ramli, for allegedly failing to immediately respond to an impending eviction along Waterfall Road.

Rafizi was speaking at a ceramah in Bukit Gedung in Bayan Baru a couple of nights ago. Among the other speakers were Penang Deputy CM Rashid Hasnon and Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin.

The Pandan MP had to beat a hasty retreat into his car when a group of about 20 linked to the ‘NGO’ pursued their aggressive questioning, accusing Rafizi of being unwilling to “jumpa rakyat” (meet the people).

When contacted, Sim said he did not know why the group was requesting the intervention of an MP from outside the state for a problem within Penang, when the proper procedure would have been to start with the Penang State Assembly rep for the Waterfall Road area.

He said the vocal group appeared to be associated with former Penang PKR women’s wing leader Aminah Abdullah, who was present, and he also noticed a few Perkasa supporters around. This was confirmed by Dr T Jayabalan, the PKR Adun for Batu Uban, who witnessed the incident.

According to Jayabalan, the group of about 20 were protesting over the eviction of a man from a plot of land at the Coronation Camp along Waterfall Road.

He said Rashid had twice held a meeting with the affected person.

“It’s a non-issue that is being used by the usual group of people to create disaffection against PKR,” said Jayabalan. “It is very clear.”

“They wanted an immediate answer from Rafizi, which was not possible.”

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11 Feb 2014 11.02am

Ah.. The entitlement mentality of the privilleged in Malaysia – they like to think themselves as a special people but their entitlement include being able to behave lower than the lowest class of behaviour. Just believe people that vote for them just won’t notice details like relevance and can be fooled by even the lowest form of superficiality.

In Malaysia when you are truly good at what you do and challenges these over-entitled people, they bring out the worst in them..

11 Feb 2014 10.12am

Looks like Malaysia of the future being dictated by NGOs ?

May be the trend set for election of NGOs to decide the future of rakyat ?

11 Feb 2014 7.13am

“They wanted an immediate answer from Rafizi, which was not possible.” said Jayabalan

But then does Jaya or PR supporters realize that even if you write in, not only will you not get an immediate answer, you may get NO answer at all

How could it be a non issue when your house is being torn down. Did not PR DAP, PKR create an issue in Kg Hakka or many other places

11 Feb 2014 12.54am

This rabble most definitely deserves to stew in their own rancid jingoist juices. When Umno no longer misrules, this sort of parochial stupidity will swiftly abate, I’m convinced. Watching low-grade TV & reading Utusan Melayu day in, day out does that to you.